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Old 09-24-2001, 03:03 AM   #1
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Default Another Monday

Hi Girls! Happy Monday! I'm up late again. I've been working on getting some school stuff done that's due in the next couple of days (where did last week go??) and getting my resume out. I HATE writing cover letters. Ugh! Yuck. The whole job search process is such a pain. Maybe I'll find something good tho... I don't know. All I keep hearing is how the job market is getting worse and worse.

I'm kinda nervous. I'm meeting a guy tomorrow that I've been talking to online for awhile. I have a bad habit of meeting guys from online LOL. He seems pretty cool tho... he's an English prof, SAT tutor, and has his own internet business. I'll let you know how it goes.

Other than that I just have to try to finish up all this school stuff. Ugh, I don't know how it all piled up on me like this. I had a nice weekend tho so I guess I really shouldn't complain. I'm down a couple of pounds too which is pretty cool. I don't know... went out to TGI Friday's tonight with a friend, that can't be good! I did bring home a doggie bag tho.

Anyways... I hope you all have a super Monday. Talk to you soon!
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Old 09-24-2001, 07:45 AM   #2
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morning everyone!
it's going to be busy for me today but thought i'd drop in and say hi. oh and to point out to anyone able to get to the uk that there might be a meeting there nov/dec (check out suzanne's notice).
kierie, lolly, anyone else? we should go!!
shalyne. i hate cover letters too. yuck. today i'm going to try and write my official resignation letter. eek. what do you put in these things?! i hope meeting this guy online goes ok. will you bring someone with you (for safety reasons)?
i'm still flat hunting. property market in london is so fast that although we only have a few weeks till we move in, most flats are available now (and the money-grabbing landlords don't want to wait a few weeks!). kim - you found a place?
ok. i have to run. but i'll be back. and i wanna see lots of posts when i return! hi to everyone!
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Old 09-24-2001, 11:00 AM   #3
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Default Hi Everyone!

Hi all! I have been absent for a bit, but I decided to come and post today. The job hunt is still going and I have had a couple of good leads. I just spoke with a friend in a law firm and I think I will interview for a legal assistant position they have open. I don't want to become a lawyer, but the research and such interests me. I also applied for a position at the local university to help in the MBA office organizing their alumni group. I hope I hear something from that one because I know I could do that and it would be a good time. Its weird though because my resume doesn't really match the jobs I am applying for becasue I want a career change. I want to get into office management and planning and my resume is all technology stuff. Hopefully the employers won't overlook me.

Other than that, WW had been ok lately. I have been journaling and exercising more, but my scale isn't being nice. Maybe by wednesday I'll see a difference. I just hope that with all of the stress lately, I haven't gone over my 2 pound limit.

I'm trying to keep my mind off of things as far as the world issues are concerned. I have 2 close friends that have been deployed and I am trying to think positively about it all. I am proud of them and know that they'll make it through. I am just trying to be supportive of their wives that they have left behind and help them where I can.

Well, I need to get back to my job hunt. Wish me luck.
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Old 09-24-2001, 04:36 PM   #4
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Default Good afternoon!

It's really quiet around here!!
I took Friday off so we could go racing.
Kay: DId you go to the A&M Game? Some friends of mine watched and said the red white & Blue really turned out cool!
My DH graduated from OSU, but I try not to hold it against him.

Kirsty: Good to hear from you! You know, Tony Blair is really nice looking! He was present at President Bush's speech.
Hi to everyone lurking today. I must get back to work, but thinking of everyone!
Proud mom of DS Ryan (12/08/03)
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Quick hi ... trying to get out of here so I can go home and resume packing. We moved all the big stuff out yesterday, including a piano, but there's still little things scattered all over the place. When you only move across town, you tend not to pack as tightly.

My weekend was ****, to put it lightly though. My b/f and I got to the house we rented Friday to start bringing stuff in. Well, there were fleas. FLEAS! EW! So we called the landlord, who had the place bug-bombed. Both b/f and I worked Saturday so we couldn't do anything anyway, and on Sunday, we sprayed around the house to kill any fleas outside and vacummed. Then, the move. We were going from 7:30 a.m. to midnight, and I'm exhausted. I don't know how I'm awake right now. I came in 3 hours late, but I have a story I have to write and then back to moving!

Whew! What a crazy couple of days. But Saturday we leave for the beach for a week! I can't wait. I need it soooo much.

So maybe all my worrying and vacuuming and moving will help me lose a pound or two this week! I can hope ...
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Wow - slow day on the net. Slow day at work too, for me anyway, everyone else is swamped but they don't ask for help (even when I offer) - oh well. I'm back OP this week - YAY! I had WI on Saturday and I'm up 2#!! I know I had a bad week but it was still disappointing. It's only my first real gain so hopefully I can get back on track - I guess we'll see next saturday.

Hey Kim - how are the fleas now? Gone? It sounds like you had a crazy weekend but congrats on the new place.

Hi to all.
LA is working!!!
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Hello all. Busy busy day. Kim: glad you get to go to the beach for some much needed vacation!

Hello to eveyone else.

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