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Default Jan 28 Weekly Thread


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Default Monday...

Good morning, ladies! Here we go again, another Monday... Gosh, it's been so long since I posted, I hope I can remember how.

I guess I'll start by updating you on what's going on here. Let's see, big happenings over the last year. I got a promotion in May and bought a house in October, those are the biggest things. I'm currently at my highest weight ever, a weight that I won't reveal until I've lost a little bit. Let's just say it's a lot. I'm still single, and am currently trying the online dating thing. I've met a few really nice people, and of course a few strange ones. That's the biggest news.

Over the last year or so, I tried Jenny Craig. I lost like 10 lbs, but it was SO expensive for a single gal. I also tried the Slim Fast diet, which I actually liked--they have a website where you can get personalized meal plans and stuff, and you actually get to eat more than just their shakes, which is cool. It's pretty convenient, but I missed certain things about WW (specifically, my air-popped popcorn every night and the flexibility).

My experimentation with different programs taught me a couple of things: It's impossible for me to eat right if I don't have a plan. And it's pointless to have a plan if I don't stick with it. I HAVE managed to overcome the all-or-nothing mentality that I used to have, so I feel pretty good about that.

Anyway, enough about me, it looks like there have been some major changes for many of you over the last couple of years so hopefully I can get all caught up!

Lori--What kind of work do you do? The traveling part sounds way glamorous, but the water mites, yucky mess, and tiny store do not. It's good that you have a plan for what you're going to eat while you're there--is there any way that you can take stuff of your own that you may not be able to get there? It's good that the trip is fairly short, hang in there!
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Hey Jess!! It's good to see you back on the boards.

I am just popping in to say I am around, but dealing with my mom....long story. Apparently she is coming home today, but our fricking healthcare system SUCKS (do NOT come to Alberta, fellow Canadians...) so they didn't inform the family and we aren't set up for her...plus she is barely walking. It's brutal. Those jerks.

Anyway, must deal with crap, and will check in later this week.

Hi to Lori too!!

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Hi Ladies:
The weekend was great we did some Antique Markets and went to New Hope which is this artsy Antiuqy town had a train Ride DH is obsessed and a nice dinner Sunday LAzed and went to Target
Lori OMG that place sounds like **** or at least HECK! You'll make it through it's only 2 days
Welcome Back Jess
Tanya How was school how are you feeling?
Deb food + Emotions UGh I don't know anyone who doesn't have some kind of issue therein
Belle How are you holding up? How's MOm I can't believe they didn't inform you ahead of time!
I have to run almost going home time! I'm gonna chef it up hopefully do some yoga with my dvd Shorten pants and watch HEROES!
=) Kier
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Default HI Ladies!

Hi ladies,

How is everyone. I am such an idiot sometimes. I just forget that it's a "new week" and I am on last weeks thread wondering where the heck is everyone, lol. I am such a scatter brain sometimes. Well anyways, Lori- we will miss you while your away, I hope your trip isn't too bad. At least you are feeling a little better, for the travel right? If nothing else, at least the warm weather will be good for you, it's been freezng in NE the last few weeks, ha?

Belle, good to hear that you are hanging in there w/ your mom's situation. I am sorry to hear about the lack of notice, though. Ugh I hate how people just lack in compassion and pure common sense some times Are you getting any help in preparing for her, any in home care or anything? Do you have any other siblings near by, to pitch in?

Hi, Kier and Deb, what's new? Welcome back Jess, it's great that you are ready to get back on track. We are all here to support you

Thanks for all the well wishes, my surgery went fine and I am almost back to my old self again. I mean I feel 100% but I just need to get back into my gym routine and then I will be good as new. Thanks for all the advice, though. The camisoles worked out perfect and I did call my md about the bleeding and it' all good. I am just waiting for these annoying steri strips to fall off, ewww. OK Jax is waking up so I am off, later -T

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Default Hey! Hey!

Good late afternoon everyone!

How are you all doing? I've been in a slump, but with hormones moving on I'm trying to get myself back on board.

Tanya - I love the upated avatars! What a character you have there!
Hope you're feeling good and managing w. eating and exercising and daily activities.

Lori - I hope you have a safe trip and happy travels! I've often wondered what it would be like to have to travel for a job ... I don't "travel" well, so I guess it's a good thing for me! Ha! I need like a day to recover ... I'm so turning into my mother ... eek !

Kier - I love Target ... there's a store literally right. next. door. to. my. house.
I am so broke because of it! But it's sooo convenient! A lot of my groceries I buy from there are cheaper than the supermarket. Sounds like you had a nice little weekend. Anything coming up and planned for this one?

Belle - Don't worry ... I don't think the healthcare system here in the States is much better ! I hope you're feeling good and hanging in there! Remember to take some time to take care of you!

So, I'm just trying to take some time to be reflective of the feelings I've gone through the past week or so ... and think about my eating and remind myself that I am human and this ED is not just going to go away . It's something that's gonna take a little work. I'm OK with that ... I'm baby stepping.

I think the main trigger for me recently was work and school related. Things are picking up for both - a heavier workload this semester than I antcipated and my assistant quit and the weight at work is again on my shoulders. No pun intended. It's a bummer ... we're supposed to be moving forward here and he could have been part of a great team.

Hope you all have a great night!
Rock on!

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Default Where is everyone

Hi Ladies,
I know everyone has so much going on, but I just wanted to check in. I went to WW yesterday and I am down 1.4lbs I am really surprised, since I did miss a few WOs bc of the surgery. Well I am so excited bc it's Fri and I have no class Fridays I do have to study but I am going to enjoy some qt w/ Jax today and do that this weekend.

How is everyone, any new and exiting news? Belle any new baby news, when is you next appointment? Lori- hope your trip is going well Anyone else WI this week?

Mini goal for Spring!!

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