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Thumbs down The weekend

Hi pals,

How is everyone? Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians Sorry I haven't been online most of this week. Life has been busy and my DF and I actually had the same days off this week so we spent lots of awesome time together. Sounds like lots of good stuff has been happening here. Its so great that we can come here and get such awesome support from such encourgaing people-and not just for weight loss but for anything that's happening in life. You guys all rock.

I've been having myslef a big pity party the past couple of days. I have PMS in a bad way and I know that's why I can't contorl my feelings but it isn't very fun. I had a gain last week of three pounds Then this week I started out everyday with good intentions but then ate out lots and have eaten over my points every single day this week. Its so horrible. I know I am going to have another gain this week and its my own fault. I didn't exercise once this week and because we have our car now we haven't had to walk everywhere like normal either. Plus on top of all of that I'm sad because it is Thanksgiving weekend and we can't go home because I work Saturday and DF works everyday but Sunday. He thinks we should make a flying trip for the day but it really sucks because we can't really afford it. I am so lonely for family right now. We haven't been home since the first weekend in August. Tonight is really bad for me. DF is working until 11:30 so I'm spending another Friday night doing nothing at home by my lonesome and all my buds are gone out of town for the holiday so I can't even go out for coffee or something. I feel so down right now. I miss home. My weight isn't going the way I want and when I'm near the food its like I don't care. I know poor me. Sorry everyone for having an online pity party. I'm actually doing much better than I was awhile ago. I just spent time going through all of the threads I missed this week and have been cheered up considerably. THings could be alot worse. At least I'm safe and I have great people who love me and I have a wonderful job and we aren't starving and my country is awesome and generally the people I love are safe and healthy. Its so hard to count your blessings when you feel like crap but there they are. I just need to keep putting things into perspective I guess. Anyway sorry again everyone. I hope you all have a terrific weekend and that by the next time I talk to you I'm back to my happy-go-lucky self. Sorry this whole post is focused on me and I haven't said anything about any of you and your lives. I'm not usually this self-centered. I think I'm going to go have some real fun now and work on my month end accounting (note: sarcasm). Take care everyone.


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Aw, Rina, HUGS I'm sorry you're feeling so down - if it helps, I know where you're coming from, I gained 5 yes 5 last week - not enough exercise, not concentrating enough (how did that half-eaten cookie get into my hand?) ... It really helps to read the posts here though, and Blokey and I have just made the commitment to sit down this weekend and plan our meals for the whole week, so I am feeling a lot more positive. And KUDOS to you for doing your measurements - believe me, they will go down faster than you can imagine (look at mine, I started right where you did).

Here's a good measurement - I am currently without my engagement ring ( ) because it's gone to be resized - and it has to go down 3 whole sizes

Hope everyone's having a good one!

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Wow, we're busy here this morning. First of all, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. I am trying to be good, so hopefully I can make it within my points tomorrow (I am not that worried, the one goods thing about being on maintanence is that you can eat more).

It was so funny last night. The manager who I don't like too much was being really nice, so maybe he was just stressed for a while, but that's just an aside. There were 4 people out on the sales floor last night and 3 of them were working their first shift (guess who was cashier for the evening?). Anyhoo, I talked to all of the new people, one of the guys went to my college so that was cool, the girl working in my section and I chatted for a while and then I started talking to the girl who worked in the kids section. I asked her if she was from the Ottawa area and she told me no, she was from Montreal, I asked her whereabouts and she told me west Island and then I asked her what town, she then named my home town (we're a town of 10 000), so that was funny. What else was funny her parents just moved there and moved into a house of a friend of mine from HS, cool eh!

Rina: hugs, I am getting home tonight and for the day ttomorrow. My friends are mad that I am working today, but I didn't think it would be fair to take the whole weekend off (I took off Sunday, but my boss also gave me monday). I hpe things go well and I am sorry that you can't make it home.

Lolly:good for you on the rings... yeah my original waist measurement was 41 inches, it is now 28. My hips were 50 and now are 37.5. So measuring is always good!

Hmmmm, I was telling BF of my xmas plans (working xmas eve and most likely boxing day) and tha I would probably just ahve time to go home and have dinner with my parents. My BF kind of hinted taht he wants me to have dinner with his family.... Maybe IU should... I don't know though. My immediate family is my only family in Canada so we always have dinner together... I don't know how well it would go over if I didn't show up. hmmmmm.... I am debating... Anyhoo, I am going off to exercise so have a good weekend everyone and happy birthday Stacey!

Take Care!'

To get healthy mind, body and soul!
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Hi Everyone Okay... it's been nice all week and now for the weekend it's raining and nasty... not good. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian girls. I've forgotten virtually everything else I was going to say so... I hope you all have a great weekend
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Hi girls,

I'm feeling much better today. Unforutnately I think I ate like 30 points over! And tomorrow we're having a huge meal including my favorite-pie!! Argh! I did have a really busy day at work however, so if I could count all of the points from activity today I could eat another 15 points or somethign insane like that. Oh well. I bought myslef a new shower curtain today to cheer me up. I've been wanting it forever. The one we have now is a boring old grey one that is so ugly and depressing. I want my bathroom to have a sea motif so the curtain I got today is an underwater picture of a coral reef! I love it I also got some cute little fishy shower hooks. Its nice to buy stuff you don't really need

Lolly, congrats on the ring downsize! Thanks so much for your encouragement too. You are a super chum!

Ali, that's great that you get to spend sometime with your family this weekend. Hopefully it will work out for Christmas. Its always such a challenge because everyone always wants to be with their own fam. We still haven';t gotten it figured out and this will be our fifth one.

Shalyne, you should run to Canada, or at least Saskatchewan. It is so beautiful here right now. Probably the best weather we've had in a couple of weeks. I wore a sleeveless shirt today and was still sweating. Its supposed to be like this all weekend. Might be bad though because it seems to me the past few years whatever the weather is at Thanksgiving its totally opposite at Christmas. Hopefully not though...

Tonight I'm baking pies. Should be interesting. I haven't made pastry on my own in about 4 years. Hopefully it will turn out. I am going to try this recipe I found for "healthy" pie crust. It doesn't use any lard. I can't imagine.

If you don't have anything to do you should check out this website. http://filebox.vt.edu/users/mskinner/ It is this awesome video called "Interview with God". I don't care what your beleifs are, the message here applies to everyone, plus it has some really beautiful photography. Turn on your sound too. I love it.

Anyway I'll probably stop by again beofre the weekend is over. Thanks everyone for your ongoing encouragement. Take care


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