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kaplods 02-07-2006 09:51 PM

Best Diet finds, tricks, "Point Bargains...."
I get bored easily, so I'm always looking for fun ways to use my points.
Like topping hot oatmeal and fruit (or fruit flavored oatmeal) with with low-cal icecream. Even if you use the instant packets, it's a lot fewer points than cobbler, which it reminds me of.

I found a really cool website, hungry-girl.com It's sort of a weight control blog that includes reviews of products and WW point values. She's a big fan of House Foods brand Tofu Shirataki noodles. They're only 40 calories (and I would guess about 1 point or less, because they're also high in fiber) for a two-serving bag. I'm thinking of ordering (there's a link on her site), but ordering online is always so expensive by the time you add in shipping.

You know how light frozen dinners are so skimpy? Well tonight I put a bunch of shredded romaine lettuce on a plate with bean sprouts and sliced green onion, and added some light vinaigrette (I hate fat free dressings, but would have used plain rice wine vinegar and a little Splenda if I had any, but I ran out). Then I added my microwaved teriyaki beef dinner on top of the lettuce.
It was pretty good, but I think it would have been even better with one of the Lean Cuisine oriental chicken dishes like orange chicken or pecan chicken.

Anyone else have any diet treats?

morrigan 02-08-2006 08:06 AM

A pile of romain, chopped tomato, salsa, and a WW smart ones chicken santa fe frozen dinner. This is 2 points and a makes a yummy taco salad. I keep a few of these around for when I am out of points by dinner, but still want dinner.

Thinfor5Minutes 02-08-2006 08:55 AM

It's awfully hard when you get 20 points only
I sat and figured out my meals for today, last night. By the time I got to dinner, I only had 8 points left. My salmon will use up 7, which leaves only one for a carb, and the veggies will be 0. That means no dessert or snack. :?:

dolphinlover 02-08-2006 09:46 AM

What a great idea, Colleen-- the orange chicken would be yummy! My hubby found a dressing (Newman's Own LF Sesame Ginger) that we love. 2TB = 1 point, but it is so flavorful a little goes a long way. I chopped up one chicken breast- shredded it actually, added some onion and about a 1/2 head of shredded cabbage. I felt like I could really fill up on it without a lot of points and it was so good! It is great for when we only have a few points left. Add some SF jello and we have a meal!

Thinfor5Minutes 02-08-2006 10:23 AM

That dressing sounds awesome!
I just have to look for some. I'll bet it would be great on some shrimp over brown rice.

chicagoposter 02-08-2006 10:39 AM

i love taking a 1 pt. english muffin, spreading laughing cow cheese on it (half a wedge on each muffin), and topping both sides of the muffin with 1 pc. of ham. it's a total of 3-4 pts (if you use more ham). it's one of my favorite snacks.

i will often eat it with a can of 99% ff. lentil soup (4.5 pts.) with green pepper tobasco sauce for a bit of spice . if i don't eat the soup with the muffin, i will add a half a cup of brown rice (2 pts.) and a bit of cheese (1 pt.) to make it a meal of 7.5 pts.

i also love making pita pizzas. you take a Whole Wheat pita and cut in in half so that it's a circle. (usually when i cut it, only one side is usable, so i will take the scraps of the smaller side and dip it in hummus as a snack). that pita is now 2 pts (i round up from 1.5 because i'm taking the bigger side of the circle). you add 1/4 cup of sauce (.75 pts), and add toppings. 1/4 cup of part skim mozzarella is 2 pts. 8 pieces of turkey pepperoni is 1 pt. spinach is 0 pts. turkey bacon is 1 pt for two pieces. usually my pizza is 6 pts (i round it up). i will eat it with a salad, or the the left over spinach that i cooked to add as a topping.

i like making veggie lasagna that is 4 pts. a serving (my bf loves when i make that and the pita pizzas).

i guess those are my favorites. i use a lot of ww pitas, english muffins, pasta, and tortilla. whole wheat has so much for fiber, and really, if you add one protein, and veggies to any ww item, it's a great, healthy, low pt. meal usually.

check out the recipe section.

morrigan 03-14-2006 06:55 AM

I am about to make a series of giant posts here. I saved a thread like this once several years ago as a word document and was going to pair it down so I had a definitive list of good dieting food. That never happened and now I have kids, so I have even less time. Anyway here it is - I think from 2002.

