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Old 10-05-2001, 07:08 AM   #1
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Talking FRIDAY - my last day of work for AGES!!

OK, i'll not rub it in anymore. But I'm off on my hols and won't be back at work until the 22nd. i'll miss you guys lots.
and no tonya, i won't be on the topless deck!!! although given the average age of cruise passengers (ie over 60) i reckon mine will probably be the perkiest!! but still, i don't ever want to experiece nipple burn! shudder. anyhow. hope you get a loss on sat and your DH is better.
jen - how's the mouth? have you tried gargling with salt water? i guess that might sting too, but might help...dunno. perhaps you have a mild allergy to a food you recently ate and your mouth has swollen up? eaten anything unusual lately?
KT - i'm getting my tan on monday! i can't wait. has anyone every had a salon-applied tan before? my flatmate and i have been debating whether or not i'll get my boobs done too!
belle - sounds like you've had more than your fair share of weirdos at work. hope the latest guy gets sorted out without too much stress to you. glad to hear you liked edinburgh (pronounced "edinbra" by the way) castle. even with the trademark winds! i love edinburgh. but i'll only be in glasgow this weekend. ah well. it's pretty too in its own way. have a fab time in winnipeg!
right, time to get on with my work. hello to everyone else, come out and post! it's friday - not many hours till the weekend!!

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Old 10-05-2001, 07:51 AM   #2
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I'm here! Working at home again ... or not - have just baked a yummy loaf of Mexican bread, which will keep my boy happy when he comes home. And I vacuumed - so domesticated! Have nearly finished the book I'm reading, though - strictly for work, of course. I am ploughing through the Spanish and British 19th century classics. Hours of fun guaranteed!!!

Kirsty, you lucky, lucky thing, when exactly do you leave for the cruise? Pur-leeeeeeeeeease take piccies of the salon tan because I've never (knowingly) seen one - I do my own with a spray

Belle - hope you can sort out the work situation. What is your ideal job? Do you have somewhere you would like to be in 5 years? I like Tonya's story - Tonya, I'm guessing that guy won't be giving you any more crap! I know what it's like, I'm a student in a department where of 10 lecturers, 9 are men, 8 are over 45 and 5 have never worked anywhere but here. They are not known for their understanding of anyone who's not like them ...

ok, going for lunch now. Back later!


Since 12th July 2005
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Old 10-05-2001, 08:47 AM   #3
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Default Hello!

Hi everyone! I haven't read yesterday's thread, but I'll reply later....Kirsty-Have fun on your cruise! I am so jealous-I have never been on a cruise, but I get horrible seasickness...so i'd have to take lots of Dramamine!!!

Lolly-Your bread sounds interesting-what is Mexican bread???

I lost 1# at WI yesterday...I was wishing for more, but I'll take it...I weighed in at night instead of in the AM...we'll see what happens next week...
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Old 10-05-2001, 08:56 AM   #4
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I am not working on MONDAY yipppeeee!! My boss decided to let me have the day off. I am so happy, I get to spend time with my sweetie.

Anyhoo, I had two midterms that went well this week and everything is going well in general. I am working this evening with the one manager I don't llike (luckily he's not my boss).

Belle: Canada, 2001. You should not have to put up with that BS at all. Basically if you are not working the job which is stipulated in your contract I'd say that you are entitled to walk away without penalty (though consult a lawyer on that one). The fact that there seems to be an "old boys club" at your office is terrible and is basically a violation of your rights. A low value employee? For heaven's sake, you have a lot of value and you shouldn't be talked down to that or have to put up with such verbal abuse. No one should be stuck in such a hostile environment. I am currently working retail, I love my job and I am valued, sure this isn't my career, but my morale is generally boosted and it makes it a pleasure to work there. You deserve to work somewhere where you will be openly appreciated.

Kirsty: have loads of fun on the cruise. It's funny, my BF and I had a long discussion on the pronunciation of the word Edinburgh, I've been there before and I pronounce it the "proper" way hehehehehehehehehehehehe.

I ate WAY too much on my birthday, lukcily though, my body has decided to compensate by killing my appetite for now... pretty funny eh! Oh and I got an indoor grill, cool eh!!! Now I can grill all my chicken and steaks and veggies.... yummy!

Lolly: mmmmm that bread sounds good!

Take Care Y'all!

To get healthy mind, body and soul!
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Old 10-05-2001, 10:58 AM   #5
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Happy Friday!!

