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Old 10-09-2001, 07:33 AM   #1
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Default Tuesday- Back to the grind

Bonjour mes amies, Bonjour,

Okay that's a bad song we had to sing when we were in grade 1, but alas, I started learning French back then. My boyfriend says my french is good, but I need more confidence when speaking it. Oh well..

Hmmm, trust me, my eating has been subpar as of late, BUT I have been extreme mealing a lot and making healthy choices at lunch. I just don't want to gain back the weight.

My mom bought me a gift certificate from La Senza and in it I could buy a nice house coat (that's a s-m size and is HUGE on me). But it is nice and fuzzy and warm.

Anyhoo, I am getting an eye exam today and a new pair of glasses! This should be fun It is also pierogie night at my parent's house and I'll be having some of those.

Anyhoo, I must scoot, but a big hello to everyone(Stacey, I hope you had a good birthday) and have a happy day!

Take Care!

To get healthy mind, body and soul!
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Hey Ladies, I have been MIA for such a long time. Work has changed a lot and since the adult case manager quit I have been seeing all of her client's along with the children that I was seeing before. I have been sooooo busy. I have missed chatting with all of you though. I will give you a quick update on my life. Of course I will update you on my weight first. I am at 176. this is good compared to last year at this time when I was 190 but I haven't made the progress that I should be making. I am back on the wagon though. I go back to weigh in on Friday.
I haven't done real well making time to work out. But I haven't stopped completely. I found a new kickboxing class that I love however I have to fit it into my schedule.

I noticed that you started a christmas thread and I definitely want to get in on that. I will have to jot down my measurements too and get in on that thread.

Ali- I notice that you are in a relationship! That is great. I guess I will have to mope about singledom with someone else No, I actually am content where I am curretnly however tomorrow could be a different story

Well girls I will check in through out the day and hopefully stay on pts. I had people over last night and made lots of goodies needless to say I ate the left over cookies for breakfast. I may have to start over and it is only 10 am. Oh well I guess getting on track now is better than never doing so.
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Bonjour, salut! (I'm so bilingual )

Stacey, I missed out on wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday, so I hope it was a rippy-skippy day and you got loads of pressies and were spoiled totally rotten

Have been working at home, reading, cooking ... I'm so domestic it's scary. I've just sent off to Amazon for a book on quilting because it looks so fun and I'm itching to take up a new craft. Do any of you guys do it? I was thinking about learning to knit but then I imagine the awful baggy jumpers I would probably produce and thought I would rather produce things I wouldn't be ashamed to have around the house Very excited to get the book and get started! Oh, and I ordered a Power Yoga video as well, to get me FLEXIBLE. Yippee! And this afternoon I made WW chocolate brownies, which are cooling in the kitchen and smelling SO GOOD

Oh, Ali, pierogie, YUM YUM. They are one of my favourite Polish treats. What sort do you have? I used to like z kapustami (cabbage) and ruskie (white cheese). Once I even had z truskawkami (strawberries) - those were fabby but not as sweet as you might expect.

Ok, going to collect the washing now (I am Martha Stewart!!!)


ps:- Becky! We posted at the same time. Good to see you again! Come and play lots!

Since 12th July 2005
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Lolly, Your stats are amazing. I am not sure If I forgot or if you have just been dropping some serious weight since I was here last but that is an inspiration. Send me some of your determinatin. I have30 pds to goal and it seems as if the end is not in sight.
OH and speaking of Martha. I had to take a clt to the dr.'s yesterday and martha's show was on. This guy was making ice sculptures and she was sawing them it was pretty amazing. It cracks me up though b/c I could just envision me breaking out the electric saw in my kitchen so that I could make an ice sculpture. I too have always wanted to knit. What do you mean by jumpers? Quilting sound cool too but a bit to ambitious for me. I am not the craftiest chick.

ok must do a bit of work,
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Old 10-09-2001, 11:00 AM   #5
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Good morning ladies!

Lolly ~ I, too, am so proud of you for the weight you have lost, and it does seem like in the last few months you have really lost a lot. Keep up the good work. On the creative/craft front, I am afraid I can do nothing. I wish I could. My MIL and my DH's aunt, sell crafts they make. My MIL is a wonderful artist/painter. Oh, if I only had some of that talent!!