Open Hearth ovens hamburger buns for 1 point
Whipped Peanut butter
Fat Free Pringles: Fifteen chips are only 1 point. I love having chips with my sandwiches.
Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwiches for 2 points.
Fresh turkey brats on the grill for only 4 points.
Morningstar Farm veggie burgers that are 1 point each on a 1 point Wonder Light bun with the piece of 1 point Kraft 2% cheese and it's a 3 point cheeseburger.
Hebrew National 97% fat-free hot dogs (1 point) on the Wonder Light 1 point hot dog bun
Probably the skinny cow, especially since we finally have mint!
fat free sugar free pudding
ff italian salad dressing.
Miss Meringue cookies - 4 cookies for 2 points
Robert's French Twists - made with no butter, dairy or eggs; they are 1 point each
Power Pria Bar - 2 points each; also is one serving of milk
Kashi cereals
A hard-boiled egg is a good 2 point snack
Kashi - love this as both cereal and a topping for my yogurt or a great snack.
Laughing cow - Huge Cream Cheese fan and this tastes just like it and even better great on english muffins and bagels and for making a cheesy omelet
For a snack I get the WW fudge bars they are only 1 point and it helps the chocolate cravings.
Kashi Go Lean cereal, SF jello, Healthy life bread, and ICBINB spray!
Wow chips
Silhouette frozen desserts
Healthy Choice Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Low Fat Ice Cream
ICBIN Butter Spray/Molly McButter/Smart Beat FF Squeeze
Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Ball Park Fat Free Beef Franks
Skinny Cows (of course)
94% FF Popcorn
Sara Lee 1 point mini bagels
Wonder light bread
FF Hot Dogs
Baked Tostitos with Salsa
Crystal Light
Polly-O light string cheese. Each piece is one point, and it's quite a bit of cheese.
Chop one up on a light English muffin with some tomato sauce for a 2-point "pizza".
Kashi Good Friends cereal. All the other Kashi brands taste like sawdust to me, but Good Friends is good!
Fresh strawberries. A whole cup and a half is only 1 point.
Sugar snap peas. Fresh and delicious and NO points.
Lightly flavored seltzer water--local brand is Adirondack with flavors like Mandarin Orange or Lime
Kroger light buns (1pt)
Lemon Pepper Chicken lunch meat (in the deli - 2oz = 1pt)
Boca Burgers
Fat-Free Refried La Tierra Beans 1 cup for 1 point (very filling and dipping fat free WOW Tostidos into)
Fat Free Cool Whip (I use it on SF Jell-O, strawberries, peaches, you name it...I love it)
Egg Whites Scrambled they are pretty tasty, and I get a good deal of protein for 1 point
Ore Ida Crinkle Cut Fries baked in the oven 10 for just 2 points, which is great for those french fry cravings of mine
Lite Hotdog and Hamburger Buns1 point each
Jose Ole Chicken & Cheese Mini Tacos 4 mini tacos for 3 points, which is wonderful when I am craving Mexican! I can have 8 minis for 6 points, which, when topped with salsa, and eaten with a side salad, makes for a nice low-point meal.

morrigan 03-14-2006 06:55 AM

Mahi Mahi grilled (it is a fish) 4 oz. for just 2 points and it is full of protein (21 grams)
Lil Dreamers ice cream sandw.= 1 point each
Love's golden wheat bread= 2 slices= 1pt
I love egg beater omlettes with lots of fresh veggies and salsa for a good low-point meal (occasionally dinner).
Veggie sushi, veggie burgers, fat free frozen yogurt, Canfields diet chocolate fudge soda, fatfree/sugar free fudgsicles and Haagen Daz chocolate sorbet..only 2 points a serving!
I love Skinny Cow Sandwiches but i have, sadly, a tendency to eat them all--red light food for me.
Nestle's Carnation Fat Free Cocoa - 25 calories for 2 Tbsp., and 30% calcium.
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Soy Crumbles (like ground meat) to add to recipes - adds soy protein without the high points and fat of real meat.
Banquet Fat Free Breaded Chicken Patties - 2 points, yummy on a 1 point bun.
Romano cheese - more flavorful than Parmesan, same price and convenience and shaker jar.
Boca burgers and Glenny's garlic and onion soy crisps have become staples for me.
I also eat ff/sf jello with ff cool whip every single day - people at work laugh at me, but I guess I'll have the last laugh when I'm 70 pounds lighter!
~Designer Protein powder
~Pria Bars
~Skinny Cows
~cherry tomatoes
~Gigantic salads!
~Balsamic vinegar (lots of flavor, only need to use a smidge of olive oil for great dressing)
~Bocas, Quorn & Gardenburger products
I think the biggest thing for me is just learning to cook with seasonings again, instead of high points marinades or sauces. Pampered Chef has some wonderful seasoning mixes that I use a lot -- a few small shakes will do and adds SOOO much flavor.
- AMAZING: byalis bread. This are fat free "bagels" low carb, just 1 point and good size. (frozen or with the bread section at supermarkets)
- Barbaras puffed corn cereal, cinammon flavor at trader joes. 1 point for 1 oz (more than 1 cup)
- Canned chicken stock, you can just heat it up and drink it or add some frozen vegetables. (0 points for one cup but drink an extra glass of water because is a little high in sodium)
- Whole wheat english muffins
- Chocolate crisp bar (WW)
- WW Sunday cup, penaut butter flavor. 1 huge container just 2 points. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!
- Corn tortillas
I would have to say Baked Dorito's and Healthy Choice hotdogs...they helped me alot and are not that expensive ( and since they sell the Baked Dorito's at my school(only 5 points for a king size), I eat those whenever I buy lunch, instead of fatting stuff!) They are a lifesaver, and the Healthy Choice hotdogs are great too because when we have a high point homecooked meal, or my parents are going out and I want to eat healthy I just grab one of those!! hehe...well have a great day!! Byeeeee!!
About the Miss Meringue's cookies. I have a them here in front of me, the mochaccino mini's are 13 pieces per serving, 80 calories, 0 fat and 0 fiber, so 2 pts. The chocolate raspberry are the same I believe. Is this info correct? Sounds too good to be true...
I too, of course, love the skinny cow's
My biggest thing is ff refried beans!
I put a little in a bowl, cook up a little crumbled turkey and add a little nf sour cream and salsa for a 4 layer type dip that is low in points. Then I broil a few corn tortillas and cut them into chips and scoop the dip onto the chips. It's the best thing ever and I am very satisfied. I'll have it for lunch or dinner or make a very small batch and have it for a snack.

