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Default Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday

Morning All!

I don't think I've ever started a thread before. How exciting!!!!

Not much to report. CB couldn't meet me at the gym last night so I fit time on the recumbant bike in between work and yoga class. I thought my yoga instructor was trying to kill us....we did the whole class vinyasa style....what an aerobic workout...I was sweating more than I do on the treadmill. Today I'm going to go to circuit training class on my lunch hour. Really looking forward to it as I had a lot of fun last week.

Yesterday I was worried about the fact that I'm so hungry that I'm eating at the top of my points range nearly every day and thus my weight is holding steady. Today - I DON'T CARE!!!! Today I am wearing my "I am hotter than any Hollywood movie star black pants". Last week I slipped them on and they were miserably tight - I felt awful! Today - they are lose - I swear it - lose...I can slip my hands inside my pants without even undoing them! Not that I'm walking around work with my hands in my pants! You know what I mean though. Guess that even if the scale is holding steady, the working out is having an effect.

Enough about me (for now...hee-hee)....don't think I can remember all of yesterday's posts but here goes....

Lori - good for you getting help. I'm a big proponent of therapy. No one expects you to fix your car if it breaks down....they expect you to take it to a trained mechanic. No one should expect you to fix an ED alone...you aren't trained to do that.

Wendy - I too get stressed at work and then eat everything in sight. We've got 5 break rooms with 2 or more vending machines each and an onsite Cafeteria - food is available everywhere! I usually try to bring 1 to 2 cups of cut up fresh veggies. That way if I feel the need to eat out of stress when I'm not hungry I'm using free points. On stressful days, I also give up on drinking water and suck down diet coke like they are taking it off the shelves. Sometimes I find sucking on a strong mint helps too.

Rina - talk to your husband about affording the meetings. It sounds like you could really use the support that comes from them. I know it is hard when the budget is tight but you are right...eating out one less night a week would probably pay the weekly meeting fee. In the meantime, take small steps to get back on track. Drink your water and journal....don't worry about eating in a points range just journal everything you do eat. Once you've gotten on track with that, add one more small thing every few days.

Robin - sending you "diet coke" vibes...hope you find your wantpower.

KT - how did WI go?

Hi to JenL, JenK, Kirsty, Jess, Jayne and everyone else I've missed.


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Good morning girls!!

Laura ~ Sounds like you are on track for your workouts, no wonder your pants are loose!!

I am journalling, but did go over in points last night! ARRGG!! I need to keep more low fat snacks around.

I am determined to stay on track today and do some walking.

Well, I better finish reading the chapter that is due today, and get some work done. BBIAB!!
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Good morning!

We are all moved in and almost all unpacked and I love it!! I like the layout, the carpet the new appliances the new couch and chair and I love having my dogs back!! The ONLY thing I don't love is that you can hear the garage door through most of the building on the 2nd floor (which is our floor). That is a pain soemtimes but I am getting used to it - it sounds like a furnace kicking in every time.

But that is the only thing....

I think I dropped 10 lbs during the move though, and it was bad. But worth it.

I miss you all and I want to catch up on the posts but I'll have to do that at lunch as we are crazy here. I hope the board isn't empty by lunch !!!!

Laura - I am experiencing the same thing as you - I work out diligently but am not seeing the # change much. However, the clohtes are loose and I can wear smaller sizes - I think we are firming up!! Good for you!! Keep those hands outta your pants though!

Hey Tonya!! Hey, at least you are journalling!! TAht is what matters.

I went to see a nutritionist about my vitamin deficiency and she increased my protein by 20g/day and I have felt way more energetic. I have been eating about 25points/day (sometimes more or less) with this. I have to go back in 5 weeks and have tests. I hope this works! Or else i have to take B12 and Iron shots. BOOH.

There is a storm blowin' in here, so I am not happy about that. March sucks in Calgary!!

Have a good OP mornin' BBL!!

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Hey Chickees!

Things are looking up. DH & I talked it over & decided we'll manage so I can go to meetings. Now I just have to find one that the time works for me. I am journalling today which is a step in the right direction.

Belle, glad to hear you're happy with your new place. Now that the heavy lifting is done go get a massage to loosen up those stiff muscles! Our weather sucks right now too. Yesterday with the windchill we were 40 degrees less than the normal temperautre for this time of year!!

Laura, Maybe the scale isn't changing b/c you are building more muscle. Muscle weighs four times as much as fat.

Kier you recipe sounds yummy.

Wendy, there is an awesome website called Dottie's Weight Loss Zone where you can check the points for restaurants etc. The website addy is www.dwlz.com For snacks that are low point I like Snackwell's Mini Chocolate chocolate chip cookies. 13 cookies is only 2 or 3 points. I count out my serving size ahead of time & then only take that many with me. If you suck on them until they melt in your mouth then by the 13th one you're almost on chocolate overload.

Lori, I'm glad to hear you're getting some regular help for your ED. We're behind you all the way girl!

Tonya, glad to hear you are heading down the right track. One stpe a t a time & we can do this!

A big HELLO to all you others out there that need to come post!

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Yesterday wasn't so bad for me. Well, food wise I guess it was.

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out points for dinner dishes. For example, I made Dump Ziti last night. It had rotelle pasta, Emerils Roasted Garlic spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesean cheese and pepperoni. I took a 1 1/2 c serving. I have no idea how to score that out. I gave myself 8 points but I wonder if that's even right. Do I have to calculate out everything single thing I put into a recipe? That could get difficult!!!

I also caved and bought a box of Thin Mint cookies from a cute little brownie girl. But if I did it right, 4 cookies are only 3 points. That was just perfect to fill the spot last night for that chocolate craving.

And today WILL be better. I've only had an eggo waffle with 1 tsp of peanut butter and my water so far. I'll have a salad for lunch and then for dinner tonight I'm making stuffed chicken breasts with fresh asparagus for dinner.

I also plan on hitting the club this afternoon and working out for 30-minutes.
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A quick hello to everything first thing in the morning (for me)! I went to WI last night and I was up .2# - not bad considering the weekend I had. Then my mom made me an amazing spinach salad for dinner - I have to go to her house more often. She's very supportive of WW so that's nice. Tonight is sushi - I'm so glad something that tastes soo good is so low in points and high in protien.
Laura - sometimes our clothes are the best measure of our success. Way to go! you are the workout queen!
Tonya - Belle's right, you may have gone over, but at least you journaled. You can do it!
Belle - Welcome back, I'm glad the move went well, I'm sure you'll get used to the garage in no time. How are the dogs liking condo life?
Rina - that's great about the meetings, they're my favorite part of the weight loss process. I suggest an earlier in the week meeting (keeps me accountable for the weekends) and then if I miss, I can find another meeting somewhere before the end of the week.
OK, off to do some data entry. BBL
LA is working!!!
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hey girls just a quick hi I'm not dead! I'm slowly making wiser decisions
the eating @ home was so so but today I'm back at school and I knew it was pasta night for takeout so I had a Large protien shake for my very late breakfast and I got egg plant parm from takeout before I even touched a fork to my lips half of the entree went into a tupperware and into the fridge! so instead of feeling bloaty and nasty I 'm satisfied
Belle I'm also doing iron but I ha ve tablets not shots
I wanted to ask our res doc Lori what it means when your hemoglobin is at 8.8 b/c thats where mine was and my doc was alarmed but didnt explain anyway Back into the hellish fray!
oh i finally cancelled my ireland tix but I have until dec 31 to use them eoohoo or their % equivalent
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