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Old 02-24-2001, 01:46 AM   #16
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Now that our blizzard is gone and you all probably saw and heard about the pile up on I95 last night. I'll just say it wasn't fun! But looking out at the beautiful sunshine today you would never have known what hit us, for sure.

Robin - I know what your talking about about the prices at gymboree. I used to look at them for my two and wait for the sales for sure. The only time to buy! LOL

Viv & Theresa - all I will tell you about my anniversary is that the house was EMPTY!!!! You can make up your own dreams from there on, LOL!!!! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//love.gif I don't kiss and tell.

Cindy & Theresa - Hope your having a great time together! If the tops go up, I'm sure there will be black outs in the pictures. LOL http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif

Farmbabe - Ice rink in your own yard huh??? Boy would my two love that. That's what our streets were yesterday. Took me over an hour for a 10 minute ride because there were accidents on every hill in town. What a mess.

CAB - sounds like things are going great for you and the gang!

Have a great weekend!

Talk to you soon.
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Old 02-24-2001, 07:16 AM   #17
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Hi, everybody! Only being able to post on Fri. night is a drag.

Well, only one more pound to reach my personal Feb. goal. I've been at a peak weight but I'm trying to set small, monthly weight loss goals. I'm hoping that will be small enough to focus on.

Lynn--Hope your tests are good.

Viv--Don't worry about the virus. I recognized it and deleted it before opening.

Cindy and Theresa--Wooo! How's Mardi Gras?

DH and I will be married 20 yrs. in June. Can't afford a big thing but would like to drive somewhere for 2 or 3 days. Can't decide where though. Not that many choices in the Midwest.

Hope everyone is great.

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Old 02-24-2001, 11:30 AM   #18
gettn' strong in 2002
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OK, CAB and Viv! You're holding out on me! I wanna picture too! LOL
I just PM'd Robin too to tell her that I don't have one of her either!
Well, gee! I've only seen one of Cindy!
Come on everyone, fess up! http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//lol.gif
Linn, Lynn, Ellie??????????????? yoo hoo

Kind of a boring evening around here. My stomach is acting up a bit too; feeln' kinda nauseated. ick!

Should be at the mardi gras with the....shirtless ones...........LOL
Come on girls; fill us in!!

Well, I'm off to bed http://www.3fatchicks.com/ubb//sleep.gif
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Old 02-24-2001, 10:04 PM   #19
Princess Buttercup
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guess where I'm at?! yep I'm sitting right here in Cindy's house! can you believe it?!

I'm having the time of my life! this is soooo much fun! Yesterday we shopped the ENTIRE day in New Orleans---mostly at the French Market. I bought my 12 yr old a "real" alligator head! LOL T-shirts, dh a Mardi Gras tie (too cool!) ......can't think, but my arms were full when we left!

THEN we headed over to "Burbon Street" WOW! LOL lots of bare breast and booty! LOL We stopped at Cafe DuMonde for a "light" snack! ROFL

We made it back to Cindy's about 7, quickly made a pitcher of Pina Coladas and headed out the door for the parade in her home town ---- Just as Cindy promised, I came home with two plastic grocery bags FULL of beads and didn't have to raise my shirt once! Good clean family fun! lots and lots of little children there with mom and dad! it really wasn't fair cause people with kids got the GOOD stuff!

Cindy is outa the shower so we're heading out for more shopping!

btw-I had a 5 pt breakfast! bowl of cereal and skim milk! and 2 waters! we're getting lots of walking in!

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Old 02-24-2001, 10:35 PM   #20
gettn' strong in 2002
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Hey there!
Sounds like lots of fun! Especially the Pina Coladas!! ROTFL Hmmmm, well.....the shopping sounds great too!!

Well, have a good day and keep us informed!!

It's goin' to 24 below here tonight!

just thought maybe you 2 would feel sorry for me!! ROTFL

Gotta get my journal out and get my next few days planned. See ya!

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Old 02-25-2001, 10:32 AM   #21
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hello all...

jill - i just pm'd you back, i tried to send pics and i have a bad email addy for you.

well miss theresa, it sounds like you are having a really good time. maybe next year we can all meet at cindy's for mardi gras! just kidding cindy...but it would be nice if a group of us could meet sometime.

today was so-so op, i had a brunch baby shower and we went out to dinner..went a little overboard, but am planning on exercising tomorrow to make up for it. i almost forgot charlies bday is in 2 weeks! i had to run out and get the invitations today so they can get in the mail tomorrow. he wanted chuck e cheese..oh boy! but at least it will be easy on me.

going to bed now..talk to ya'll later..robin
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Old 02-25-2001, 10:25 PM   #22
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