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Old 07-17-2001, 09:36 AM   #1
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Talking Tuesday Thread!!!!

This is just a quicky... I made a Food Journal Thread for the challenge, so you can post our daily journals if you want to! I came down with a tummy bug and feel like death, but have to leave for the funeral in 30 minutes. Not a good thing. GIVE ME STRENGTH!!! I know my stress level is very high at the moment. Found out yesterday that the doctors wanted to put a food tube in my g-pa, but they have a clause that forbids it. So I know things are not good for him.

I will be back tomorrow, hopefully, if I feel better!! Emma says HI!!

May your life always be sprinkled with Pixie Dust!!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~~ George Eliot

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Hi guys...

Jen, I hope you feel better soon. So sorry about all the stress you are under now. My thoughts are with you.

Ok, today is day one (AGAIN). I'm getting sick of this. I got on the scale this morning and I'm back all the way up to 179.5. I just can't get a handle. Trying again today...

Thinking about trying the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet... Anybody tried this? My aunt has been on it for a couple of years and she looks GREAT! She says the weight-loss is slow but the plan is doable for her. I know WW works, I'm just having a hard time sticking to it right now and wondering if something else might be a better choice for me right now? Any thoughts?
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Just wanted to check in quickly and say hi since I never posted yesterday. I ran a 5K on Sunday and I can't stop gloating. I had run one a few years ago, but this one wasn't as much as a struggle and made me realize that I am actually capable of running!!

Jen - My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Janet - I'm sending good vibes your way so that you can find the motivation you are looking for...

Stacey - Welcome back! I hope everything was great!

Belle - That's great that everything is going well with b/f. I'm sure his parents will love you!

Kim - Sorry to hear your life is so crazy now. Hopefully you will be able to find that place between boredom and being insanely busy!

Becky - How was the movie?

Hello to anyone I missed - Trish, Tonya, Lolly, Lori, Sarah....come out and say hi!
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Default Here but busy!!

Hey everyone! I'm here but up to my eyeballs in work! I'm still trying to move offices. It's just about 10 feet across the hall, but my computer is still up in my old office, so I can't call anywhere home! I pigged and I mean PIGGED out on chinese food last night, so I might be a wimp and bug out on WI, but I haven't decided. I still have my upcoming "honeymoon/wedding" post and I promise I won't forget it!
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Jen - sorry to hear that you are not feeling well on top of everythign else. Good luck and may the force be with you.

Janet - are you a carb addict? I would be leary of anythign that has the word "diet" or "addict" in the title...but its really what works for you. That "diet" might be just balanceing your foods differently, who knows. Before you make a decision and quit WW, really think about why it isn't working for you- what keeps you from reaching your goals? What stands in your way? Are you eating within your range? Do you exercise? I think whatever is keeping you now might just keep you on that other diet as well. Don't look at the symptoms, look at the cause. Check outthe diet, maybe take it to your physician. then make an educated decision.

Well, off my soapbox then.

I had a crappy night - PMS getting the better of me and makeing me hyper sensitive and I freaked out on b/f. then I couldn't sleep so I kept him up and needless to say he is unhappy with me right now. Plus, I feel like **** and I am bored out of my tree at work......you know how you go through spells where you are SO BUSY nad then SO NOT! Well, its downtime and I am not happy about it. BORING.

I guess I'll give b/f alone time tonite, I think he needs time away from me.....maybe I'll paint pottery or go to the scrapbook store and buy some things....SIGH! I feel guilty and stupid. We haven't argued in months before this...AGH!! Oh well, I'll just bounce right back its all I can do!

Better mosey...


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Hello all. I have been eating way too much this week. I have been craving Mexican food so much and hamburgers. But I am not eating just a normal amount, but a ton. I need to eat more veggies, but I am not craving them at all. Oh well. Today I brought a peach for a sanck...but I don't think that will be enough.

Belle: You are right, just tell him you are sorry and keep going. With any long term relationships there will be ups and downs. They work that way.

Stacey: don't you hate moving at work. It is such a pain!

Jen2: GREAT JOB on the run!!!! That is so wonderful!!!!

Janet: I agree with belle re the diet. I don't think I could do that for life, I mean really restrict a part of food. For me it may work short term but not long term at all. I would sat whatever you do, you can do it with WW...follow any type of plan and keep in points/WI. Just remember, you don't have a bad day if you do some of it right...just try to add a little but in at a time. I found that works best. Also, don't beat yourself up if you eat something that you deam "not healthy." just count the points and keep on going. I really feel for you...I think it is so hard to get back in the groove.

