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WW Food and Point Issues ...other than recipes

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Default Should you eat all your daily points ? What about Flex?

I have heard 2 schools of thought on this topic.

I am told to eat all my daily points (26) which is not a problem in fact I often eat 5 of my flex a day too... I have only been on 1 week and only lost .5

My co worker is on weight watchers and gets 28 pts per day but only eats 20. My co worker also never touches the Flex points and has lost LOTS of weight.

The 'skeptic' in me wonders if WW wants your weight to be slower so they can make more money off the weeks you come in and keep you as a customer longer. Perhaps they are allotting more points than necessary so you stale a little...

Could this be ?

I have always believed you should eat all your points so your body doesn't think it's starving... but I am seeing others get results eating less points than their daily allowance ....

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I've heard that you should eat as many points as you are able to and still lose. For example, I get 25 points a day, and 5 flex a day. I eat my 25 every day and sometimes use my flex. There have been weeks where I've used all the flex and weeks where I've used none of them.

I don't pay to go to meetings, nor do I use etools or ww online. I'm doing it on my own. I've done meetings in the past though. I don't think that WW is deliberately trying to slow down people's weight losses to make more money. I've read that a safe loss is between 1-2 pounds a week.

Just my thoughts. Hope this helps.
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Because of my weight, I started off with 36 points. I try to eat them all throughout the day and I don't touch the extra points unless I am doing something that requires the extra points. There are some days when I eat all of them and then there are days where I have between 2-7 points left over. Don't be discouraged about losing .5. It could be just your body adjusting to your new lifestyle. Your body will catch up and then you could see a bigger loss. 1-2 pounds lost a week is a healthy loss where like some other diets and plans where you lose more at one time, you have a bigger chance of gaining it back and then some. For me the best thing is still going to meetings and tracking everything, IMO. Ask your leader where else you can fine tune your plan. Hope this helps.
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I believe you should eat all of your points especially if you are exersising. Because your body needs those extra calories to burn fat. I would try just sticking to the number of 26 and only use the felx points for special occasions. Also remember the female weight can change based on how much water you are retaining.

dont be discouraged you ve lost weight
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One week probably isn't enough to make a good decision about whether or not your approach is working. My DH, who has degrees in nutrition and exercise science, always reminds me that it might take several weeks (sometimes up to 6!) for a body to settle into a rhythm. Basically, the research agrees with what others have said above.

Also, remember that the body needs a minimum number of calories to simply function throughout the day. If you dip too far below that number, one could hurt oneself in the long run. WW sets their points so that you can lose weight safely. Believe me, they've got you in a calorie deficit! The weight will come off.

Be patient! This is a marathon, not a sprint. (I remind myself of this every day.)
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