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Old 02-16-2001, 02:10 AM   #16
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Hello to all -
Another busy week at work, so haven't had much time to post at all except my journal.

After a loss last week, I am up this week. I wonder if I physically can ever get below 140 - I've been as close as 140.4. Even when I lost weight my first go around with WW back in '87-88 at the tender age of 26-27, I never got any lower that 140.5. The 130s sound so much better - am I crazy or what?? DH cannot comprehend my obsession with the number on the scale. I think it is more of a women's thing (maybe not for all, though). I am 5'7", so I know I am somewhat taller which allows me to weigh more, but I still have the notion that I should weigh under 140. Yikes! I guess I need my head examined!!

Valentine's Day was quite uneventful at my house; DH was supposed to be out of town Tues-Wed, but it changed last minute on Tuesday, so we hadn't made any plans since we thought he'd be gone. DD had a Valentine's day party at daycare, so she was quite thrilled about that.

Seasaw - I am feeling the munchies hit as well although TOM is about 10 days away. Valentine's day sounded quite fun for you!

Melissa - congrats on the loss!

AustinGal - such nice weather! People get thrilled here in Wisconsin if it gets above 40 degrees this time of year.

tumbler - 50 degree temps in NY - sounds nice.

Tonya - good for you on getting into the maintenance mode. Maybe I should do that too & take a break from trying to shed these last 3-5 pounds.

lala - way to go on getting the kitchen complete!

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Old 02-16-2001, 02:37 AM   #17
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Katie: I know what you mean that the 130's sound better than the 140's. I'm trying to get my weight back down to the 137 area to give me a little breathing room. I know it's just a number but heck, you're right, it does sound better, lol.

It's been a fairly busy day here at work too. We had some problems with getting student grades today so I'm waiting to see if they're going to be able to run them so I can get them distributed.

This bug that I've had seems to be hanging on for dear life. It's now progressed into a cough and stuffy nose. I am tired of being tired!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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Old 02-16-2001, 07:56 PM   #18
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Melissa ~

It sounds like we work in the same type of environment. I am a PeopleSoft Developer at a University, so I understand completely about running grades!

Hi everyone! I feel like I haven't been here in a while, and it has only been a day or two!

I am glad it is Friday! I have a disasterous house to clean, so I am leaving work at noon to do that. I am getting back on track for eating right, with our guests at our house this week, my eating hasn't been that great, so I am shaping myself up!! I hate getting out of my normal routine!

Well, I will try to check in later, I apologize to not responding individually. I promise I will be back in the flow on Monday!! Take care everyone!

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Old 02-16-2001, 09:43 PM   #19
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Hi Everyone!
Well, I just ran into Cin(a ww's leader that used to give me great advice)on the 3fat chicks chat. I told her that I've been having alot of trouble lately getting motivated to go back to points even though I've regained 5-7 pounds and am really bummed out about it. I told her that I was thinking of just trying to do it "on my own", and she convinced me that I can do that AFTER I lose these few extra pounds. I know she's right and that ww's works, and that I'll probably lose the weight alot faster counting points and exercising than just trying to do it "on my own". So..I plan on trying to get back into posting alot more on here to stay accountable. I will lose this weight! Hope everyone has a great day!
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Old 02-17-2001, 12:20 AM   #20
si, si signora
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Hi All-
wow! we got a good 8" snow in Seattle. Schools are closed, work is closed (i'm here ) and its starting to rain, thank goodness.

It sure is pretty though. Everything is white and quite lovely until you hit the main arterials.

So, I lost another .4 lbs, I'm still above my
10 lbs. goal to lifetime so I'm pretty sad, but I'll get there. I have a short term goal of maintaining while travelling for the next 5 weeks. My next goal is to be down 5 by June and down to lifetime by September.

After reading ktmarie's posts of breaking a certain weight ceiling, I concur.
Maybe I too have expectations that I can't meet, I am happier because I am fitter, but I would be happier if I could fit into my size 6 jeans!

I hope that TonyaLyn doesn't spend the whole weekend cleaning and AustinGal
spend the whole weekend decorating.

Does anybody have exciting plans for President's Day? I assume that most of you, but Seesaw get it off. Then again
Seewaw gets to celebrate her Provinces day and eat smarties .

Melissa: what the heck are you doing to consistently lose weight? I am very impressed.

tumbler: Sounds like Valentine's day was a big success. I remember our first few Valentine's day celebrations. This year, we took it easy because we're just so busy. Your sounded so romantic.

Jamie: Are you thiniing of joining WW? I recall you did the program at home, but not
officially. If you joined for your last 5 lbs, then you would be "official" and could attend meetings for extra support. If this is possible with your schedule, finances and geographical location.

Okay, I'm blathering. I really must get an idea for my poster layout ready for my meeting. I really hope the software package I'm using is still working.

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Old 02-17-2001, 02:15 AM   #21
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Height: 5'7"


Lala: I haven't been consistently losing, well maybe a little but for the most part I've been struggling to get my weight back to my goal and then to focus on getting it below that number. It's work to get it off, I've been being really good about writing everything down in my journal (including the slips with chips/m&m's) and it seems to be working. I've also been trying to get more walking in and this is a help to me. I need to keep myself on track and when I do the weight comes off. I'm really trying to work towards my ultimate goal of 137-138. I don't know how realistic it is for me to hit 135 although I'd love to hit that number just once, lol.

Anyway, no plans for President's Day because we have to work No time off for us. I do have to say though that we get some nice time off over Easter because it's a Catholic university. So while everyone else is enjoying the day off I'll be working.

Tomorrow morning we're leaving for the flower show...I'm excited about going. We're taking a bus trip so I won't have to drive. I figure I'll be able to do a lot of walking around there so I'll wear comfortable walking shoes.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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