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The superfoods list with sidekicks (from Superfoods RX by Pratt - books 1 & 2)

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hara hachi bu
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When this list was compiled, we overlooked cinnamon. Nelie, can you add it in?
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thanks so much Jayde and Nellie and everyone who helped with this list! It's very helpful.
I'm goin grocery shoppin now
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Interesting - I actually just ordered both books. I've wanted to eat the whole foods way for a long time but haven't found a good book to guide me yet. Looks like these might do the trick. It sounds as if they focus more on health than weight loss, which is what I want (although if I lose a few pounds, I won't mind )

I'm curious - any guidelines for vegetarians? I know that these are guidelines and not absolutes, so I'm guessing it's ok to omit the salmon and turkey if you're vegetarian and stock up more on tofu and soy (but not soy products like veggie burgers and crumbles, I imagine).

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OK, just for the heck of it, I went into Fitday and put in everything that's on the list in the suggested quantities, just to see what the nutritional info would look like. Here's what I came up with:

grams cals %total
Total: 1518
Fat: 51 462 31%
Sat: 11 98 7%
Poly: 7 63 4%
Mono: 26 235 16%
Carbs: 247 789 54%
Fiber: 50 0 0%
Protein: 56 223 15%
Alcohol: 0 0 0%

I did modify mine quite a bit - I didn't include salmon or turkey because I'm a vegetarian and I upped the soy (tofu) to 4 oz because this is what I usually take in a smoothie. I also reduced some of the quantities to suit my needs, like 1/2 cup blueberries instead of 1 cup because I know I wouldn't eat that much. Still, this is a pretty good count, even for someone like me, who is 5' and small boned. I think the only thing I'd be worried about is the protein grams - 56 sounds a bit low to me, especially since I'm used to eating around 70.

I'm anxious to get the books now...

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Thanks for the complete list! I have read the first book but not the second.

How does cinnamon fit in? What about nutmeg, chili pepper, and other spices?

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Yep, it's with the spices!
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I'm putting this list on my fridge and into my head. It's a lot of teh foods that I eat anyway, but I like having a nice compact list!
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Quick questions about the books:

Is the Superfoods Rx Diet book a stand alone source? Or do I need to get the first one as well?
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Hi Everybody ~ I'm joining the SuperfoodsRx train, hook me up ! I read Glory's wonderful story last week, imediately bought the book , and and I am very inspired to reinvent my relationship with food. I also have yo-yo'ed over the years, having dieted some, used exercize regimen some, but over the years the bar got raised and I gradually got use to being fatter. I have this image of myself, 12-14 years ago ( I had lost 25 pounds (Herbalife Thermogenics with MaHuang >effedra< was involved initially) when I had maintained through cycling alone, for about 3 years, a nice healthy lean weight. I remember when I was 35 I was my absolute fittest ever, a race-fit cyclist and also a backpacker/hiker, and today I have full belief that I can become that again. I can't understand what kind of blanket descended over me in the last 10, but to save you all of the sordid details, it was nothing short of a life compromised emotionally , yup... depression. , but the pounds started creeping back on, then far beyond what I could ever imagine. That's my life in the present, several years now into this feeling like an imobile beached whale, feeling frozen in time, thoroughly unspired. I am changing all of that now, accepting no more compromises and I'm willing to Own-Up to ALL of the areas in my life which have been stupifying me. Anyway, reading Glory's story and then buying the book and starting to read it, and now finding this WholeFoods forum, are making me feel very empowered all of the sudden !

I have never been able to food journal because of it's tediousness, or count calories.... but I tell you, I'm enjoying writing down as many superfoods in a day that I eat, and I am feeling it to be a little Personal Best competition with myself to see how long I can make the list. Trying to make my superfoods list longer, I do have to be aware of not overeating in the process, as I am very excited to learn to feed myself ultra healthfully ! I am not writing down the unhealthy, non superfood things, because I am telling myself that I am not on a low-calorie diet, and so I merely do not wish to be giving the unhealthy foods the power of attention (neurologically speaking) , and I feel that over time my cravings will shift anyway. I am finding that I want to save my apetite for something really healthy, instead of snacking on this and that mindlessly. The other day I went into town (I do that about 2 or 3 times a week) I thought ahead to pack some healthy things for when hunger strikes in town, like a yogurt, an apple, a blueberry cereal bar, etc. avoid my hunger trap later when I often end up at TraderJoes grocery shopping and tossing a bag of TJ's cheesepuffs in the cart to devour on the way back up the mountain, or 7-11 to get a kingsized icecream treat .

I found myself just yesterday about to dive into a bowl of soy yogurt piled with frozen blueberries, but then I realized that I was very emotionally upset about something that just happened, and I actually realized *my apetite is associating with emotions right now* and I waited a few minutes until I calmed down a little. I thought that was pivotal.

Lastly, I'm busy with some brain/perception work as well . I am more in the game of "so much to eat, so little time!" , instead of "I can't eat what I love". I truly believe that my brain can rewire over time to love to eat without association to negative selftalk or guilt, and that my cravings will be for only the best foods I can get my hands on. I never thought I'd look forward to a yogurt snack with blueberries. Or some crackers with my homemade hummus (garbanzos with ground flax, walnuts, and seseme seeds, and lemon, garlic, olive oil). I am trying to find more reasons to eat more, than to eat less. That is also pivotal.

So much to look forward to ! Love you all....

ps. another good book I'm reading right now, while in personal overhaul mode is "Evolve Your Brain" by Joe Dispenza. We actually *can* reinvent ourselves (thus I believe we can change our relationship with food ) !
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Originally Posted by Darkblue View Post
Thanks for the complete list! I have read the first book but not the second.

How does cinnamon fit in? What about nutmeg, chili pepper, and other spices?
They're what the Cinch book calls SASS !

Thanks for this list. I think reading over it as I plan menus and shopping lists will be very encouraging for making good choices.

Started this journey Aug 2010

Every step I take makes me more healthy and more happy!
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Don't know if this has been posted around here lately, but one of my favorite food websites, Chow, has been featuring healthy foods/recipes on their front page in honor of the new year, and today they reran a Superfoods feature from 2009, with recipes: Supercharge with Superfoods. It has lovely pictures, maybe it will inspire some of you.

The captions are kind of funny too: "Superfood Quotient: Just by invoking the word açaí, your brain grows larger. Both blueberries and açaí berries are loaded with cancer-fighting antioxidants."

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