morrigan 03-14-2006 06:55 AM

I also love the 9 grain lite bread with butter spray~YUM! And, the FF eggo's with a little jam in between two like a sandwich.
I can't wait to try the veggie burgers.
One of my faves to cure that chocolate cravings has to be the Archways FF Devils Food cookies. 1 point a piece, they're a nice size and chewy. Sometimes if I crave that salt and chocolate combo, I'll add a couple cookies to a freshly poured bag of popcorn and the cookies get all warm and yummy.
anybody into bread like me?i cant live wihtout it and my grocer has 0 point bread make great hunger busters wiht some turkey bologny its a light wheat bread small slices but verry good or wiht just light mayo and bacon bits
What bread is that? I loooove bread, and it seems everything I eat is in a sandwich. I eat the 35 cal white wheat now, but would love to find a 0 pt bread.
I am sure that every piece of bread has some pts in it. Even one with 35 cals a slice would be a half a pt.
Water, water and more water.
Laughing cow light cheese
Raw vegies
Sugar free, ff pudding w cool whip on a graham cracker - tastes like pie
Exercising and doing wt. training.
-southern tsunami sushi- vegetable rolls, 9 pieces for 5 points!
-subway turkey subs
-baked tostitos
-ww giant sundae cups and skinny cows
-lollipops- sees and tootsie pops
-kashi cereals
-boca burgers
-lite bread 1 pt for 2 slices
-sugar free raspberry preserves
-ww frozen entrees
-swiss miss sugar free hot cocoa
its a 100% whole wheat bread OROWEAT light, is the name found it at my grocers store also at wal mart
and here are the nut facts
serving size 2 slice
fiber 7g
calories 80
total fat 0.5
I am pretty new, but my leader had this at a meeting and I had some last night... VERY GOOD... Dryers No Sugar Added, Fat Free Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream. 1 point for 1/2 cup! My husband, who usually hates FF food, loved it! Just thought I'd throw that in since I felt like I was cheating! LOL!
I'm relatively new to this, so I cant's say for certain - but realizing that certain things are so much more precious alone has made them better for me.
Before I started chocolate was a 'pop a few for a snack' thing. Now that each PIECE is about a point, I'm much more prone to wait. Have one. Wait until the next day. Maybe have another.
I've come to appreciate everything I eat much more.
More on topic, things I've found are good:
-Trader Joes Stuff (Kashi, Vegetable Fried Rice, etc)
-Chocolate Covered Cherries (1 pt...mmm...)
-Salad w/just balsamic vinegar (why use oil?)
-Corn Cakes (Did you know, they make WHITE CHEDDAR ONES?!??! I can't have alot of cheese, but I can have these)
Well, the two foods that I USED to have at least 4-5 times a week have been discontinued or are no longer in my market.

