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Default Monday, March 3

Good Morning...
I had a terrible OP weekend . I always have a hard time on my weekends off but this was worse than usual. I went out to eat twice and did not make very good choices. I did not journal or count my points. Why do I do that ? I'm going to try and get back on today and just pray I stay the same in WI Wed night. Anyway...enough whining, how was everyone elses weekend?

My son had a basketball tournament this weekend with his 5th grade travel team and they won the championship. All of the games they played were within 2-3 points they were fun to watch. Andrew played really well also but he was getting so mad at me because I was yelling so loud. He better get used to it-I can't help myself. We got to use the pool and the adults only hot tub at the rec center where they had it. I was the only mother that swam and I am the fattest one out of all of 'em. One mother said she didn't want anyone to see her in a bathing suit-she's 5' tall and weighs about 100. She looks great. I wasn't too thrilled about getting into one but I'm glad I did it, the hot tub was wonderful. Talk to you later. I'm babysitting my 2yo niece today so I probably won't be on the computer. Have a good day.

JEN L: I am sending you some (((((((destressing vibes))))))). Sounds like you have a lot on your mind. Daycare is so expensive, sometimes it's not worth it to work. I only have 1 child but when you don't have a high paying job it really cuts into your $$$$$. What about on-site daycare? Is your family's company able to provide that? I waitress one day a week in addition to my full time job and I usually bring in an extra $75-$100 a week. But I have to say that I hate it 90% of the time, even with the extra $$$ coming in. I'd rather be home with my family. Sometimes you just have to say that the money is not that important when it comes to spending time with your family. But then you get a reality check when the mortgage comes due. There seems to be no right way to do it. But it ususally all works out in the end. Hang in there-I am not a huggy kind of person but I am sending you one because it sounds like you need it...here it goes .


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Weekends are always hard for me as well. I never keep track of points then and I really should.

I feel okay about what I ate though. Oh wait, I did have the black and tan brownie with hot chocolate Saturday night. LOL

This was a busy but fun weekend. Friday night was my husbands birthday. We had shredded bbq sandwiches for dinner and I did also have a thin slice of the chocolate decadance cake he wanted.

Saturday my 5-year old and a friend over to play. I loaded up the kid onto bikes and we went out for about a 40-minute ride. It was the first time my 1-year old had been on a bike and she laughed the whole time. It was very cute. That evening we headed out to watch the high school production of The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket.

Sunday was spent cleaning house, showing a co-worker (who just had a baby) how to use her breat pump, and then I made a homemade apple pie and then roasted a chicken for dinner with fresh asparagus.

My WI is on Tuesday and I'm also hoping to be at LEAST the same weight I was last week.
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Robin - glad you had fun at your son's bball tourny. It is so crucial to be that kind of supportive parent. I live near a 16 year old cousin and the only reason I don't show at band concerts, soccer games, etc. is when I have to work.

I too had an odd OP weekend. Friday we went to a party and I made a concious decision to enjoy myself and not count points. I had 2 pieces of pizza (which I had the points for) and then munched on veggies. I had a few drinks which I didn't have points for but it was only 6 so it shouldn't have been a big deal. But for some reason on Saturday, I could hardly make myself eat. I just had it in my head that I'd pigged out Friday and that I couldn't afford points on Saturday. CB even took me to a restaurant and I refused to order. I only ate 5 points all day which was especially bad 'cuz I worked my "active" job for 6 hours. Naturally, Sunday, I was starving and went overboard on points. I haven't yet figured out what my freak out was all about this weekend but have things firmly in hand and reasonable today.

Ended up buying a Tanita scale. It shows my weight higher than the old one but at least it is consistent. I'm really glad I bought it..between my discount and some gift money from my grandparents that I'd been saving, I only ended up paying $15 out of my own pocket. Well worth it.

Hope you all had good weekends.



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Hi everyone-I am here lurking...
Jen-L-I hear you about daycare...for us for PT daycare for one infant will run about $1000 per month. I can only imagine if you have more than one what it's like-thank goodness I'm not having twins!

I am in the horrible weekend eating club-went out to dinner Fri and Sat nites...ate horribly. Didn't go to the gym...but I am back on track today...planning a healthy eating day and then to the gym. Being PG is no excuse-I keep trying to think about how hard it will be to lose the weight afterwards...hard to believe i used to exist at this weight-I feel so fat!
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Morning all. I feel horrible today. I called in "sick" on Friday and went to the island to help my friend move. We were all sick, her, me and the 3 kids. We packed and moved her in 2 days then got on the ferry and were at her mom's place by 1am Saturday morning. Then THANK GOD for my amazing friends, we got lost and I phoned one at midnight and he got on the internet, found a map and talked me through the route (including finding a bathroom for the kids when they had to go and couldn't hold it). Then two of them came out to help unload the next morning so we could get the truck back on time, it took about 1 hour to unload the truck that took us 8 hours to load. So she's safe and will spend some time unpacking and I have her cat (the sweetest cat ever) and I'm OK with that but still haven't gotten over being sick. It's all for a good cause though. The bonus being I can see them whenever I want without spending big $$ on the ferry. Yay!
Laura - what a great deal on the scale!
Robin - sounds like a fun weekend. Hot tubs can be soo nice.
Wendy - You may have enjoyed your husband's cake but you got out and biked! Sounds like a fair trade to me!
Lori - funny that your sig says you've only gained 2# and you feel fat. Do you look pregnant yet?
OK, I'd better get on to some of those things I should have been doing friday. The weekend was a bit of a write off as far as points go cause, lots of physical labour but KFC one night and mac and cheese another. Gotta love moving! (how was yours Belle?)
I'll check back later.
LA is working!!!
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