I tell you, I am really afraid that I will have so much weight to lose after this baby I wont be able to . Part of it is that I started higher than I normally am and was trying to lose that...so I have that on top of any preg weight. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now but watch what I eat and keep on going.

Jen: Sorry to hear that you are sick with all that is going on. Hope you can get a little Jen time.

Talk with you all later...
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Old 07-17-2001, 11:44 AM   #7
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Trish - I don't think you should worry too much about gaining weight - I think you'll be just fine - besides, doesn't breast feeding contribute to weight loss? I think you'll be fine, adn you shouldn't worry about things like that, just worry about having a healthy happy baby, the rest will fall into place!

Did I tell you guys that b/f is driving out to Winnipeg with me for Thanksgiving? Going to meet my grandparents! I was so excited! Its a long drive though, but he is all happy about it and being really awesome. I never in a million years thought he would come out there with me.... Which makes me feel even worse for last night.

OH WELL I am trying to move on here, rather unsuccessfully.

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Old 07-17-2001, 12:04 PM   #8
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Eek!, Trish, you just said everything I was going to say! Well, they do say great minds think alike ...

Good afternoon, ladies! I'm still workingworkingworking, the paper is slowly coming together, and one of my best chums in the world is arriving from California on Thursday, so I would really, really like to get the first draft written by then ... keep everything crossed!!! Had WI this morning and was up .5 but I'M NOT CHANGING THE SIGNATURE ... it's TOM and I ate salted peanuts last night. Is that a pathetic excuse or what? My normal leader was on holiday, and instead we had the very first leader I had when I joined in March last year ... by chance, I had some 'before' photos in my bag, and she couldn't get over it, so I was rather chuffed and didn't really care about the .5

Jen - they say it never rains but it pours, and you have got a DELUGE. Like Trish says (!), try and get some Jen time, though I know it won't be easy with everything happening. HUGS!

Jen2 - YAY! on the 5k!!! Kirsty and I did one a few weeks ago and we were so chuffed because we ran all the way, even if it did take us 40mins. Of course I haven't been out running since, slap wrist, must do better - maybe you can inspire me

Belle - yup, moving onwards and upwards is the only way to go. We all have blips, it's life, but Winnipeg? and then Christmas? I would say you're right on track

Janet, I hate that unmotivated feeling, it hits me every so often too and I just go totally AWOL from everything I've learned. Maybe you could try baby steps, like, make 1 little change every week and just take 1 hour at a time. HUGS for you too!

And Trish - you'd have thought being PG might bring healthy cravings, wouldn't you?! Unfortunately your PG cravings sound exactly like my non-PG ones ... I don't know what it is with me and hamburgers, but I get a real urge for them about once a week. I've started buying extra lean mince and making my own, with ALL (and I mean ALL ) the trimmings ...

Stacey - (chants) we-dding, we-dding, we-dding!!! How mean of them to make you move right after you come back. Don't they realise you have more important things to do (like telling us all about it!)? Looking forward to hearing EVERYthing!!!

everyone else, come out and play, I'm going back to work now, or maybe I'll eat a banana first ... hmm ... decisions, decisions,


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Hi everyone. Am working from home today It is going well so far. I have already gotten in 4 hours of work and gotten lots done. Have some internet reseach to do than I can finish writing for the day. I think I will be done early which is nice

Jen - I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope that the funeral went ok for you and your family. Hang in there.

Janet - I have never heard of the carb addicts diet. I would be interested in hearing about it although it makes me nervous if it is not very balanced. Good luck starting over. I am in the same boat right now.

Belle - Don't worry about the PMS, a night on your own sounds like a good idea. Great the bf is going with you for Thanksgiving!

Kim- Sorry you have been so busy at work. I hope it slows down soon.

Stacey - good luck with the office move. Post soon!

Trish - don't worry about the cravings. If you don't have them, you will keep eating until you satisfy the urge. Just try not to go overboard when you do

Well I ate too much last night. I ahd the rest of the delicious bday cake, a little ice cream, some cheese and crackers, hummus and pita and a few other little hors d'oeuvres. Hoepfully I wasn't too far over 30 points since my exrecise technically allows me that.

