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Just getting started...
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Default It's Sunday! New week to a new us!

Good morning!

I'm so proud of myself.. .my husband bought all these donuts last night and this morning i passed them up and had a 1 pt choc. mint mini bar instead..i love those things!

i'm not going to let my gain from last week get me down. it happens... all i can do is pick myself up and start again, right? right!

i joined etools yesterday... not so sure i see why it costs $12.95 a month.. maybe i just haven't given it a chance... so i'm going to use it for one month and see if i like it or not... i was told the first 2 weeks were free but i guess not.... LOL

hope you are having a great weekend, ya big losers!

"If you really want it, you will make a way. If you don't, you will make excuses."
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Alis volat propiis
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Just wanted to let everyone know I'm here, watching and stewing. Mostly stewing. Thank you for all your kind and threatening words! It means a lot.
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Tryin' Again
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Hey Aileen,

Good job on passing up the donuts.

I had leftover pizza in the frige that I was going to freeze for another time. Wonder where it went? Oh...I ate it last nite. Could not control myself. Oh well, WI is Wed. maybe I have time to work it off. heh

I used etools at one time, its ok, but I got kinda tired of having to go online to post my foods. I belong to the WW site, but sometimes their message boards get kinda rough. Especially the GDT. Watch out!! The message boards over here are way better. People seem to be a lot nicer.

Later everyone,

Maggie, you musta posted at same time I did. Glad you are back. No worries, huh? I was just getting my Sista suit out of the cleaners!!!

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Diva, great job with the doughnuts! Hope all the sistas are doing well. Have so much packing to do and have to be very creative about boxes, so I had better get moving. I am still at 167, so I did not meet my July 31st goal. I am getting so used to seeing that number on the scale, maybe I should play the lottery with it.
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Proud Slimmin' Sista!
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Yay, Maggie! I was starting to get worried about you! I'm glad you're still reading--you definitely mean a lot to the rest of your sistas here!

I haven't done much in the way of...well...anything for a Sunday, lol. I ended up going to Lowe's with my sister and we found the cutest 6-piece patio furniture set for $49! No kidding! It was originally priced $79, but they marked it down because it was seasonal. Whatever--it's still summer here, haha. So now I have a 32-inch square table, four chairs, and an umbrella. After we set up the table (with me just about falling down the stairs that led up to my apartment--yikes), we went to Wal-Mart because we decided I needed a citronella candle and an outdoor fan--it's HOT. Lol. So, we got both those things, came back, and had a 1-point popsicle (no sugar added). It was so nice to just sit out there and relax. I tried bringing my kitten out there, but she literally freaked out. I mean, flat-out panicked. She's a rescue, and as she was growing bigger over the past few months, I found a few deep scars on her abdomen. I think she probably got into a fight with a dog or something (those scars are too big for a cat's teeth or claws), so maybe she's traumatized. But I guess that's a good sign--she'll not try to escape.

My sister just left, so now I'm wondering if I want to go to yoga in an hour or not. Yeah...I'll probably go. I really want to shake off another 2 pounds before my parents get here on Saturday, just so I can say, "Hey...I'm 10 pounds lighter since the last time you saw me!" Lol.

Quick question: anybody have any suggestions for how to keep wasps away from the deck? I have a full-fledged phobia about those suckers and really would rather enjoy my deck than have to feel like every time I see a wasp I have to dash inside.

Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Lifetime Goal!

"Our doubts are traitors, which makes us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."
~Measure for Measure, I.iv.77-79
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I've been lazy today. I haven't exercised... but my muscles are a little sore, so I'm giving them a bread. .... lol at least that is what I'm telling myself.

So, since my size 20 pants seemed to be fitting normally again, I decided to try on some other clothes that I haven't been able to wear. I put on my size 20 jeans, that I only wore in an emergency a few months ago. They fit then, but only because they have stretch in them, and now they fit pretty good again! woohoo... my butt looks great!

I tried on my favorite size 18 pants. They still don't fit, but I can pull them on. They don't button yet, but I can get them on... I couldn't do that before. My favorite jean skirt is almost wearable again. Its still tight in the stomach area though.

Hope everyone is having a good day!!


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I am having such an fantabulous day. I got a large portion of my laundry room primed, a large portion of what didn't need primed has at least one coat of paint. I am letting the primer sit over night and I should have it finished tomarrow or Tuesday!!!! Not sure if I will have to let stuff sit over night again before doing the trim.

