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Default Whole Foods Diet - Health Screening Results!

I just got back the results of my third, yearly health screening since I changed my life in July 2004. Once again, I knocked it out of the park! It's great to see the positive benefits of eating well reflected in something other than the scale and the fit of my pants!

April 2007 - 3 years eating whole foods

Blood pressure - 110/64 (desirable 120/80)

Glucose - 73 (goal 65-99)

BMI - 21 (goal 19-25)

Total cholesterol - 126 (desirable - less than 200)

HDL - 35 (this is the only blip - desirable is more than 40)*

Cholesterol/HDL ratio - 3.6 (desirable - less than 4.4 - so my ratio is still good)

Triglycerides - 66 (goal is less than 150)

Cardio CRP - 1.1 mg/L (goal is less than 3 mg/L)

*For some reason, I just can't seem to get my HDL up above 40. One of the screeners in a previous year explained it in a way that makes me feel better. She said the HDL are like little trucks that carry away the bad cholesterol. Since I didn't have a lot of bad cholesterol, I had PLENTY of trucks to carry away the little cholesterol I had and my ratio was just fine.


August 2006 - 2 years eating whole foods
Blood pressure - 91/63(desirable 120/80 and below)
Heart rate - 66
Total cholesterol - 140 (desirable less than 200)
HDL (the good) cholesterol - 38 (desirable 40+ *see below)
LDL - 61 (desirable less than 100)
Triglycerides - 133 (desirable less than 150)
Glucose - 72 (desirable 60-100)
Body Fat - 24% (desirable 21-32%)
BMI -19.9

July 2005 - 1 year eating whole foods
Blood pressure - 106/70 (desirable 120/80 and below)
Total cholesterol - 120 (desirable less than 200)
HDL (the good) cholesterol - 36 (desirable 40+ *see below)
LDL - 61 (desirable less than 100)
Triglycerides - 113 (desirable less than 150)
Glucose - 76 (desirable 60-100)
Body Fat - 25% (desirable 21-32%)
BMI - 21.9
SIX YEARS at maintenance weight!

My very long weight loss story

"I saw an angel in the marble and I chiseled until I set it free."

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Congratulations, you've worked hard for it. Good stuff. Don't you wish they'd come up with a test to show the effects of all the antioxidants and phytonutrients you've been eating? :-)
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Congratulations! Isn't it such a great feeling to get a health report back like that? I love knowing that I'm doing everything I can to prolong my life.
- Barbara

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Glory, those are some impressive stats! It's gratifying to see such obvious results for your healthy choices!

Short Goal--40 pounds. One for every five pounds lost! X X X X X X
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