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Default My latest gym experience

OK, so there is this 30-year-old cutie pie who plays drums in our church band. I see him a lot at church, of course, and we're friends. He's very flirty, but it's all in fun. His wife also is in the band. They have a 1-year-old cutie-patootie son.

The drummer also is a trainer at the gym to which I belong, and my dues include two hours of consulting and training with him. So last week, my first time, he showed me some stretches and leg machines, etc. On Sunday he made an appointment for me to come in today for a "fitness evaluation."

Why it didn't dawn on me what this was before I agreed to it, I'll never know. A fitness evaluation is, of course, when the trainer takes your health
and fitness history, talks about goals and such A-N-D ... T-A-K-E-S ...
A ... M-E-A-S-U-R-E-M-E-N-T- ... O-F ... E-V-E-R-Y... I-N-C-H ... O-F
... Y-O-U-R ... B-O-D-Y!


Weight, body fat percentage, hips, thighs, arms, chest. He measured me
with a tape measure, then used some squeezy thing to measure body fat
percentage on my arms and leg and stomach UNDER MY SHIRT. He actually kneeled on the floor in front of me, put his arms around my waist and tape-measured me. Then he said, "Lift up your shirt" and he used the pincky thing on me.

Then he made me get on the scale. In front of him. He now officially knows more about me than anyone in the world. He even knows more about me than I do myself because I refused to look at the numbers. I have sworn
him to secrecy on threat of death. But he said he's going to do a
Temple Talk at our church about me when I lose all the weight. I like that he said "when" and not "if." And he did give me some great advice about working out.

But, I am still dying. I am dying. Kill me now, please, just shoot me because I am dying. Oh, Lord, I'm dying.
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Awwww, I have been in a similar spot! I know this doesn't help now, but I promise you are NOT the only person he's seen like this. And when he looks at you, you are a sculpture in the works on a strictly professional basis. If anything, he's excited at the prospects of how far you can go.

I know that was a very personal and vulnerable spot you were in, but he's done it a bunch of times, and it's his life. Every trainer I know looks at this as professionally as a doctor would a physical exam. So you just work on dazzling him, because there is nothing more rewarding to him professionally than to see that he made a difference in your health.
We're fat chicks, not doctors. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.
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Oh, Maggie!

Jennifer is absolutely right! I'm sure you were mortified, but to him, it's just science! It's okay!!
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could be worse he could be your gynecologist... LOL

he's a professional and as such should behave in a professional manner.
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I had the same experience...luckily i didnt know my trainer outside of the gym...and it was a woman named chrissy...but I was mortified....(especially all the stretch marks and crud on my gut)...I will say that over the past year, Chrissy has taken a fantastic interest in my progress, been incredibly motivating and has even showed me off to new members as a benchmark of what can be accomplished...professionially...you are an ideal case...every stride forward you make, is a stride forward for him.
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Maggie I am so proud of you that you went through with it. Just think how great you will be in one year from now! you have someone who will hold you accountable and hopefully be a great support person!
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Maggie, I can completley understand how you feel. I am sure he wouldn't think about saying anything to anyone any way as it's his jobto keep this kind of stuff confidential. But the fact that you guys are friend's already will help him connect with you and cheer you on. I've had very cold sort of aloof trainers in the past and it didn't enoucrage me at all. I just felt like another cow in the cattle line you know?

I am really proud of you for going in the first place what a great thing that is!!!!!!
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