morrigan 03-14-2006 06:56 AM

1. Frozen breaded skinless boneless chicken patties from Butterball (used to come in a box with a few different flavors....original, Italian, I forget what else) and then they changed them to a resealable bag. Now they don't carry them at my store at all. (4 pts)
2. Cheddar stoned wheat thins. 17 or 18 crackers for 3 points. My store only carries the plain Stoned Wheat Thins now - bleck.
I used to have the chicken patties on a 1 point bun with my 17 cheddar stoned wheat thins and string beans as my staple meal a few nights a week. I have not kept up my weight loss since I cannot get these two items anymore!
I recommend y'all look for them in your stores, since they obviously work.
My other can't live withouts (and I will totally fall apart if these things get continued):
skinny cows - I actually like the Smart Ones better, esp since they have chocolate now...
ff jello
ff cool whip
ff refried beans (wow, I'm seeing a pattern here)
ff yogurt
french style green beans
WOW doritoes
Special K Red Berries (1 point for a whole cup!)
PS...Someone posted this recipe here a while back for whipped peanut butter. Here it is:
Homemade Whipped Peanut Butter
26 oz. jar Laura Scudder's old fashioned peanut butter (you know, just peanuts and salt)
3 Tbsp. nonfat dry milk (probably totally unnecessary)
3-4 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 1/2 cups ice cold water
I mixed this with my heavy duty mixer, would work with food processor or even blender. Beat it until everything is incorporated. (Even though it's called "whipped" you don't whip it like cream, you're just blending in all the water until smooth). Viola! That's it!!!!
The original PB was 46 tablespoons at 100cal/8 ft/ 1 fiber per Tbsp. That's 2.5 points.
This made 80 tablespoons (5 cups) at 60cal/4.6 ft/.5 fiber per Tbsp. That's 1.5 points.
You could add more water because this still tasted like peanut butter.
I'm not sure if you could do this with a smaller jar of PB. Give it a try, I was thinking that I needed enough for my mixer to really beat it in.
WOW chips
FF refried beans
Alouette Lite cheese
Reduced Fat Ritz crackers (2 pts for 5 crackers)
Morningstar Farms soy hamburger style crumbles
Ball Park FF hot dogs & turkey dogs (1 pt each)
PAM butter flavored spray
ICBINB light (it actually works like margarine, but isn't "wet")
Pepperidge Farm light breads (2 slices for 1 pt, the 7-grain & the oatmeal are delicious!!)
Kraft FF swiss & sharp cheddar cheese (only 1pt per 2 slices)
Carl Buddig "chipped" meats (only 2 pts per package)
Progresso soups (if you stay away from the creamed varieties, none of them are more than 4 pts per can)
Progresso French Onion soup (made with Vidalia onions, and only 2 pts!, sprinkle a little ff parmesan on top for a delicious lunch)
GenSoy mesquite bbq soy chips
Jays ff butter flavored pretzel minis (very tasty, crisp & only 2 pts for 17 pretzels)
Swiss Miss ff French Vanilla "hot chocolate" (only 2 pts)
Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies (1.5 pts per cookie)
1. Boca burgers with light cheese slice.
2. FF jello & ultra low fat cool whip.
3. Guiltless Gourmet chili lime tortilla chips & salsa.
4. Low salt triscuits with tuna & light mayo.
5. Jelly beans (5) for 1 pt for a sweet treat in the evening.
I love the bagged salad with part of a pack of the Lemon Pepper tuna mixed together. (You know, the tuna in a pack where you don't even have to drain it?) It's easy, quick and filling. That way I get a veggie in plus the protein keeps me full longer. Yum!
I love the Blue Bunny ice cream bars, especially the Fudge Lites. You get TWO for one point!! (They are small.) Two bars=70 cal., 0 fiber, 0 fat, = 1 point. I also love to have half a pita bread with a whole pouch of the Starkist white tuna, (3 oz.)with lettuce, and I also mix in about 2 tsp. lite mayo,and a little sweet relish, with Wow chips and a pickle for lunch. The sandwich is 4 1/2 points. Really filling!!
Hi, I'm new here (and to message boards, so forgive any lapses in m.b. etiquette), but I love DWLZ and am having some late night cravings, so signed on for inspiration.
My favorite food is: small whole wheat lawash (2), 2 oz. Boars Head smoked turkey (1) with a shmear of Philly ff cream cheese (1/2), with some lettuce. It's my lunch almost every day and so satisfying! Thanks all for the great ideas!
Did you know that the meringue cookies also come in mini size. They are 13 cookies for 2 points. I love the mocha ones. Lorraine
Lately, these foods have been helping me:
Low-Fat Waffles (1 point each)
Gardenburger Riblets (4 points, serve for dinner w/2 points of rice and a bunch of stir-fried veggies)
Cows: Laughing Cow and Peppermint Skinny Cow
Fresh Grapefruit
Boca Spicy Chik'n Filet on 1 point hamburger bun with a little FF mayo
Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs w/1 tbsp chili sauce (3 points)
Hebrew National 97% fat-free hot dogs (1 point) on 1 point hot dog bun
Egg Beaters (breakfast burrito with salsa and 1 point of cheese in 2 point flour tortilla; homemade Egg McMuffin with 1 slice Canadian bacon and 1 2% sharp cheddar cheese slice on Eng. Muffin. Sometimes I use a real egg instead of Egg Beaters, for an extra point.)