I am trying again today to stop at 20 but the morning has been difficult. I have had some little smoked salmon hors d'oevures but have made taco soup for lunch. Thanks heaven for 1.5 pt taco soup. Ok, I better get back to work now

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this is just a quickie b/c i overslept and i have to shouwer and be out the door in an hour
Jen my thoughts and prayers are with ya

Janet I tried CAD I also Tried CALP carb addicts Diet/life plan
its not bad I cant limit my carbs b/c i found when i did i was hardcore anxious and depressed and tended to overcompensate with fatty eating
Theres a Light Carbing with WW forum check them out
or maneuver your carbs around during the day
anyway will read the rest of the posts later!
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Had to get that out.

Just found out I'm being subpoenaed for something. Probably by someone I interviewed who's coming up for trial. My paper will try and quash it, but it still has me on edge.

Oh, and I worked 12 hours yesterday. That was fun. I ended up covering for someone who wasn't at the meeting I went to.

Whine, whine, whine. I'm sorry, girls, it seems like it's all I'm doing these days. Don't get me wrong, I do love my job, but there's just been a little too much of it lately, you know? I need some rest time, but I honestly don't know when that can come.

I hope, anyway, that the stress somehow makes me lose weight!
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Hi Girls, I haven't backed up and read yesterdays posts yet but I figured that I would work on one day at a time. I am having a good eating day so far. I did ok last night. I didn't get anything at the movies which is always quite an accomplishment. I didn't get to tell you guys that I shopped this wknd. Yep spent too much as usual but I really did get some good deals. I got two long sweaters for fall. I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Anyways Banana REpublic had a major clearance and it is one of my fav stores so that was fun. I also hit Nordstroms for the sweaters. I went with a friend I hardly ever get to see so that made it a very good wknd.

Janet- we are the same weight I just realized WOOHOO 179 sista's. Maybe soon we will be sisters in a lower weight class
Don't get discouraged though we are on a downward trend.

Jen-Sorry about all of your stress and feel better soon. You are in my prayers

JKarr- Hi I haven't met you yet! Ok so now I guess I have Anywyas the movie was hysterical. You will love it if you like silly funny movies I would compare it to Clueless.

Stacey- I can't wait to hear about the wedding!!!!!!

Belle- I too am dangerous during PMS. I always do and say things that I feel dumb about. YOu know what is bad though I just read in a mag. that in your 20's you shouldn't even have the moodiness. YIKES if that is the case I may be homicidal in my 30's during PMS Anyways def. take a night off from the boyfriend b/c I think the things that we normally shrug off and say "he's just being a guy" kind of piss us off during PMS. Well they do me anyways. Good Luck. I feel for ya.

Trish- I agree with Belle Don't worry about hte weight thing too much. You do not need extra stress.

Lolly- I hope you and your friend have a great time. How fun!

Sarah- Taco Soup??? Fill me in!!!!!!!!!

Kim- Sorry about the subpeona! Good luck. HOpefully your work will get you out of it. Sorry work sucks right now

Well have a great day ladies I will catch up again tomorrow!
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Belle: Thanksgiving and Christmas seem so far away! I don't even know what I'm doing this weekend! I still want the summer to stick around for a little longer. But I'm glad that things are going so well for you and b/f.
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Kim - I guess they do seem far away - we also have our vacation together in 2 weeks time, as well as our one year anniversary August 18th, which makes tomorrow our 11month!! Woo hoo!! I am really excited.....we're seeing Les Miserable for our anniversary...then only a month and a half til Canadian Thanksgiving - its on October 4th....

I know, I am rushing things, but I like to have something to look forward to - I swear that is how I got through my last year of university working full time - I focused on going to Europe at the end and that got me through!!

Just when I thought I was dead, more work came my way!! ARGH!!!

Ciao girls!

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I'm still at work, it's 9 p.m., and I thought I'd babble on the site a little. I'm sure no one else is around but me!

I just ate a chocolate chip cookie because I haven't had dinner yet and I'm starving. Now that's about 3 points less I have for dinner. Of course, I really don't want to go home and cook. I do have a WW frozen meal in the freezer, Maybe I'll have that.

Ok, enough babble. I'll "see" you all tomorrow! Maybe I'll actually make it to WI!
Married to Brian 11.9.02
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