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Default so do you really eat more?

i'm starting the whole foods approach because i believe it is the most healthy. i'm not a meat eater so that makes the choice even easier. i just have a question.

i've read where people who do the whole foods thing say they eat more. i'm guessing that means more in terms of volume of food and not calories? or do you just not count calories? i mean i'd think that 2500 calories of ANY food would cause gain...i also think that 2500 calories of whole foods would be nearly impossible to eat though. haha

so do you find that you still have to count calories the same as before? or is the food itself so filling that you don't really have to bother? veggies are so bulky that they fill me up quickly....

just wondering.
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That's great that you're starting the whole foods lifestyle! Welcome!
I eat more in volume just because most of what I eat is low calorie, like veggies, fruits, etc. But I also eat more in order to get the right amount of servings each day of each food group. Hope that helps!
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Welcome to the whole foods forum. Glad to have you

I've been eating this way for several years now and yes i still count calories because an extra 3500 calories of healthy food is going to make me gain a pound just like 3500 extra calories of junk food would. I also track my nutrients to make sure I get enough of the major nutrients each day

I've been eating this way so long I really cannot say if it is more filling to me or not. i think it may have been in the beginning but now my system has become acclimated to it. One thing I will say about eating this way.. I have almost no cravings anymore for junky food anymore. I haven't had fast food in probably close to 5 years and I don't miss it a bit. I knoew my food tastes better than that stuff!
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Hey I did a combination of whole foods and calories counting. Calories definitely count - 4000 calories of walnuts is super healthy AND 4000 calories!

When I was losing weight, I did count most calories very carefully, but I tended to estimate the "salad" type vegetables. Spinach, broccoli, onions, zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes - I never limited any vegetable like that and gave it a very rough estimate. For example, if I made a salad - it was a HUGE mixing bowl of greens, tomatoes, onions, carrots with a measured 2 tbs of sunflower seeds, a measured 2 tbs of light dressing and a measured portion of protein (tuna, chicken, turkey etc).

I did carefully count/weigh/measure healthy but more calorie-laden vegetables like beans, sweet potatoes, corn.

I still measure foods that I find difficult to eyeball, but really need to be portion controlled like brown rice, whole grain pasta, nuts, dried fruit, cereal, granola, etc.

It definitely isn't impossible to eat 2500 calories of whole foods - some of the most delicious and good for you foods are high in calories and healthy fats - avocado, olive oil, walnuts, etc. Give me some fresh, bakery whole grain bread and a jar of natural peanut butter and I could easily blow 1000 calories before stopping to take a breath. That's why it's necessary for me to stay mindful with my food choices - whether it's a donut or a carrot stick - I try to always be aware what I'm eating and how it fits into my daily plan.

I would definitely recommend the whole foods/calorie counting approach - you will feel great, have tons of energy, be eating foods that can help you stay young longer, prevent disease and be able to eat a greater volume of food to stay full and satisfied
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never say never
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wow thanks for all the responses and insight. i'm actually excited about this!

glory87 i read your goal story back in the summer and printed it out. i still have it in my desk at work!!
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I love fresh baked whole wheat bread. I make bread usually once a week but I have to be careful cause I can easily over eat that. One very filling whole food is beans! I can eat a cup of chili beans for dinner with some salsa on top and be DONE!

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My dad and I started on a 1800 calorie whole food diet on Monday and he been saying a lot that he's not hungry at all.
I'm getting a little hungry at times, but that's probably because I'm making the food for us and for the baby so I'm around food I'm not allowed to eat yet.
I'm definitely not feeling deprived though.
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I am still very strict about counting my calories. Maybe when I've been maintaining for as long as Glory has, I'll feel more comfortable eyeballing veggies, but for now, I weigh every cucumber. About the only food I go crazy with is lettuce; I figure if I'm not losing weight, it's not the lettuce (hmmm, I say that so much I ought to make it my motto ).

But I definitely eat a lot more food than I would if I were eating processed foods. My homemade lunches are much bigger in volume and have alot more chicken in them than the Lean Cuisine entres I used to eat. Or compare 200 calories of non-fat yogurt or oatmeal to a 200-calorie energy bar. The yogurt and/or oatmeal is a lot more food. In fact, I didn't really consciously choose to eat whole foods, I've just sort of naturally gravitated towards them because I can't get enough to eat on processed foods.
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The answer is not simple: it depends.

For me.. I'm still starting.. it's been about 2 weeks for me. I have done lots of diets in the past, weight watchers and counting calories with fitday.com Right now I'm sick of counting - I become obsessed with it.. then get tired, then quit. I've seen this cycle many times. This time is something new for me: whole foods but no counting. I have tons of weight to lose (I started at 250 lbs and I'm 5 feet 0 inches tall) I know that by following whole foods (as close as I can) I will lose (plus I joined the Y 3 weeks ago and now have a personal trainer) I've lost 5 lbs so far. I know I will eventually have to count - but right now this is working

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