Before everything was baby poop brown and tan, along with a light shade of mint vomit green primer on the walls. ALL of teh wood work downstairs is this terrible shade of tan. It's a rather depressing color. It was also about 50 years old, scuffed dirty and peeling. No matter how much I scrubbed it it looked dirty. Also with the little kids I am afraid of lead paint. So I painted the laundry room walls a light buttery yellow, the trim will be a pale, pale blue and the ceiling a yellowy white called white corn.

I am debating on what to do with my treadmill. I like to watch tv while I use it, but it takes up soooo much room. If I move it where I can't see the tv it opens up teh space in my laundry room and brightens the living room b/c it was sitting in half of the livingroom doorway. Without it there when you walk in you get a nice view of my livingroom instead of a big black (and often dusty) monster. I just ahet to move it where I can't see taht tv. That was really my only motivation to use it LOL.

Anyway, within a couple months we should have enough money to buy drywall and ceiling tile for my office. There is mildew on the exposed plaster of teh office walls. A result of my BIL hydroponics experiment in high school. The house was empty so he used it as a green house. The moisture caused mildew. My husband thinks as long as we put up new drywall over the old we'll be ok. We don't want to go through the expense and trouble of removing the lathe and plaster. But the mildew makes me nerveous. I think I will at least wipe the walls with a bleach solution.

So anyway....

Liz-GREAT JOB!!!! It's sooo fun trying on clothe staht didn't used to fit!

Amanda-Boy do I hear you on the wasps. We had a problem with them in our hous ethis spring. My cats kill them. My parents use wasp spray on thier deck. It seems to kill an that are there and my dad regularly reapplies it incase they come back. My cats are indoor cats and both started trying to get out about the time they were old enough to reproduce. We got them fixed and they show little desire to go out. If they do get out they FREAK!!! I keep them in though b/c we have barn cats and they are nasty, they will kill other cats. My cats wouldn't know what to do.

Hippo-I hope the packing goes ok and you hear about a new place soon. Our leader told us Plateaus are a normal part of weight loss. Some things she said help shake them is a couple high point days, a change in exercise routines, switching to the other plan either core or flex, whichever you don't do. I'll tune in next time we talk about it, it seems liek we talk about them alot in our meetings.

Kitty-I agree with you about the WW message boards.

MAGGIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! OH I am sooooo glad you are here!!!

Aileen-WTG on the doughnuts! I am not a big doughnut eater, but I have been craving one sooo bad!! I used to do WW online and I have to say I just didn't think it was worth $30 a month. I don't know if etools is different, we have to jump through 8 thousand hoops to get it here b/c we are part of a smaller franchise rather than international. I don't see why I'd pay $12 a month for it if it's the same as the online thing. The last time I tried online it kept losing my journal entries, also I was told you have to watch the recipe builder. It calculates points as 4 grams of fiber for the ENTRIE recipe not up to 4 grams per serving. So if you prepare something that makes 4 servings that have 4 grams EACH, it calculates it as only 1 gram per serving. Or so I was told. I was so disgusted with the tech support and the fact that everytime I entered something it didn't show up the next time I logged in I told them either fix it or I wanted my money back. I got my money back.

That was the second time I had subscribed. The first time I did well for awhile but b/c I didn't ahve any of the portable calculators I had to be online everytime I wanted to calculate something. So I quit.

Well DS is up from his nap...we're all off schdule today. I have to go feed him dinner.

Wish me luck this week ladies. It's FAIR week. Being that we are farmers and my brother in law shows cows we spend almost the entire week there. It's a very agriculturally oriented fair not so much a carnival. They have a few rides. It's sooo small though admission is free. So anyway, I have all my flex left and they expire Tuesday night. Then Wednesday I get 35 for more for my new week. So I plan on using every alst one of them. I just pray I don't go over. I wait ALL year for Fries from the firmen's booth and funnel cakes from some church group who always has a booth.

Ok I guess I better feed my kid LOL!!
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Misty, maybe you could get a little tv for the laundry room? mmmm funnel cake. If my frying pan was not in the dishwasher right now, oh boy that would be hard to resist! I have not packed at all yet today and it is nearing 7. Just got in a mood and took a nap with the kitties. Is so hot that it is hard to do anything anyway. Had no luck with boxes yet so have only one to pack in anyway bah. Will get that box done tonight whether I napped or not, so I do not feel guilty.
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