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Hi everyone:
Back home again last night and the craziness begins. this a.m. DH had two Dr. appointments, one to get his coumadin levels checked and the second for another iron infusion. then home to unpack and then a luncheon to go to for the start-up of our bible Study. I do have a pile of dirt laundry to get started on tomorrow.

We had a great time, but it was much warmer than last year, and of course we took mostly cold weather clothes. The fall colors were much nicer this year and we enjoyed all the scenery. We went one day up into the Adirondack Mts. and it was a lovely day. Also DH oldest son and family came and spent two nights with us so it was a sort of a family reunion. On my birthday we has 11 for dinner and it was a nice celebration. But i don't feel any older than I did the day before. We also went back to our home town for an overnight and saw many of our friends at a dinner that our hostess provided. 12 for that night. It seems that the most we did on this vacation was to eat. WW here I come!!!
Our flight both ways was very good, smooth and the landing last night was the best we have experienced in a long time. Not a bump. We are very impressed with JetBlue. I know they have had unpleasant publicity at times we we have never had a problem. But is was very good to be home and slepp in our own bed.

Gloria: your kids sure did fix you up with an extra special treat. How POSH! I'm sure y ou had a wonderful time. Did Jack go swimming? I'll be glad to get in the pool tomorrow.

Maria: I'm happy that the implant surgery is doing well and that you soon will have it completed. Kids grow up so fast. Fun to think that Matilda wants two hands on the wheel. Have fun with Saskia and don't work too hard.

Glenda: I can just hear your GD saying Excuse Me! I remember one time when one of our GD's was in bed and she didn't want to be there and kept calling for her mother to come up, and of course since we were playing a game, Mom ingnored her until she shouted 'Momma, get your butt up here!' I guess we forget that kids absorb the things we say to them and to others in their presence.

Slavika: Patches is such a cutie, and now she has expensive gums. And I hope soon new teeth. The vet bills are really high. Here too. Our kitty was very happy to have us home and hasn't left us much since we got here. She doesn't usually sleep on our bed with us but she did last night.

Peggy: You do have a lot of painting to do. Why is it that customers always want their projects ASAP and don't always give you much time to accomplish it. Your Oklahoma sounded fun. That was always one of my favortite shows. Many moons ago, I did that with my HS chorus.

Norma: Sounds like you and your family had a nice weekend together. I have given up on being too upset about the bathing suit look. I am what I am and even at my lowest weight was never a bathing beauty.

Karen: Hope Sprout is doing well with his allergy meds. Too bad that he has problems like that. Is it the grass or just weeds? or both? How are you and DH feeling now? Hope all is well.

Well- I guess it is time to think about something for supper. I'm going to have to be inventive, since the cupboard is quite bare, until I go shopping tomorrow.
Glad to be home. Have a nice weekend everyone. Ann
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Where is everyone? Out enjoying the fall colors? Except here in Florida. I did notice one of the fall flowering trees in bloom today, so we do have some changing of seasons.

After our trip when I got on the scale, I nearly fainted, so you know what I am doing in earnest now.

'See' you. Ann
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onto the next thread!

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