Cranberry Lime Canada Dry Seltzer Water w/ a dash of angostura bitters on ice
Grape Tomatoes (buy big containers at Sam's)
Fat-Free, Low-Sodium Chicken and Beef Broth
Precooked Bacon (I often make myself two BLTs with reduced-fat bread and FF mayo for lunch)
Bakers Breakfast Cookies
Subway Subs
Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies (1 pt each) and Chessmen (4 for 3 pts.). When I am OP I can have them around and not be tempted to eat too many. I love them with my afternoon tea.
A 4 pt. glass of wine with dinner
Herbal teas for the rest of the evening after dinner
- Crystal Light (all are great!!)
- Diet Vanilla Coke
- Baked Doritos
- Light Yogurt
- clementines
- WW Cookie Dough Sundae dessert
- fat free, sugar free choc pudding, 1 banana, ff whip cream
- FF hot dogs
and so many more... It really isn't difficult following the plan!
You can eat "real" food and lose weight!!!
Light Bread
FF Pringles
WOW Chips
Skinny Cows
Low Fat Ham
2% Cheese
OR 94%FF Popcorn
Green Beans
Wendy's Chili
Olive Garden Chicken Giardarno (wrong spelling)
Jolly Time, Healthy Pop, 94% Fat Free, Butter Flavor, Microwave, popped, 5 cups(1 bag) = 1 pt
This is in the Complete Foods Book on page 253
Wondra Light Bread 2 slices = 1 pt
Oscar Mayer Fat Free Balogna 3 slices = 1 pt
1 slice 2% cheese = 1 pt
Butter Flavored Pam Spray makes great grilled cheese sandwiches. Spray Bread with Pam. Grill
Canned Soups
Jose Ole beef taquitos are 1 pt each and yummy.
I serve them with FF sour cream for dipping and Rosarita FF refired beans.
Morningstar farms gardenburgers...1 point
.....Laughing Cow cheese wedges.......1 point
.....Folgers Cafe latte "Mocha Fusion".....3 points per cup...but so delicious and curbs my chocolate craving.
.....Merita lite Wheat Hamburger and hot dog rolls...1 point each
....Better n eggs...(egg substitute)....1 point...
....Bacon...3 points per 3 pieces....BLT's Yummy
...Oranges...1 point
....."Crustless pumpkin pie"...4 points for the whole pie...(I eat a whole pie myself )
I have to stay away from Skinny cows and wow chips, as I go overboard with them...I only buy them occasionally
1 pnt. 40 calhoney wheat natures own bread 2 slices
1 pnt. 1 tbsp of peanut butter
so there a pb sandwhcih for 2 pts.
4 pnt. orange sections, bluberries, and strawberrys w/ ff cool whip
1 pnt. salads with ff dressing
2 pts. ff pudding
3 pts. a serv. of quacker apple cinnamon air crisps
1 pnt. f or 15 ff sour cream and onion pringles
healthy and lean cusine and smart ones meals
fruits and veggies
Blue Bunny ice cream (the one with Splenda that is also f/f) : one cup is three points. Some flavors are more.
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwices
Subway subs- I especially like the chicken breast and veggie
Wow chips
Baked Lays chips
Smart Ones frozen desserts
Healthy Choice frozen entrees (dinners)
Light Cool Whip
Skim milk
Yoplait whipped yogurts
egg whites
Whole wheat bread
Light bread
Diet Rite soda- It's made with Splenda and does not contain aspartme or caffeine; I especially like the Tangerine
Hot cocoa mix
Fruits- mangos, cantoloupe, grapes, apples, oranges, tangerines
Vegetables- eggplants, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, sweet peppers, hot peppers
Light Miracle Whip
Chicken breast
I must chime in with one of my favorites that no one has mentioned...Starbucks frozen Frapuccino bars. Delicious and 2 points because they have 2g. of fiber, also a good amount of calcium.
Hi...I use many of the above but one thing I haven't seen on here is canned chicken chow mein 2pts.
1 bag of cauliflower cooked (covered) in micro for 13 minutes
Drain excess water.
2 pieces of ff american cheese slices placed on top and covered for 45 seconds until melted.
Salt and pepper and yum ...whole thing 1 pt.
My "savior" foods are as follows: Sweet Escapes Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candy Bars for TOM; Baked Doritos, Fat Free Blue Cheese with home-made buffalo wings, and totally fat free fajitas.
Fat Free Catalina Kraft Salad Dressing
Healthy Choice Country Breaded Chicken Entree
TGI Fridays Frozen Snacks, Buffalo Wings, Quesadilla Rolls
Ore Ida Fast Food Frozen French Fries
English Muffins
Pop Tarts
Jolly Time Light Butter Popcorn
Honey Teddy Graham Cracker Snacks
Fat Free Flour Tortillas
Burger King Crispy Tacos
Freschetta Southwest Chicken Supreme Frozen Pizza
Fat Free Sour Cream
Laughing cow light cheese
2 for 1pt bread
Brummel & brown spread(which I always bought anyway)
FF cheese singles (for toasted cheese sandwiches)
Smoked turkey hot dogs (for when I have to have a dog)
Atomic fireballs
Skinny cows (especially the mint ones)
Haagen Daaz raspberry sorbet & vanilla yogurt bars
Diet cherry coke
Turkey breakfast sausage
Corn bran cereal
Bartlett pears
Mixed salad
York peppermint patty minis (great frozen)
Smart Pop mini bags
Yuengling light beer
My list is a little different, because I try to avoid sweets and simple carbs as much as possible -- they make me ravenous.
I drink a coffee with a lot of milk every morning for breakfast (a Starbucks latte to be precise).
I love spaghetti squash w/ tomato sauce, chopped cabbage/carrots w/ balsamic vinegar, asparagus, fresh spinach in the ready-to-mike packages (I steam it just a little); mangos.

