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Old 09-19-2001, 06:05 AM   #1
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Talking Wednesday's Daily Thread

Morning girls,
Don't forget to post your measurements on the Inch Loss Thread. If you're not finding the numbers on the scales moving, perhaps it will help to see results with a tape measure.
shalyne - hope you got back home ok.
kierie - glad to hear you made it safely to dublin. are you enjoying it? tell us more on this BF. is your roommate ok? are you sharing a bedroom or just the kitchen/living room? are you near the town centre? been drinking in temple bar yet?
ali - more on your BF too please!!
lolly - hooray on the 3lbs and virgin fat! go easy on those mint choc crisp bars. they are soooo yummy. still, only 1.5 points!
jen - how did your haircut go? are you looking all glam now?
tonya - are you feeling more settled and determined to shift those few extra pounds? i think having a short-term goal to focus on really helps. i've got my cruise in a few weeks time and thinking of me in a bikini is really helping me focus on toning up and eating really healthily. you've done it before, you will do it again, you just need the right mindset.
belle - bed at 8pm?! wow. i'd be awake at 4am if i went to bed that early. of course, that's if you were sleeping...
sarah - that ice cream/brownie etc sounds so yummy. mmmm.
lori - hope you get more sleep soon. hope the babies do ok. good on you for being a fab doc.
kim - you need to take care of yourself girl! hope you manage to get away on vacation. in the meantime, try to eat healthily and quit smoking. you'll prob find you have more energy if you do. make that boy of yours look after you. and have a little bit of chocolate if you want it. just count it and make sure you don't go crazy. if you try to give up totally you'll just binge on it. come here and type anytime you feel like snacking.
hokey. that was well long. must go do work. hi to everyone/anyone i've missed. come post,
love kirsty
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Morning and Afternoon
Kirsty I havent been to ANY bars yet when my fam was here my sis is allergic to smoke so we couldnt go anywhere and its taking me a while to settle in
What do you want to know about bf? lol hes 25 a puter professional plays footie for fun um turnons include me
Roomie and I are just sharing the common areas the kitchen/living room last night we actually had a human conversation after i told her i wasnt going to clean the bathroom nightly
I saw a friend of mine today and told her we should go for beers soon to celebrate her passing.
ooh i found my self control!
last night i made this 2 portion thing of pasta and i only ate half of it and wrapped the other half then had half a kitkat (british/irish kitkats rock btw) and after i put everything away i was like OMG i used control!
anyway gotta run
ps Kirsty I added you to my MSN messenger
Making a commitment to myself
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Good morning!

Kirsty ~ Thanks for the advice. I think you are right, short term goals are most attainable and give the fastest results. I am doing well, eating within my points and exercising daily. I plan to keep it up. (Trying to stay away from restaurants for a while, I still don't have much self control when eating out). Hope all is well overseas...

KO ~ Glad you and the broomstick got to talk, who knows, you may become best friends! BF sounds great, I am happy for you, sounds like everything is going well.

Not much new with me, still tracking points and exercising. I walked 3 miles yesterday. It is raining and gloomy here today, I guess it is a good day to work.

My best friend sent me this website today, with wonderful pics, please check it out if you have a chance, it is nice to know the world is thinking of us....

(Please ignore the address, has nothing to do with what is on the site!)

Well, I better try to get some work done, I have to teach class at 10 a.m.

TTYL, and "Hi" to all that I missed!!
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Old 09-19-2001, 10:03 AM   #4
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Hey All... It is raining yet again here today and cold! Uckk! Emma slept the whole night in her crib. I think she was so exausted she just conked out. Her poor little bum is raw from the teething, so we all pity Emma today! No gym for me today, I have errands to run. Oh well!

Kim, I hate to have to slap with you with a dose of reality, but at the chance of sounding cold, here it is.... Only you can give yourself the control you need. You have to want it, in order for it to work. WI will be a good chance for you to collect your thoughts and decide what you want out of WW, I encourage you to go and to make sure you go EVERY week!

Kirsty, my short term goal is my vacation in November. God willing we will still be able to go! Hub and I decided that we will drive if we have to!!!

Tonya, great to see your enthusiasm back!!!

KO, honestly, I hate living with women. It's not that men are any better, because they are sloppy, but women get into this attitude thing and I think 2 women together clash too much... at least for me. I guess I got along with m college roommates, but the best friends I had were NOT my roommates!

May your life always be sprinkled with Pixie Dust!!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~~ George Eliot

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Hello everyone! Remember me?? I try to read all of the posts daily, but just don't have much time to say anything! I hope everyone is doing well and is safe. What a scary world we live in lately... I was on vacation and flew back from San Diego less then 8 hours before all of the planes were hijacked. It was a sobering thought.

