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Default My husband bailed on me!

Before I start my rant.... let me tell you that I am a newlywed---- and I am married to a great guy. He is not a jerk, cheater (as far as I know), male pig, etc. However, he let me down big time last night.

I have lost between 65-75 pounds since October, and he has lost 65-77. But now I am teetering back and forth. We were doing a half way version of WW (me more than him). I instituted A LOT of exercise in my daily routine as well. Well, since April I have been moving the same 10 pounds on and off. I decided the best plan for ME is WW...... so I decided to join officially. NOT online, but show up at the meetings. He agreed to go with me. I never forced, begged, etc. He said he would go. Well as time got nearer for us to go (Tuesday night b/c that leader rocks)..... he said that he may have to miss occasionally b/c of meetings at work. Well as of yesterday AM he was still going....... but as the morning progressed there were more and more excuses. So, by 5:30.... he had a final excuse (not a good one) and he bailed on me. I was so upset.

I know I cannot force him to lose weight (he probably has 100-150 to lose-- I have 15-20). We have been on this WL journey "together" so it was a mutual decision to join. I even made sure there were going to be men there in that meeting...... But, in the end, I ended up with egg on my face.

Thanks for letting me rant....
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Some guys will just tell you what they think you want to hear, but who knows - maybe he is shy about going.
Go by yourself - for yourself. Good luck!
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My fella's the same when it comes to motivation.

He has less weight than me to lose (aprox 40lbs) when he lost about 15lbs he then started to skip our exercising and then started bringing home take aways for himself as 'treats'... it's really hard not to throw something at him when he's sat eating a chinese and i'm having salad!!
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I would have said next time if you don't want to do something just SAY IT- don't make up a lame excuse! And for my part I will try to not get mad and understand why you choose to not participate.
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Come on Spring!
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When it comes down to the crunch, you just have yourself to rely on so just go. If he decides to join you, great! If not, he'll be the other kind of loser.
Change isnít easy. But if you donít change, you stay the same, and whereís the fun in that?
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