morrigan 03-14-2006 06:57 AM

For lunch I often have TastyBites brand "Madras Lentils" -- they look horrible but are tasty and filling, and easy to store at my office. Or else I hit a salad bar and have lots and lots and lots of zero point veggies with some salmon or turkey on top.
I eat more 2-point bars and Bakers Breakfast Cookies and Miss Meringues and Scotto's biscotti's than I wish I did (the points aren't the problem -- it is that the carbs make me very hungry).
I like hardboiled eggs. I often have a whole wheat tortilla wrapped around a Trader Joes chicken sausage (they are great) with a slice of LF cabot cheddar on top and no point veggies added. Absolutely delicious.
I have Amy's breakfast burritos often, and also Morningstar Farms black bean patties.
And I really really like a cheese I recently discovered at Costco -- I don't remember the name (maybe Fromage Blanco), but Costco was giving out samples that were lightly sauteed in oil. A 1-ounce slice is surprisingly large and has only 80 calories, and it can be heated in the microwave (w/o the oil). It is warm and soothing and rich-tasting and salty and slighly lemony and very quick to make -- very satisfying. I just scrape it off the plate and eat it with a fork. It's nice to taste melted cheese again, since the low fat cheeses don't melt well.
I often eat salami by the slice -- just by itself. For some reason (probably the protein) I can have 3 slices and stop.
Lots of chicken.
And of course, white wine. . . .
Ok, my staple these days is roasted veggies. I just stick them in a "pammed" roasting pan (cut up into 2 bite size peices) and roast them (pam the top again real quick before putting in the oven) at 425 for about 25-40 minutes (depending what veggies). I use (together and in varied combinations) asparagus, onion chunks, garlic cloves (whole- oh YUM) carrots, zuccinni, green peppers (red and yellow if on sale), mushrooms (whole or sliced), carrots, squash, beans, and to add 3 points to a whole plate, I throw in a sliced pototoe. I sprinkle the whole shebang with McCormicks salad supremem seasonings. (I use that stuff on everything) and its a GREAT low/0 point plate full of food. If you slice the onion and roast it, sometimes the middle comes up and it looks really cool. (grin).
For a summer treat, I take a variety of veggies (same as above- par boiled if necessary), canned sweet peppers for salads, sundried tomatoes, grape tomatoes, a dash of mustard, some garlic (sometimes I leave out) and somtimes some sweet relish and mix with some vinegar (flavored or non), splenda packets (to taste) mint, basil, oregano and sometimes orange zest. Sometimes it needs salt, but that might just be my PMS talking (grin). That is a 0 point veggie salad. If you want to add some points/bulk/make it a meal, add a can of tuna and/or a cup or two of pasta. Very refreshing w/ a fruit smoothie on a hot summer day.
Oh- two other things- fat free pizza (4 points for the whole 7 inch pizza) ordered online from pizzafree.com (I have not yet found a store that sells them) and sport cookies from protocookies- people have found them in walgreens and a few online sites. They are 2 points for the (very large) sugar free ones and 3 points for the ones that have sugar. There are a variety of flavors in both types. These are very large,chewy cookies that have a ton of protien and fiber and are just wonderful. They keep me full for hours.
I see nobody mentioned a crumpet, a bit bigger then 1/2 of a english muffin, one point for one, delicious with Brummel and Brown, or melted cheese.
Diet Rootbeer and a scoop of frozen cool whip.
I love SF Jello! Used to not like anything SF, but now it's a treat! All also like:
Oscar Mayer FF hot dogs
FF Pringles
Wonder Light Wheat Bread
Morningstar Chik Patties
Healthy Pop Kettle Corn... sweet...yummy
Egg beaters
I could go on and on....!
I just found some 1 pt hot dog and hamburger buns made by Merita! Way cool!!!
Klondike Slim a Bear
Hershey's kisses
Hillshire Farms Deli Select sandwich meat
air popped popcorn
Diet Mt Dew
grilled chicken salads
home-made smoothies w/ nonfat yogurt
Here is the recipe I use for the crustless pumkin pie, it really is good!
Crustless Pumpkin Pie: entire pie is about 4 points
1 15-oz. can pumpkin
1/2 c. Eggbeaters
1 1/2 c. skim milk
3/4 c. Splenda
1/2 t. salt
1 t. pumpkin pie spice
Beat all till smooth, put in sprayed pie pan. Bake at 400 for 15 minutes, then at 375 for 45 more minutes or till knife inserted in center comes out clean. Cool and serve with FF Cool Whip if you'd like.
Quaker Chewy cinnamon bars are a lifesaver for my sweet tooth crave (2 pts). There are other flavors but some are 3 pts each.
I also enjoy the sugar-free original brand Popsicle for 0 pts. It tastes just like regular popsicles.
A good sandwich bread is Brownberry's Dutch Country 100% whole wheat (1 pt per slice).
-16 glasses of water a day
-subway turkey subs
-grilled chicken salads
-lean pockets
-skinny cows
-boca burgers
-healthy choice hot dogs with 1 pt. whole wheat bread with mustard
-ww frozen entrees and Lean Cruisine-lite bread 1 pt for 2 slices
-veggies and fruit
-cherry tomatoes
I don't eat most of the foods you all listed because I find that even a few bites of regular food is more satisfying to me than a whole (usually larger) serving of the diet-type foods. I'd rather eat 1/4 cup of regular ice cream (2 points) or splurge on 1/2 cup (4 points) than eat a ton of the low-fat stuff. However, I adore air-popped popcorn. I can make a nice-sized serving for 1 point and add 1 teaspoon of real butter--1 point, and have a great snack for 2 points. I found a microwave oven popper that you use plain popcorn in, so I save money, too.
Those packages of microwave popcorn are really expensive. That's one other reason I don't do the diet-type foods thing. They cost more and I don't have more money in my budget to cover them. So, my list of helpful foods is: every food. I choose a variety of healthy foods and enjoy my favorite not-no-healthy foods by planning for the points and staying within my limit. Eating this way makes it easier for me to stick with the program.