All this talk about grad school made me decide to chime in. I graduated in 1995 with a degree in Biology, which I never used. Most of the time since I got out of school I have been working as a paralegal and have decided to go to law school next year. I take the LSAT in less than 3 weeks! I finally realized that I'm not getting any younger so I had better just do it!

Jen - I don't know if there are any Keller grad schools around you (they have sights all over the country) but from what I've heard, it is a great school for working adults. My sister just started this fall to get her MBA and she only needs to take one class at a time. In case you have any interest, there web site is www.keller.edu

Tonya - When did you lose your weight? I ask because I know you have been a lifetimer for a while, and you seem to be having the same struggles that I have. I reached goal 2 years ago, and although I am still way better off now then before, I still seem to battle with about 8 pounds that don't want to stay off! Here's hoping we both find the resolve to lose the few extra pounds!

Kier - Good to hear from you over there in Dublin. Can I come visit?! The b/f sounds great, by the way!

Kirsty - I've been meaning to tell you that I think your inches idea is a great one. Sometimes, it is nice to have a different way to measure progress. I will take my measurements and post them tomorrow. I also have my original numbers from when I started in April of 1999, so that should be an interesting comparison!

Hello to everyone else yet to post! Have a great day!
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Kirsty and Jen: Thanks. I need a slap in the face. I think WI today will help. I got on my scale at home this morning and thought, oh, no. But I HAVE to go. I figured I've gained at least 3 pounds. Funny how if you go off the plan a little, it all comes crashing down. But I really can't give up. I'd be miserable.

How I wish I could get b/f to take care of me! But I don't see him all that much, with his work schedule being even worse now. He has Fridays and Sundays off now, and most days he goes in early so we can't even have lunch. He came at 1:30 a.m. last night, which actually surprised me because it's early for him. If we don't have this vacation together, I don't know what's it's going to do to us. A couple does need to see each other for a relationship to thrive!

Girls, I'm sorry I've been complaining so much lately. I shouldn't be. My little problems don't amount to a hill of beans compared to what's going on in the world. But I guess it's all affecting me anyway. I'll try not to moan as much. No one likes a party-pooper.

Hi to everyone out there. I'll update with the bad WI news later ...
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Old 09-19-2001, 11:54 AM   #7
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Kim, good luck on WI I am sure you'll do just fine!! And don't worry about complaining, I do too,a nd so does everyone sometimes....!

Jen2 -welcome back!

Kierie - maybe the anal retentive one will turn out to be not so bad? Did she expect you to clean nightly? that is SICK...yikes.

Well, I am busy again....I ave to work out how I'll be able to WI on Friday and sell tix for the United Way event?!?


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Old 09-19-2001, 12:20 PM   #8
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Morning gals

How is everyone today? Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I have been reading all the posts but I haven't been on until after 11pm so I figured I would wait until the next day. Things are good. Back OP this week. I have even been getting my exercise in which is a big hurdle for me. The scale didn't budge last week. That's ok though b/c I really thought it was going to go up b/c I ate so badly last week. Back on track now Today is a day off and I have a ton of house work to do Oh well. The in-laws might be coming this weekend so I better get it spiffed up. Guess what? We're buying a car this week! We're super excited! Its going to be fairly old and used but who cares? We haven't owed a car for three years now so it will be so much better. No more riding the bus for two hours a day! Woohoo!

Kirsty, I will really remember to get on that inches thing today. I am so looking forward to it (sarcasm) but it will be good for me, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Jen, sorry to hear Emma isn't feeling so hot. How is your new hair? Do you like it?

Kier, Sounds like life is fun there. Do you miss home yet or is it all too new and exciting still? Hopefully everything works out with you and the broomstick.

Kim sounds like you and bf have a crazy life! I would never be able to survive w/o seeing my DF so little. Make sure you guys take some time for yourselves. How are the moving plans coming along? Are you stressing yet?

Tonya-I'm with you-short term goals are NECESSARY! Those pics are awesome! I was going to post a sight like that but you beat me to it. Your sight had more pics so it was better. Very powerful and moving.

Everyone else have a super day! I might pop back in later when I'm sick of cleaning. I'm all psyched for The Amazing Race on TV tonight! Have you guys watched that? It is really awesome. Not your usual corny reality tv show. It almost might be better than Survivor. Anyway talk to you all later


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Hi all
Well bit of a disasterous night last night - went to a movie and had popcorn and then cake afterwards - carrot cake so at least there was a veggie element - but hopefully i can work some of those extra calories off tonight at the barn. It's starting to get dark so early that I don't have as much time to ride (we don't have any lights in our arena). I've been so bad lately and I've still been losing I think one of these days I'm going to get a nasty surprise at WI - I'll try to be good for the rest of the week.
I'm feeling a little stressed - BF and I set September for the move in deadline but it looks like it will take him till the end of October to finish the renos on his mother's house so not only di I never see him, he isn't able to work and make money, he works 16 hours a day on the money pit and will never see anything for it - She doesn't even thank him! AHHH! Vent, Vent, Vent. Sorry guys. Like Kim says - there are bigger problems in the world.
OOPs - here comes the internet police - this woman is psycho - I'll try to come back later.
LA is working!!!
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Old 09-19-2001, 12:56 PM   #10
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Default I went to WI...

