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Default I am not a cook...and I think I'm eating clean?

I recently quit a lot of foods and drinks.

I think it's healthy, I'm losing weight but I am concerned that I may not be getting enough calories. I think this coming week I will implement black beans in my salad.
Daily I have:
coffee with honey and milkX2 or X3- I may cut down on that amount in a month or so I'm not sure yet.

I snack on veggies and/or fruit- maybe 4 small sweet peppers or a couple hand fulls of sugar snap peas. Or sometimes a banana or orange.

Lunch is a sandwich- 2 or 3 slices of honey turkey from the deli, whole wheat and grain bread, 1 piece jalapeno cheese. And sometimes a packet of mustard. I drink a lot of water because I am thirsty and during eating times more water to feel full- though according to websites I still am not getting enough, pfft.

Dinner is a big salad- spinach, avocado, cheese, vinaigrette dressing, 2 pieces of honey turkey ham, onion or chives. Rarely I'll add a tomato and sometimes an egg or two to try and get the protein.

If I get hungry again which I usually don't- a piece of fruit or veggie.

This is working for me for going on 3 weeks now. I can stick to it, I don't have to cook and I like it.

Is this a well balanced day for the things I need? If not, what could I add? I don't do fish or chicken or red meats as of now either. And I only drink water, coffee, and milk.

One last question:
I implemented this with exercise and my skin broke out and I was itching like you would not believe. Bumps on my neck and back and my face looked like I was in puberty again.The length of time and amount I'd have to go to the bathroom was getting ridiculous. The skin is clearing up and the itching- time in bathroom is less lengthy but I do go there a few times a day- before it was once a day or every other day. Sorry if too much info. Is this normal or is it my body telling me I am doing something wrong?
-Side note- Before this I ate what I wanted. All the time. 1 or 2 cokes a day, all meats, fast food, ice cream, lots of cereal, and more fast food. My diet was probably made up of mostly fast food and cokes or sweet tea. And coffee with sugar.

I did this with what I know of eating healthy- and I don't know much about it all so I figured I'd stick to staples and see if it works out.

Sorry, if I sound stupid- I read no books on this I work 24/7 and in my down time I just want to sleep. Just curious if any of you care to share your insight with a newbie to eating healthy.
I was @ a perfect weight for ME- 180ish in 2013 (Started @ 280 originally- apparently that's my number to hit before I decide I've had enough.) Then I got a desk job, started smoking again, asthma got bad again and was on prednisone AGAIN! Quit smoking again and off prednisone, and now I'm back to start ALL OVER- AGAIN! I did it once- I'll do it AGAIN!

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Honey isn't very healthy, so I'd recommend trying to cut down on the honey in your coffee. Also the turkey would be healthier without the honey.

Deli meats are often high in sodium, so you need to be careful. There may be some healthy options at the deli, but I guess it depends on the deli. Try to find meats that are less processed. I'm not sure about the jalapeno cheese and the vinaigrette dressing (I'd have to see the ingredients and nutrition info). Which cheese do you eat in the salad (some are healthier than others)?

If you're looking for more options for protein, a few possible choices are
Whole wheat bread with nut butter
Beans and (whole grain) rice

If you have to go to the bathroom more often, one possible cause could be the sodium from the deli meats. I'm not sure what would cause the breakouts. Are you allergic to anything?

It's hard for me to judge if you're eating enough, because I don't know how much of each food you eat. Have you tried to count your calories?

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If you're happy and losing weight and not hungry, you're doing fine.

As for the itching, that might be allergy related. Maybe keep a food log with incidents of itching and see if you find a pattern. It's concerning, because first comes the itch and then come respiratory issues (potentially, not definitely) so you want to keep an eye on it.

Does Benadryl help?

Also, some people get a histamine (itchy) reaction after exercise or hot showers. I'm not sure why, but I had some mystery skin issues a few years ago so I did a LOT of reading on itchiness

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