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Default Saturday Menus & Points

Though it would be nice to post 'em all in one thread. Oops, I seem to be making decisions for the group. Hope no one minds. If ya do, just tell me off!
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*tch!* God Maggie, who do you think you are, helping us to get organized and all? I'm kidding, of course. I think it's a far better idea, too! That way we can have a good conversation going without getting the menus and points in the way. Good job!

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"Our doubts are traitors, which makes us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."
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WW online (pts plus)
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I definitely like the idea of having our daily points/menus in one thread!
Posting mine makes me more accountable, plus, reading others' gives me ideas.

Well... let me preface this by saying that I woke up cranky, feeling awful, and started my period. Now does that excuse what I've eaten today? No, of course not... but I feel better if I justify it in my head a little. :laugh:

So far today:
Skipped breakfast-- grabbed the following while out running errands:
1- 20oz bottle Mountain Dew (6pts?- have to double check those points)
1/2 Arby's Beef and Cheddar sandwich (6pts)
about 1/3 of a small order of fries (2pts)

So, I've basically wasted 14 points and not been very satisfied at all.

I'm trying to get back on track and plan out the rest of my day.
I think we're having:
BBQ Chicken in a Packet http://www.recipezaar.com/37149 (6.8pts per serving)
and a green veggie for supper.

That leaves me a few points left to play with for a much needed snack (soon!) and maybe dessert tonight.

I'm drinking ice water now, and will try to fit in an exercise tape later today.

new ticker 12/7/12:

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Not sure if I am posting this in the correct location, it's still Saturday here, so I am posting my food for the day here. Please let me know if I should do it somewhere else, ok?!

Saturday July 16th, 2005

B-2 FF waffles 2p
PB 3p
grape juice 2p

S-grapes 1p

L-4pieces bread 2p
2 pieces FF cheese 2p
2 pieces ham 1p
butter spray ZERO
1% milk 2p

S-laughing cow wedge 1p
16 reduced fat wheat thins 3p

D- 1/2 laughing cow chicken from last night 3p
small baked potato 1p
butter 2p
FF sour cream 1p
frozen corn 2p
1% milk 2p

S- FF cappuccino 3p

Total so far 33 points
I'm doing the wendie plan and today is my high day, I should have 46 points! You would think this would be an easy task on any given day-and I hate to complain cuz of other people only getting much less points-I'm just to dang hot to eat. We don't have air conditioning and it must be over 100 in this house right now.
I've been sitting here at the computer for over an hour getting frustrated over our server putzing out on me. I'm listening to the Beatles. So insted of Richard Simmons sweatin' to the oldies, it's Izzy sweatin' to the Beatles! UGH!
I should be a size 2 in no time at this rate! ARGHHH!!!

Lori is gone until Wednesday now, and I usually binge
while she is gone.
NOT this time sista's!
I do have to figure out something to eat tonight to use up my points tho...I have 13 points left. Any ideas??

HELP! Fat chickie sista that isn't hungry and must eat her points! This is just NOT normal people.
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Height: 5'7"


2 tortillas 6 pts
2 slices of lunch meat 2 pts
cup cheese 3 pts
Total 11 pts

1 packet of oatmeal 2.5 pts

1-cup sugar free jello - .5 pts

2 chicken breasts 6 pts
2 servings potatoes 5 pts
Total 11 pts

3 musketeers bar 5.5 pts

1 cup jello - .5 pt
1 cookie - 2 pt (well more like 1.75 )

Total Points = 33

I kind of had lunch for breakfast, and then breakfast for lunch its what sounded good at the time. I did get some exercise in today. I walked up to the store, and bought some bread, and cookies for Craig... and the 3 musketeers bar for me lol. I must say, it was worth the 5.5 points. I've been craving chocolate for a week now, and it helped just having the one candy bar instead of buying a bag of chocolate candy. Now I just have to stay away from those cookies I bought for Craig.


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Ok! Today was a crazy day- I'm exhausted! Plus, I moved down in my daily points allowance...ok, it's only 1 point, but, well dangit! It's a whole point!

Breakfast: WW english muffin-1
FF cheese 2 slices-1

Snack: 100 cal fruit snacks-2

Lunch:Yeah, so didn't eat lunch until 5 pm...
Hot pocket- 6
FF pringles- 3
WW Cheesecake-3
100 cal fruit snacks-4 (had 2)

Dinner: Small portion of pasta with cheese sauce-7
Garlic bread- 5

Total so far: 30

2 left for the day!

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Regular American Mountain Dew (20 oz.):
Calories 275
Total Fats 0

5.5 points (or six with slider/rounding up)
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Proud Slimmin' Sista!
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Hey! Sorry this is so late--yesterday was crazy...and then all day today I read Harry Potter #6, haha. So...here's my menu from yesterday (Saturday) and then I'll do my one from today in the appropriate thread.

--Cheerios: 3 pts.

--WW mint patty candy: 1 pt.
--100 cal. Quaker's granola bar (pb & choc. chunk): 2 pts.

--Ruby Tuesday petite sirloin: 4 pts. (I didn't eat it all--it's originally 5 pts.)
+ brown rice pilaf: 4 pts. (I didn't eat it all--it's originally 5 pts.)

--small unbuttered movie popcorn: 10 pts. (yeah...but I prepared for it--hooray for Flex Points! )
--100 cal. granola bar: 2 pts.
--1 Twizzler: 0 pts.

--Subway turkey on deli roll w/Amer. cheese: 4 pts.
--Light Doritos: 1 pt.

--1 c. Bruster's FF/no-sugar-added van. ice cream:2 pts.
+ 100 cal. Right Bites Chips Deluxe: 2 pts.

--cherry popsicle: 1 pt.

Total: 36 pts. (used 10 Flex Points)

-->Little disclaimer: The reasons this menu is much fuller than my usual menus are 1. I was on a little road trip to find an emissions test station for three hours (ugh); 2. My sister and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (everyone should see it--much better than the first one; absolutely related to the book!); and 3. I stayed up until 2 a.m. reading Harry Potter, haha. I needed my energy! (That's where that last popsicle pops up, haha.)

Hope everyone did well yesterday!
Christmas challenge!!--lose 10 pounds by 12.25.05

Lifetime Goal!

"Our doubts are traitors, which makes us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt."
~Measure for Measure, I.iv.77-79
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