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Talking Introducing myself to the whole foods group

Hello there my name is Echo and I have decided that I would like to follow along with this group specifically, can I join your club PLEASEEEEE! I have been striving to be healthier ever since leaving home, um a while ago hehe, and now that I have kids its even more important to me that they not develop the bad habits I was taught growing up. I have a DD 8 and DS 6 (ADD,ADHD and yes I believe they are diagnosed wrongly and too often). We are currently on the Feingold diet which is to eliminate all artifical stuff - flavors, colors, fragrences and any preservatives. Huge strides have been made in my sons behavior because of this. We are a homeschooling family.

I had been as high as @ 230 after my sons birth and lost down to around where I am now, with some yo-yoing in between. I am throughly frustrated with trying to lose weight and go back and forth between just dealing with it and wanting to lose to a healthy size. After dealing with my mom the other day I decided that being healthy and being thinner have to go together and am determined not to be old before my time! So my goals are to become more active, lose weight AND be healthier. I already have borderline high cholesterol and will not go on any of those icky meds so I am striving to keep it under the radar, although I know for a fact that its genetic!

Any help or advice anyone can give would be great! I am looking forward to some interaction and accountability thru these forums so please message away to me!!

Thanks for listening to my rant

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Welcome echo This way of eating and losing weight really helped my cholesterol. I was borderline high but now and below normal on some readings.. into optimal. Mine was elevated due to my weight so maybe yours is also being effected that way. Genetics can predispose you, but this doesn't mean you cannot reduce your numbers! I love this way of eating.Yummy food AND good health benefits. What more can you ask for?
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Hi I'm new around here too and also just had a baby. Our weights are super close too. I weighed 238 at the end of my pregnancy.
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I've been trying to eat fresh whole foods, organic if possible, since February. I've noticed my asthma is much more controled (I was using my inhaler two or three times a day, now it's once a week if that). I also get a lot less heartburn. Maybe it's mental, but I feel much better. I wonder what all artificial and chemically made products loaded with preservatives and things I can't pronounce will do to our bodies in the long run.

I also love my new garden; I'm so excited to have my own mini-crops!
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