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Struggling Weight Watcher Lifetimer

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Default Struggling Weight Watcher Lifetimer

Hello. I am a 31 year old struggling WW lifetime member. I originally joined Weight Watchers in '02 after my first child was born. I lost the weight & became lifetime. Not long after, I let my guard down & sure enough began gaining the weight back. I continued to go to the meetings monthly hoping to get back on track but after a few months being over goal I was too embarrassed to continue so I quit. I rejoined after having my second child this past Jan. I lost 20 pounds & got back to goal. I felt so great! That lasted until about Sept & I started to gain slowly. I teetered up & down but now here I am in April 9 pounds over goal. I am very frustrated because I can not seem to get back on track. I start out the week on fire but then by Weds. I start to cheat & it all goes down hill. Anyway, I was hoping to find someone here to team up with to get back on track again. Can anyone relate to my story? I could use a little help. I am going to the meetings again but I could use a little help through the week.
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I have never actually been to my goal weight (except maybe 6th grade?), but I did read a great post from one of the moderators (MEG) who recommended a book to someone called "Thin for Life". I bought it on Amazon and just finished reading it yesterday. It is a whole book with little excerpts and interviews with people who have lost more than 30 lbs and kept it off for at least 5 years. It was very inspirational. It is a very popular title and you could probably find it at a local used book store or on the internet.
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Struggling: I lost 100lbs 5 years ago and trust me, my weight does cycle and a lot of maintainers here struggle with cycling weight. Maintenance isn't as static as people think, there's a HUGE learning curve to it too, so don't be down on yourself, I too whole heartedly recommend the book Thin for Life (to maintainers and non-maintainers a like). I still haven't figured out perfect maintenance in the 5 years, but I still count points (well not so much right now, but I plan to get back on track a few weeks after my baby is born) and exercise.

To be honest, I find losing weight a lot easier than maintaining. Part of it is the awards are much more immediate and obvious, while maintenance is just that. I found one useful thing was to start using other goals. I started running more seriously and got a lot of satisfaction from seeing my improvements there. I am also starting back with the WT once my babe is about 2 months old, that also offers non-weightloss rewards and with great results (I figure if Sasha Cohen can leg press 400lbs, I could work my way to there and beyond).

Good Luck! Keep us updated!

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Default Thanks girls

thank you girls for your responses & encouraging words. I will have to look for that book. As far as losing being easier than maintaining, I beg to differ. I have been trying to lose again & can't seem to get it going. For example, last week I stayed on track all week. I did enjoy a few treats but counted them by using some of the extra 35 flex points. I did at least a 30 min workout video in the morning, walked 2 miles on my lunch and then another 2 miles most evenings. I weighed in & was up 1 pound!!!!! Needless to say, I am more than frustrated! I was weighing in several times per week but this morning I decided to ditch the scale & try not to obsess over it. I will see if that helps. I am going back to the Weight Watchers meetings weekly to get back on track and I will weigh in there. I will keep my fingers crossed & hopefully got thinggs going. Something's gotta give. By the way Sweatergirl, I envy you. I loved being pregnant. It was the best time of my life. I hope all is going well. Talk to you later.
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