It helps that I love to cook and to redo recipes to eliminate unnecassary extra fat or add some veggies or substitute lower point ingredients that I like. Nonfat yogurt for sour cream is one I always substitute. I don't like sour cream. The most common thing I change is the amount of fat, though. The recipes in older cookbooks, in particular, have way too much fat. But there are some things that simply cannot be made lowfat or lower in points without wrecking them, like hollandaise sauce. Those I plan for and fit in on occasion.
There is one other reason I don't do the diet-type foods. I start feeling deprived and get rebellious and stop doing the program. I want real food. Now, I can eat real food and that's what I do. The flex point system maks that easier, so I'm a happy camper. I've lost 7 pounds since starting flex points, so it's working for me.
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk
Lean Cuisines
Skinny Cows and Blue Bunny FF/SF ice creams/bars
Hershey's Chocolate Tastetations or Werther's Butterscotch -- three for one point (I usually have just one)
Kroger light buns
McDonald's grilled chicken salad
boca burgers (1 point each), fat free cheese slices (1 or 2 for 1 point), oranges (1 point), apples (1-2 points), cereal (2 points per cup), and oatmeal (3 points for 1/2 cup uncooked)
Dreyer's Fat Free Frozen Yogurt in Caramel Praline Crunch
Boca Burgers
Turkey Burgers
No Pudge brownies
Frozen Fajita bags at TJs
Light Coolwhip
klondike slim-a-bear sandwiches (2 points!)
kellogg's eggo fat free waffles (1 point a waffle) with low fat syrup
diet V8 splash
cucumber salad (0 points if made with splenda)
1 point cheesey soup
arby's lite menu
Some of my more recent discoveries:
Gardenburger Riblets- these are so good for curing the BBQ craving at 4 points. They are expensive, but certainly a lot cheaper than going out for BBQ.
Pure DeLite dark chocolate bars. Wal-Mart carries these for $.97 each and it is very high quality chocolate. Much better than the Atkins, Carb-o-Lite and Russell Stover stuff I have tried. 3 points per bar. I have a little nibble each day!
Butter- what can I say? Sometimes 1/2 tsp. of the real thing is so much better than any amount of margarine. I threw out the ICBINB spray. I can believe it's not butter. It's lousy!
Eggplant casserole-cures that pasta craving for me. Alternate 2 cans of Italian diced tomatoes, 1 large eggplant sliced and 8 oz of sliced mushrooms in a pan. Cover with Saran and nuke for about 20 minutes. I like to sprinkle in a little crushed red pepper for kick as well. When you have no points, this is very satisfying as is. When I want to make a meal out of it, I add nonfat ricotta, a little mozarella or parmesan, occasionaly the soy pepperoni.
Natural Ovens bagels (blueberry are my fave-1.5 points for half of a good-sized bagel) and oatmeal raisin cookies (1.5 pts each.)
Kraft 2% cheese- so good to put one slice of American on a serving of fresh cauliflower and nuke for about 1 minute. Yum.
Kashi TLC crackers-especially love the honey sesame. These have no trans fat in them. Much better for you than regular crackers, and they are reasonably priced when you catch them on sale.
Dissent on the Skinny Cows-I don't like them. I do like the WW Smart Ones sandwiches, but my fave is regular old ice cream san for the extra point. WW sundae cones are yummy!
Nonfat cottage cheese - If you shop carefully, you can find a brand with enough calcium to count as a dairy serving. I love, love, love it with fruit stirred in. Even when I am "off" program, I crave it! I love a mix of blueberry, raspberry and blackberries microwaved with a little sweetener stirred in. It looks a little daunting, but it's an excellent dip for aforementioned bagels. Also very good is strawberries with a little basalmic vinegar (sounds strange, I know--just try it) and sweetener. If I have the points, I add 1 T. sliced almonds. Delicious.
Pumpkin fluff--this recipe is in the chocolate recipe section on the board, called chocolate fluff. I just don't care for the chocolate much. I like butterscotch.
DQ fudge bars--these are sugar and fat free. So smooth, creamy, chocolatey. 1 pt. I used to dread family trips to DQ, but now I'm the one suggesting it!
Starkist flavored tuna packs-I just can't go back to the can. I love the hickory with salsa stirred in, or the sweet hot just plain.
Orville Redenbacher peanut carmel popcorn cakes. 10 cal per mini-cake.
Barbara's puffins cereal bars-cure that sweet, cinnamony craving.
GeniSoy soy crisps- lot's of flavors, even cinnamon and sugar. I can enjoy chips and still get in some protein.
Back to Nature Hi-Lo cereal-- 1 oz. (a good sized serving) has 100 cal, 12 carbs, 14 grams protein, 1.5 points. It is delicious stirred into yogurt. Has a slight coconut flavor and is sweetened with Stevia.
Mezetta roasted red peppers-delicious on sandwiches. One of my faves is turkey with these peppers, a little feta cheese and spicy mustard. I'm not a tomato person, so these add some moisture and flavor.
La Tortilla tortillas-lots of fiber and only 50 cal. for the smaller ones.
WW Peanut Caramel 2 Point bar-sometimes only a chewy, chocolate caramel thing will do. I don't consider these health food, but not so bad for a treat.
Boca burgers on light buns. Not terribly expensive if you buy the big box at Sam's.
I think that's enough for today.
I really like lite hot dogs and lite buns. That and wow chips make a very satisfying meal. I love ham and cheese sandwich w/chips, ww fetuccine alfredo, ww southwestern w/wow tostada chips, funsize 3 musk, and little peppermint patties, fudgecicles, ketchup instead of butter and sour cream on baked potatoes, and all the 0-1 pt veggies!
Oh and I forgot a BIGGIE....OR 94% FF popcorn!
Swiss Miss fudgsicles (2 pts)
Laughing Cow
Skinny Cow (which is which??)
Velveeta Lite
& "Skinny Bread" (1 pt/2 slices) -- usually Wonder Wheat
Trader Joe's chicken sausage (2 pts)
TLC crackers
WOW chips
lots of water
fruit in season (right now it's grapefruit)
available snacks at work - 2 pts of pretzels; fruit; laughing cow and crackers...
diet coke
diet vanilla coke
diet 7-up
Mint skinny cows
