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Default TGI Friday

Starting Thread...
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Default Back again


Rina - I hope they find out what's going on with your gramps and I hope he starts feeling better soon. I think its good your grandma wants to get a second opinion if the doctor he has now isn't doing enough.

So the past 3 days have not been good eating days at all. I always stay OP until about 1-2PM and then blow the rest of the day. I think what I'm going to do is that every time I think of eating something I shouldn't, I'm going to put $1 aside in to put in the savings account. That will also keep me from buying food

I decided I am definitely quitting the babysitting gig. The stress eating is gotten way out of hand, I don't have any time to exercise, and I'm always tired because I don't get enough sleep. I'm gonna talk to the dad tonight.

I'll check back in later. Hope everyone has a good day
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Hi Lori!

Where is everyone today??
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Well, I'm not everybody, but I'm here.

Currently pregnant with #2
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Hi, I've been busy running around today. I got my hair cut in a modern sleek style. I love it. Of course it will only look good for about a day and then it will look like crap again. I have naturally curly hair so it is not always easy to find the right style. My 11 year old son got his head shaved. I think it looks awful but he likes it. I made him cut his hair like I wanted for the first 10 years of his lifeso I guess he can have a say in it every once in a while as long as it's not too radical. We DO live in Maine you know.... B-O-R-I-N-G.. !! Will check back later to see if anyone else has posted


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Goal...140 LBS
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Hey all,

How is everyone? I am having a pretty lousy day so far. I had a bunch of scary dreams last night so my sleep was pooey. I had a massage this morning but it was really brutal b/c something is up with my right shoulder. Then on my way home I had to stop to drop off a bill for one of my patients & when I was parking I hit rahter hard the parking buffer & now the bumper is a little bent plus i wrekced the block heater plug. I can't wait to tell dh!! Argh! Now I get home only to realize that I left my watch & rings at work (where I went for my treatment). I am so out of it! The day just has to get better. No news on my Grandpa today so I think that must be a good sign.

Lori, I think you're making the right choice with your second job.

Robin, my brother always had to have his hair the opposite of what my Momwanted from the time he was 10 until about 17. DH said he awas liek that too. Maybe its a guy thing?? Glad you like your new do!

Hi Jayne & Tonya! Glad you popped in.

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Wink Hello, everyone!!

Hi everybody!!

Lori--I saw the pictures of your tattoo, and can I just say "OW"? Doesn't that hurt? Maybe the more recent ones don't because you're maybe used to it, but did your first ones hurt? I really think that deciding to quit the babysitting was a good decision for you. Even though we like to give a lot of ourselves to other people, it's always important that we put ourselves first when it comes to health issues. Do you think that after you quit the babysitting thing, you'll be able to do better staying OP? You said the past couple of days haven't been very good. I hope things get better.

Tonya--Yeah, where is everyone? That last couple of days have been so busy and suddenly things slowed down...

Jayne--Hello there!!

Robin--You know, some women think shaved heads are sexy. I'm one of those women. However, I don't find 11 year olds sexy. I bet your hair looks super-cute!!

Rina--Oh, I'm sorry you're having such a crappy day! I'm sending a hug long distance, OK? And if you haven't heard anything on your grandpa, it probably is a good thing. They always say no news is good news. I hope that all is going well there.

Well, I don't have much interesting information to share... Tonight, I work at second job, then am going to pick up some dinner for Aaron and I (still no idea what's up with him and I, just hanging out) and we're going to watch a few videos. Then I'm stopping at Target and picking up some storage cubes for paper storage--those 12x12 sheets are a bear to store. I figured out how many points my dinner is going to be and it looks like 26. Yikes!! My daily range is 20-25, but I have several points banked and will get some activity points.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go look at computers for home. I know pretty much nothing about computers, so that should be interesting for me.

so, that's me.... does anyone else have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

World's Naughtiest Weight Watcher...

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A glowworm is never glum.
Cuz how can you be grumpy
when the sun shines out your bum?

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Jess - No. no the past couple of days have NOT been good! I really think quitting is the right thing. I told him tonight and he's going to start running an ad in the paper tomorrow.

This weekend:

Saturday: Babysit 8-6

Sunday: Eye doctor appointment and shopping for new glasses. Also window shopping. Eye doctor is in the mall. I'm going with a friend from WW so hopefully she won't let me spend too much! Jay will be gone for the day (working overtime) so I'll have the afternoon/night to myself. I'll probably do a lot of reading.
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