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Default Wooo Whooo!

Like I said in the general thread I stayed the same this week. I had a bit of a poutfest last night. But now I am newly motivated. I've joined a challenge on the Dr. Phil board and one of my goals is to do my 12 week treadmill workout.

I did the first workout today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know this may not seem like a fantastic feat in the big scheme of things. But for me this is a huge deal. I have this thing, it's like this warped perfectionism. Maybe it's some kind of skewed OCD. I get in my head I have to exersice at 5 am. I have to get it done before the kids get here. I have to start working out on the hour, half, hour or quarter hour, so I end at an even time. I have to have everything ready the night before, clothes laptop, shoes treadmill. I have to start new exercise programs on Wednesday (the first day of my WW week). If I do not meet these criteria I can't bring myself to actually do it. I tell myself I wil wait until next week when I can do it perfectly. I ahve to begine walking the exact second the song comes on (I workout to music on my laptop so I can watch the swirly stuff on media player), unless I have one of my shows on DVD and then I have to start the exact second the show starts. I will stop and start until I get it right (and then get stressed out b/c my time is thrown off LOL)

Until today. I woke up late, the headlights of the lady I watch kids for woke me up. Nothing was ready. I had to find my clothes, sock and shoes (I am very picky about what I wear working out). I had to move the diaper pail and shelf that holds clean diapers, along with toys and kiddie chairs so I could even open the treadmill. I found my laptop, and started the music then got the treadmill going. I started at like 6:18 or something, and I did a 30 minute workout. So my cd wasn't over when I finsihed (which also throws me off). But I stopped picked up the treadmill, replaced the diaper pail and shelf.

I am so proud of myself. I am gonna meet my goals this time.
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*hug* HOORAY, MISTY!!! That's awesome, sista! I understand how amazing it feels when you get your own butt in gear and start working out. The first time I went to do cardio on my own without seeing my personal trainer first, man...I felt so empowered. Like I really wanted it and like I could actually do it on my own. It was great!

I'm so proud of you! And you know...keeping this up will only help you lose more weight. Hehe. So, I'll keep saving your place here in One-derland!

You can do it Misty!!
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Misty I add kudos to you! I am a believer in exercise also. I am better at exercise than food control. You have addressed your problem by recocnizing you are a perfecttionist. Let it go Misty anything is better than nothing. You are going to do it this time!!!!!
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Way to go Misty!! Now that I am in a habit of going to the gym..I do not feel right unless I have been there. Great job...Keep it up!!
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