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Talking It's the Weekend!!!

I hope we're all sleeping in and having wonderful, productive weekends! I managed to continue my daily workout (this hits the two week mark of not missing a day today! I am so stupidly proud of that!). I even got out of our weekly Friday Night out with friends at a local bar. Speaking of which, I think that yesterday, Laura asked for the hangover story. Here goes:

I suck at bar games. I don't know if it's lack of coordination, lack of confidence, feeling intimidated because there's so many people with lowered inhibitions looking on and commenting, or what. Ido find, though, that if I have a beer or two in me, that I relax and can play somewhat better (Still not what most of us would call well!). So the group of six decided to have a cricket tournament. Now, can I just insert here that we were coming from our weekly community recreation volleyball game, and were thirsty? And that we had eaten burgers and salty fries ( I had half-portions, being the good little Weight Watcher that I am -ahem-)? And that I had already had more beer than was good for me at this point? Men, being men, they all got out their wallets and started putting money on the game. The wives kind of looked nervously at each other, and my neighbor/girlfriend and I both dove for the beer pitcher (she and I both subscribe to the practice of tipsy bar games). So she and I ended up doing quite a bit of chugging before our turns, and she and her husband ended up coming in first int he tournament, and me and mine came in dead last (didn't help that her husband and she own balanced darts while we were using the bar's crappy ones! Maybe this didn't contribute and we just really suck that bad, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.). So then we started to try to figure out who had drank more beer than the other. While we were discussing this, our hubbys continued to fill our glasses. Neither Jill(my neighbor) or I drove home that night, and I noticed the next day she was walking like she wasn't feeling 100% either. As for me, waking up early with a 17 month old on a Saturday morning is only tolerable at best. With a hangover, it's unbearable. To have to toast him a waffle and listen to him shouting for his "Joo" (juice) and banging his fork on his tray, I thought I was going to die. So I woke up hubby and put him on the job and crawled under the covers for about 3 more hours. I then needed to get some fresh air, so I went shopping...shoes. Fun! And all by myself...that hasn't happened in months! So that's hangover story, and by the time I got back home, I wasn't cranky or feeling ill any more and was ready to be nice to my family. So nothing real exciting, just a small snapshot of the life of Jayne. By the way, is it completely sick and wrong to eat a 2 point bar for breakfast and a small salad for lunch, at two points each, so I can beer it up that night? Well, even if it is, oh well. I gotta break loose every now and then or I'll implode on myself.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone else's weekend!

And, in the grand word of my good friend, Kieren, MWAH!!!!!!!

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Hi Jayne & anyone else around this weekend.

Things are alright with me. I got a ton of house cleaning done today. Other than that I've been browsing my cookbooks & watching the news about the Columbia shuttle. It breaks my heart for those families. Tonight we're supposed to be going over to our friends but right now we've both got bad headaches (argh!) so we'll see if we're up to it.

Jayne, sounds like a fun time. At least you're planning ahead. I don't think that's sick-I think that's using the program properly. Good work

I'll be back later.

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