I actually maintained. Hmmm, I was surprised, but it really did jumpstart my motivation again. I even journaled this morning!

I found out that on Tuesdays, whenever you turn on your computer and connect to the network, then a "spy" software follows everything you do for the day. So, I wasn't able to get online yesterday.
I had a Yogurt Crunch for breakfast this morn. It was about 1 cup of fat free vanilla yogurt, one banana and about 1/2 cup of frozen strawberries. I had them add a touch of honey for sweetness, then they blend it all up and pour it over 1/2 cup of granola. YUMMY!!! I don't like yogurt, but this is super good! And filling, too! I figured it to be about 8 points, give or take. Since strawberries are 1 point for 1 1/2 cups, then I didn't count any for the small amount. I'm having frozen broccoli w/cheese sauce for lunch. My mom and I always eat a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner on Wednesdays since we have choir practice... ah, what a way to bond.
Well, I hear lots of movement behind my back and I need to get some work done...i guess.
Hi to everyone and I hope ya'll have a great day!
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lol ok my chest should be outlawed it just deleted the whoooole msg i had here anywayy for the condensed version
today i went to go to the gym tshirt sneaks the worrks and the accessible entrance is lockedd i'm a bit pisssed off i''m writing a lovely letter
rinaa good going getting back OP and greaat about the car I aam homesick and a bit guilty for being here with so much going on but this is where ii'm sssupposed to be
jen if u dont mind a scary pullout couch cmon over!
bellee i'm hoping she relaxes a bit
Jen we both kindof keep our own space so that makes it tolerable thats why i dont want girl #3 to move in!
i'll finish this in a bit i have to pop some paraccemetol
Making a commitment to myself
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Default When in doubt, eat like a rabbit

Stacey: YUMMY! Now I have a craving for a smoothie. Where did you get it? Or did you make it by yourself?

Well, it's just as a thought. I gained 2.8. But, the important thing is I went and I do feel more resolve now. I know it's got to be up to me. No one can make me do this but myself. I'm a bit disgusted with myself, but I can't dwell on it. I have to just move on. At my meeting, we clapped for a woman who lost 25 pounds. She said she lost and gained the same 3 pounds for 3 months before she got there. I've been doing that for 7 months! 25 has eluded me. The closest I've come is 22.4. Now, I've got some work to do!

I'm changing my b'day goal, too. No way I can lost 18 pounds in 4 weeks.

Rina: Am I stressing yet? Oh, yeah. We're not done packing, and we start moving Friday. Last night I packed ... a box. Of course, I did go through all my various beauty products and toiletries and threw out a bunch of old shampoo bottles, moisturizers and sunscreens that had expired, old perfume bottles and just some genuine crap. Found a Rubix Cube (remember those? ) in the closet so I had to play with that for a while, though. I get so distracted! I think I can sneak out of work a little early tonight and I'll make myself pack more. I really should tackle the kitchen. So far I've only taken the magnets off the fridge and put away my collection of wine bottles that I keep on the top shelf!

Kierie: Give 'em ****! That's also a violation of all sorts of laws, isn't it? That place could get in trouble for locking accessible entrances. Tell them sweetly that you don't want to have to report them!

KT: Sounds like we're in a similar b/f situation. Sometimes I have to touch the lump under the covers in bed in the morning to remind myself that he's a real, live person. ISN'T THAT SAD?

Well, I think I am going to get a smoothie. I stopped to get pea soup and a salad for lunch and EVEN WROTE IT DOWN. Whoo-hoo! Pounds, look out! You'd never guess I'm in PMS mode today, would you?
Married to Brian 11.9.02
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Default Hi Everyone!

Hello everyone...the week is going ok-so far I have managed to stay OP, with a little pizza slip last night....but ok so far....I'm even trying to drink my water....want to hit that second 10%!!!

Kim-Good for you for going to WI-I bit the bullet last week and feel better for it too...let's hang in there and get off of these plateau's together!
I will post on the inches thread tonight, I promise...

Kier-you kill me-I loved the opening line about your chest being outlawed! Hope you are enjoying Ireland!

Stacey-Congrats on maintaining-at least it wasn't a gain!

Hi to Belle, JenK, JenL, Rhubarb, Horsey, Kirsty, and Tonya lynn!
Bye everyone...Lori
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Overall Goal!

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