Beefsteak low cal bread (1 pt. for 2 slices!)
Egg whites
Low cal vanilla yogurt mixed with a handfull of chex cereal (2 pts. + a milk serving!)
Lean Cuisine Brocolli and cheese baked potato (4 pts.)
Cambells low fat clam chowder (selects) 4 pts. for a whole can (its a big can)
ICBINB spray
Veggie soup WW.
Mine are probably not your normal 'on-plan' foods, but I dislike anything that's touted as low-fat or fat-free unless it's naturally so because there're too many chemicals and sugar in them.
I love bulgur - cooked with chicken broth for something hearty, and mixed with lots of veggies, or cooked with water and mixed with splenda and DaVinci syrup.
Prierogies - can't remember the brand, but it's 5 for 4 points, very filling, and I eat it with 1 point of FF sour cream.
Diet Code Red Mountain Dew - the one BAD food I allow myself - it's my favorite soda and keeps me away from Coke.
Tilapia - can't remember the points, but it's the only fish, aside from halibut, that I'll eat, and both my fiance and I LOVE it with Emeril's spice.
For afternoon snacks, when 'dying' of starvation: air-popped popcorn. Toppings from 'nomorenakedpopcorn.com'. Also, Krusteaz FF muffins fortified with bran.
Really anything that has decent points and that is within my point range.
I think this thread is AWESOME....I got some GREAT ideas (that I didn't know about) from reading what everyone put here! I started WW (cough-cough AGAIN) on Jan. 5th and thought I would share what helps me thru my days....
drink LOTS of water
FF Pringles
Bachman Cheese Curls (they are called Jacx) and they are 3pts for 25. LOVE them!!
Hillshire Farm Deli Select turkey (6 slices for 1pt)
Kudos (just like granola bars)
Lean Pockets
Wonder Light bread
Lean Cuisins or WW meals
ICBINB spray
2% Kraft Cheese
diet pepsi
Baked French Fries
Skinny Cows....these are AWESOME!!!
WW Bagels (not bad)
rice krispie treats
aunt jamima low fat pancakes
Here is a new one I make....take two sheets of graham crackers (chocolate) cut each sheet in 1/2 so you have 4 for the top and 4 for the bottom and add a tbsp of FF whip cream and freeze them. for ( crackers w/the whip cream it's a 3pt treat and so tasty!!!
Hope some of these help out!!!
How did I lose 69 lbs (and have not attended a single meeting this time around)? These foods surely helped:
Kashi Good Friend's cereal
Trader Joe's cat cookies
Boca Burgers breakfast patties
Steamed artichokes (no butter, just a little salt)
Balsamic vingegar in lieu of salad dressing
I absolutely LOVE this thread. I've gotten so many ideas out of it! Here's my favorite foods that help me through the day!
Laughing cow (actually found out about it through this thread) I have it on melba toast.
FF pringles
FF cottage cheese
Oatmeal (every day for breakfast!)
FF bologna
fresh fruit!! never in all my life would I want that so much. I love, love, love berries....straw, blue, black and rasp!
The new Michelina Garden Bistro bowls are excellent. The Greek one (my fave) has 4 points & has feta cheese & olives in it (and lots of taters, mmmmm). I think the American version has 3 points. A good way to get in some extra veggies.
There are directions on the box on microwaving them to "cool" (yuck), or hot. Really like these.
Just got some of the Sara Lee deLIGHTful bread. It's made with cottonseed fiber, so it's high fiber & lo points (2 slices for a point). Tastes a little like clothing, though.
I have been a ww member since Jan. of 02 and have lost 43 lbs. so far, but the foods that I have enjoyed is chicken with peppers and onions, low point foods, slice of pizza and and a salad, weight watchers cereal, weight watchers ice cream. and also the chocolate chip three pt. muffin, and the 2 pt. bars. I do eat lots of chicken, and also make low point meals.
I try to eat low pts throughout the day, and have a good meal at night, but sometimes I have a big Breakfast and a little lunch. Whatever works for you! I try to maintain my portions throughout the day, and the most important thing to me is to drink plenty of water and to get weighed in every week.
I dont know if anyone has mentioned these...but Flat Out flatbreads are great. They make a huge wrap or quesadilla and they are only 2 points. I use them for breakfast burritos, veggie wraps, and thin pizza crusts. So far the only place I have been able to find them is Walmart. They have helped me out so much, especially at lunch time.
I used to use bread until I found tortillas whic I used until I until I found the lavash!!! They are huge and are only 61 calories - 8 fibers - low in carbs - they are wheat free and made with millet and flax. A bit pricey - but they are well worth it. I get them at the health food store in my area!
That and the kettlecorn smart pop - big help for me!Smucker's Fat Free Strawberry jam = 0 POINTS
Fat Free Mayo= 0 POINTS, (CountryStar Farms, it tastes like mayo!)
Western brand Bagels "The Alternative Bagel"-1 POINT
I forgot the brand, but its a yogurt & cucumber hummus-0 POINTS for 3 tbsp.
Wow. This is a way popular thread. I don't get over to this board as much as I used to (hang out mostly in 100+) and the traffic on this is amazing.
You all are going to laugh at me. My food find is good old fashioned French baguettes. I use the slim shape and cut several small thin slices with a sharp breadkinfe. I weigh out 2 oz with of these slices for 2-3 points (depending on wether I made whole grain or regular) and rarely eat all the slices. I do this in place of rolls, slices of bread, crackers, croutons, etc. It's not low-fat or anything, (Well, it is, because French bread doesn't have any fat in it. In France, by law, bread may contain only flour, yeast, salt and water. Herbs are allowed in some breads.) it's just good bread. I used to get these great par-baked mini baguettes from Tradser Joes that were only 1.5pts for 2 oz. (and hot and fresh from the oven!) but they were discontinued, so now I'm learning how to bake my own from scratch.

mauvaisroux 03-14-2006 09:44 AM

I've been alternating pears for apples as pears have more fibre so you get more bang for your buck (point). :)

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