Ok - a lot of you have asked for details on my "date" so here it goes... He is a guy that I have known for a year that I used to work with. We were good friends when I worked there, and when I left 5 months ago, we started dating. However, since then he has had 2 big trials (also a paralegal) and has been working 7 days a week. Due to his lack of free time, we haven't had much time to spend together, even though we seemed to really like each other. I was getting sick of it and told him a couple of weeks ago that maybe we should just be friends, since we hardly do anything together. WELL, since then, he has made a much bigger effort to find time and after dinner the other night, we even had the talk about our "status". I'm still being careful, as his track record over the past few months hasn't been stellar, but I am pretty excited! We are supposed to go out tomorrow night, to celebrate me being done with the LSAT so I'll keep you posted!

Kirtsy - Have a GREAT time!!!! We'll miss you too!

Lolly - You are quite a domestic goddess, aren't you?! Was your boy happy with the bread?

Lori - Congrats on the loss!

Ali - Happy Belated Birthday!!

Talk to you all later!
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Yay Friday!

We have convocation at the University today so we get to have a big lunch reception with balloons and everything. And food - but I've banked a few points so I could enjoy myself and not worry about WI tomorrow.
Jen - good luck on the LSAT!!
Ali - I'm glad you got thanksgiving off - I'll be eating turkey.
Lori - yay 1#!!!
Lolly - that bread sounds great! - is it high point?
Kirsty - it would be cool to get the tan all over but then of course there's someone who has to rub it on. Wow - talk about your fun jobs for single males!
Anyway, I've got to go get balloons ready.
Later All
LA is working!!!
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Old 10-05-2001, 12:45 PM   #7
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Hello girls. Well, it is raining and cold here and I love it. Really smells like fall. I love fall. Plus, I have been so hot lately that it is wonderful!

Tonya, I think you are right in some ways our body does just gain. I have been journaling, trying to eat healthy, many veggies etc. I try not to eat too much. But I still gain 1-2# a week. And when I do bad, eat a lot, I still gain 1-2# a week. I am thinking this will slow down...I hope. My dr has not said anything so he must not be too worried. I just feel like I am huge and ugly and will have so much to lose when I am done. I am trying to work out a little more. Hope that helps.

Jen2: You asked if I get to Chicago. When I am not PG, yes, I go all the time. I even get my hair cut on Oak Street. 3 hrs drive for a hair cut is so worth it. I also go to the burbs quite a bit (Oak Brook, Glen Ellyn) as that is the area I am from. But I have not been too much latley. I think once baby is here I will go more again. It is an easy trip. Heck, somtimes it almost took me as long to get downtown from Glen Ellyn as it does to get there from Peoria. Hope things workout with you guy. How did the LSAT feel? I am sure you did great. When do you get results back? Oh, I was asking hubby about the lawschools you mentioned. He said don't go to De Paul. Bad law school according to him. He said if that was the type of program you were looking for, Kent was a better choice. Anyway, just one man's opinion from talking to people about there school etc.

Ali: glad you have a day off to play with BF How nice.

Lori: great job at WI!

Lolly: you are just on a baking frenzy! What is mexican bread. Sounds really yummy! I think I am going to make low fat pumpkin bread this weekend.

Kirsty: have a great great time. And I would get my breasts done. Don't want any funny lines !

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Old 10-05-2001, 12:49 PM   #8
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Default Gone in 10 minutes!

Hey everyone! Quick post then I'm off to the races.
I'm taking a half day today. I had a closing yesterday so I wasn't able to post, either.
Y'all were busy yesterday!
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Kirsty: Have a great time on your holiday!! Let us know how the salon tan goes. I don't think I'd feel too comfortable, but who knows.
Jen: My tongue felt like that these past 2 weeks. Weird!! Yeah, it's like I drank burning hot coffee or something. But never my lips, though. Hmmm
Belle: Good luck with all the food! Then come visit us on our Thanksgiving! Yummy!
Well, I'd better wrap things up here.
The cold front blew through and it's a little chilly outside! Brrr
Have a fantabulous weekend!!!!
Proud mom of DS Ryan (12/08/03)
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Hi Everyone Sounds like we're all ready for the weekend! I know I am. Tomorrow the German language organization I belong to is having a big meeting and get together which should be a lot of fun. I'm debating if I want to drive down to NY to visit family too... I'm really not sure. I haven't been down for about 2-3 weeks but it's been so nice to stay in one place (well, minus my little weekend jaunt to MO but I didn't drive so it doesn't count!).

Oooh I went to the gym today! It was great! It felt like a spa. They have all this cool stuff... the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, inhalation room with Eucalyptus... and of course tons of regular workout machines. It was really nice to get to swim for awhile tho.

Anyways... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Kirsty, have a great time on your vacation!!
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