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Weighed in this morning at 234.2 down from 237.6 I think that is down 3.4 pounds. Thanks to sinus sickness and not eating in the evening since moving. I hope i can keep up with the new habits.
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Hi Turtles,
I am back from my WW WI. I considered not weighing in, but just attending the meeting. Then I decided to bite the bullet. I was up 4.6# and wasn't surprised. I am back on track and I'm ready to track again. Have to get my exercise back into routine too.

Bandit, you've got a great exercise routine for yourself right now. Weigh to go! Glad your ex is back at his home. It is wonderful that you're OP and you're walking and doing hot yoga.

Loopy, what an interesting idea about the Diet 7-Up. I still drink Diet Coke. I have an idea that I need the caffeine around noon, but I'm sure that's an idea I have to find another solution for. Right now I'm going to put a glass by the sink and drink water more often. Thanks for the head's up about soda. Interesting that it didn't affect you this time.

Nancy----tell me about steroids. I'm sorry you gained 3#, but steroids do that. I've had to take prednisone several times-----not only does it make it harder to lose weight, it also makes you hungry. Not a combination that helps anything. However, if you need it for your jaw, etc. you need it. You can deal with the weight gain once you're off the meds. Good luck! : I like that you're making good choices and planning ahead. That's huge for me too.

Princess, how did your leading the discussion for the TOPS group work out? I bet it's helping keep you on track. Hey, I read the 19th Wife and thought it was terrific. Right now I'm reading Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah. I'll let you know what I think. My dh and I are planting a garden this year. Ours is small: tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. But they taste fabulous once we harvest them. I just ordered a knockout rose bush. I've read good things about them, so I decided to try one. I've got all sorts of perennials in my garden and I love seeing them come into bloom. So wonderful. Right now my leaves are covering up my crocus, so I've got to get out there pronto.

Life, how was your trip?

Terri, yeah----ups and downs are yearlong. Sometimes we think it's just the holidays---or for some people the summer----that's tough. I am lucky to have plenty of people around me and plenty of birthdays to celebrate, so the social challenges and the eating challenges are quite consistent throughout the year. The good thing about WW's is that it teaches you to tackle each day at a time-----to plan for the party----and to eat healthfully.

Cherry, I'm so glad to see you're doing well. Keep on chiming in. Sorry you were ill, but grab onto that weight loss and keep on keepin' on.\

Good vibes and good luck to us all!
I hope I remembered everyone.
234.6/194.8/180's and thinner
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Hi all! Back from W/I and bleh! Gained 0.4 pounds. It's the first week that I didn't lose weight on the Weight Watchers program. I expected to be more upset when this eventually happened. I think that I'm staying calm because I know that I followed the program rigorously every day. I've just started a totally unexpected TOM for the first time in nearly a year. Had to rush out to the drugstore during my break at work today. So who knows what is going on inside my body right now? That's my excuse for not losing anything this week. Hopefully next week will be back on track.

I don't know if I mentioned it here, but I've been buying used clerical vestments on eBay. I believe in reusing and recycling (especially since the old folks tend to excrete on my work clothes), and I'm finally wearing a standard size preaching robe thanks to WW.

So I've been picking them up for a few dollars each. There's one robe which I love because it has some frills and girly stuff, but it's is too short for me to wear a skirt underneath (I'm not talking about a minidress here, it's four inches below the knee, but all of my skirts are mid-calf to ankle-length), so I had to buy pantyhose for the first time in 20 years. I was so tickled because not only is it not "queen-sized", but I'm not even the largest regular size! When I cheerfully put on a size "D", I was thoroughly boggled even though the package had indicated that it would fit me. So today I was dancing around in the dayroom in my vestments, and singing about pantyhose!

Seeing a middle-aged minister in full regalia doing the Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers shimmy dance probably gave the ladies a whole new reason to anticipate the arrival of the medicine cart, actually...
I was gone but now I'm back!

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Hey All

Once you get lazy it is hard to turn it around! didnot go to Y last night. Need to get off my butt! I am going to put my clothes in the car and try to go after work, on my way home. Once I get home I have not wanted to go back out.

Eating pretty good yesterday, must start tracking again I have fallen off with that. It is so important! So today baby steps!!! track, water, exercise!

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Morning, turtles

Getting warmer up here which is nice, foggy ride to work but now is sunny.

Cherry - Congrats on your big weight loss this week, that is great. Keep up the good work.

Judy - sorry to hear about your gain, but am proud of you for going to your
meeting & getting on the scale. As I said before, when we don't want to
go to meetings & face the scale is definately when we need it the most.
So good for you & heres to getting back on track & moving forward.

Loopy - You will knock off that little gain in no time.

Terri - I hear you about getting lazy, so easy to do. I also got side-tracked
the last couple of weeks but once I got my butt in gear, this week have
felt so much better. So since you have your stuff really make an effort
to get to the Y. Too bad we couldn't programme our cars into going where
we know we should.

Princess - you hanging in there?

All - have my weigh in tonight then off to celebrate with the ladies.

Have a good OP day, everyone!
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Happy Thursday everyone and may the luck of the Irish be with you all!

Busy, super busy here today at work and yesterday too! Dont' have much time but wanted to say hello.

I have W/I and my meeting tonight and I have to lead the lesson this week, will do the best I can... too busy to really worry about it.

I will post more tomorrow but a huge congrats to those that lost and to those that gained just keep at it... Spring is a few days away and things are looking up for all of us!
One day at a time... one pound at a time...

Impossible is nothing!
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Hi. Everyone the trip was good. I made it home safe and sound. I had to check my luggage in the middle of me flying back because the overhead bins were full. But they didn't loose it. So I am good with that.

My eating has been horrible. I was doing okay. Till I stopped at Bojangles. I am trying to get back in the swing of things with everything. I am very sleepy. I don't know what time my body is on besides its on.

Hope everyone had a good day.
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We've gotten very long. See you all at #252 Bale of Turtles Enjoying Spring!
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