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TAylor, you are amazing! Weigh to go! : You're doing great at a pretty tough time of the year. Love your posts on facebook too.

Today was an emotional day, but my eating was quite good. I tried to come up and over the problem. It's too silly to go into here, but it is resolved and tomorrow's another day. What is wonderful about today is I didn't let food "help" me out-----which would have added up to guilt. I'm not exercising because I pulled a muscle, but today it's feeling better and tomorrow will be an day. I don't think I've lost any weight, but I can keep on keepin' on!

Good luck to all of us. and and to all of us with our efforts.

234.6/185/179 and thinner
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Hello everyone~! Super long day for me so I am going to make this short.

Congrats to Taylor
Speedy recovery to Judy
Great job on the holiday decorating to Bandit
Good luck on the trip prep to Terri
Loose Seal - Hope you are able to get onto the Turtles site on facebook
Life - eager to hear what you find out about WW new 2012 plans

Sorry so short but my butt is dragging... off to bed to prepare for another long day tomorrow.
One day at a time... one pound at a time...

Impossible is nothing!
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Hey All

Haven't been near a scale, but I'm keepin at it! Still walking, eating is so so! Many challenges!!! But thats life!

Keep at it gals and we will make it!!!! We are doing this!

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... and a piece of toast.
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I'm still plugging away. Messed up big time last night with a box of Frosted Flakes . . gaaaaa . . . but am back on track today and determined to not go to the 'I screwed up what's the use' place. If I stay at 1500 cals or less per day for the remainder of the week I should be good. This is where the turtle mentality is helping.

Princess . . not doing anything w/FB Turtle page right now because we are having some computer problems. I wasn't able to get on here yesterday at all and am still having problems. Maybe after things get cleared up . . . .
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Hi Turtles,
We're running long and I've got a minute so I'll start a new thread. See you all at # 271 Bale of Turtles Heading for the Goal!

Terri, good for you for keeping up the exercise. That's gotta help.

Princess, thanks for chiming in even with your long days. It always helps us.

Loose Seal, Oh those danged Frosted Flakes! But you're absolutely right. Keep the rest of the week focused and you'll still lose weight. Glad the turtle philosophy is a help.

Life4evr, Cherry, Bandit, Jar, and all the Turtles: We're doing great. We can do this. I'm trying to remember and put into action the ideas that the small things I do can add up to my reaching goal in 2012. It's a good aim. My very very short term goal is to knock off weight by Friday and our group WI. We can do this!!!

My leg muscle is finally "fine" and I'll exercise today. Let's all have a great day!

234.6/185/179 and thinner
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Hello everyone... we had a dusting of snow last night that remained on the ground this morning - wooo hoo.. will take that right now over the rain.. I have a long work day today so thought I would hop on here and give a shout out before I leave..

Itryharder - Awesome job on the food choices when going thru emotional times.. I'm still working on that one.. bummer on the pulled muscle, just make sure you take your time coming back so you don't do more damage... thank you for the congrats... it has to be the working out that is helping me with the losing..I'm a morning person so I've made the committment to me to just do it .. I'm finding it less of a chore and actually looking forward to the "me" time it creates ( even if sometimes its 530 in the morn LOL)..

Princess - are you enjoying the job even though it's making for long days? Make sure you get your rest and don't forget to take care of you..

Terri - are you doing a vacation day countdown..lol..

loose seal - keep on plugging it's what we all do.. so many ups and downs with what life hands us that it really is best described as a roller ride.. I wish you the best of luck in making the choices that work for you..

So last night was my first every Zumba class and I loved it.. as my daughter said she would of paid to see me rockin it to Lady Gaga... I considered it a huge coo that I even recognized one of the songs and who sings it LOL.. wasn't sure how this morning would go but no pains yet so will see if its tomorrow I get hit.. my big thing is I'm worried about the lean muscle burn after workouts like this.. usually I will make a protein shake or have some organic greek yogurt but with these pts changing it should be interesting how to figure it out.. anyway will see what happens.. so far nothing online delivered and my email said sometime today.. okay better get moving here..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day!!
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