Becky ~ It is so nice to have you back! We have missed you! Sounds like work is really busy, I guess that is good, makes the days go by fast! Way to go on the weight, I am sure you will down to your goal in no time! Don't leave us again!

Ali ~ Good morning!! Enjoy dinner tonight!

Well, one day done, I stayed at the low end of my points yesterday, drank all my water, but didn't get the opportunity to walk on my treadmill....but I will tonight. I was busy cleaning the house last night, cleaning the fridge out, and making puppy chow for my kids (they love it, and I didn't even snack on one little square!)

So far today, I have eaten my Kashi cereal, had my coffee, and am planning on having soup for lunch. I also will be drinking my 70 oz. of water today! Still working one day at a time.....

Oh, I am making WW banana bread tonight, I got the recipe off of one of the threads in a different group. I hope it is good, I love banana bread!!!

This weekend my DH and I are going out with DH's sister and her husband. We are going to Olive Garden and then to a movie. I am going to have to struggle and find something healthy to eat there. This will be the first time since my renewed WW vows that I have eaten at a restaurant. Give me willpower!!!!!!!

Well, better get back to work...TTYL.....
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Hi everyone. I am lurking and here in spirit. I have an eye infection that has made me very miserable. Started feeling it Sat and it really flared up Sunday. May also be part of the reason my mouth felt weird last week, or so the doctor said!

So I really don't have much to say, just trying to see and feel better. Have been journaling, but it isn't a pretty site. At least I am writing it down!

May your life always be sprinkled with Pixie Dust!!

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~~ George Eliot

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Hi all ...

Why, after a week's vacation, do I feel so blah? I just don't want to work! I don't want to do anything, not even unpack. My house is such a mess, boxes and general crap everywhere. I can't wait for my mom to visit this weekend!

Anyway .. Stacey, I forgot to say Happy Birthday! How old are you? I turn 29 next Thursday. I don't think my b/f has anything planned, but at least my mom will still be around and some friends are having a joint celebration thing for me and my friend Greg, who's b'day is next Tuesday. But b/f couldn't even manage to propose on our wonderful trip. His reason? He lost the key for the safety deposit box that my ring is in. I don't think I believe him.

Welcome back, Becky!

I've been TRYING to be good with eating. Yesterday for lunch I had a big salad, but then had a meatball sub for dinner and bought a big container of cheeseballs. Bad! But I love 'em. I ate cheeseballs for breakfast, but then I had a grilled chicken wrap with veggies for lunch. I feel so bloated today anyway.

Well, I better get back to work. See ya!
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Default Internet Police

I'm lurking, too.
I had a great bday yesterday! Thanks everyone!
I ate way too much and tomorrow my coworkers are having a "food" day for me, so I'll start refreshed on Wednesday afternoon.
Jen: I hope your eye gets better!
I have to go now.
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Hi everyone - I'm very nervous today because I have my paramedic interview - one hour of fast paced questions that require thinking. Things like - tell us a time you had to follow an order you didn't agree with and what did you do and what was the result and did you feel good about that - AAAHHH!! I will relax and be myself and be truthful and honest and wait 2-3 weeks to see what happens. ANd good news on WI - down .2 (OK it's not a pound - but it's not a gain either) I've got a bunch of work to finish so I better go - have a great day all.
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Old 10-09-2001, 07:19 PM   #10
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Hey girls we are pretty low on posts today huh? Or maybe I am just way out of the loop and this is how it is now. Who knows?
Kim 29 woo hoo sounds like your friends have a fun time planned. I am sorry about the whole non proposal thing. I understand not wanting to be back at work I have left work before 2 pm the last 2 days. I love flex time.
Jen- the eye thing sounds horrible. I hope that it gets better. Rest up!!!
KT congrats on the loss and good luck with the interview!!!
Tonya- I am so impressed that you didn't snack on the puppy chow. I love that stuff mmmmmm!

Well girls I am at home and just wanted to check in since I left work sooo early today. I actually rented BJ diary b/c my sister hasn't seen it yet so of course that will be fun. I am currently watching the deleted scens on DVD. They are pretty funny.
Have good nights one and all,
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