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Well, I was up at my meeting last night. Can't seem to get below 140 - driving me crazy!!

Coffee (0/0)
Baker's breakfast cookie (3/3)

Amy's enchiladas (5/8)
Celery (0/0)
LF muffin (2/10)
BLT (1/11)



84 oz so far


191.8/143.2/145WW/137-140 personal goal

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Katie: Don't worry, it will happen if your body needs it to! Keep trying!
I am in the same place as you- my weight fell off fast until about a month ago when I got into the 140's, now its moving at a turtle's pace! if I could get to 139.9 I would be pretty happy!
What kind of a point range are you currently using, 18- 23? I am so unsure of the points I need right now!
I hope you all don't mind if I join the journal, need to give myself a kick in the *** once in awhile. I think this will be a hard week, I am off university for 10 days so I will have more time at home. (to eat!)

1 c All Bran+ 1/2 c skim milk 2/26
1 apple 3/26

unsure, out with my mom on trip home
(9 pts)
unsure, need to get groceries first!
(12 pts)
most likely!
(2 pts)

20minutes moderate bike
40 minutes hard/s.c.,x-trainer,bike

Good luck everyone!!!
201/WW 148/current 140.8/personal 130-135
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Good morning Saskie and Katie! Hang in there guys, the weight will come off, you might want to try a new exercise routine, just to freak your body out!

oatmeal (3)
coffee (0)



Exercise: walk at lunch 1 mile, hopefully workout tonight, weights - 20 minutes and 3 mile walk.

Total = 18-20 pts.

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Old 02-15-2001, 10:20 PM   #4
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Saskie -
I eat in the 18-25 point range (I decided not to drop the extra 2 points with the Winning Points program). When I lost weight the first time w/WW (at age 26-27), I could never get below 140 (got to 140.5). This time at age 39-40 it's the same thing - the lowest I've ever been is 140.4 - I just want to get into the 130s - even 139.8 would do! I guess psychologically it "sounds" so much less to me - DH thinks I'm totally nuts, but he's a guy & couldn't possibly understand why women can get obsessed with the number on the scale.

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Morning all-

Like ktmarie, I could stand never to see 130 again (remember I'm short). I'm hovering right there.

latte 2/2
chicken breast stuffed with 8/10
goat cheese, sundried tomatoes
polenta 3/13
asparagus 0/13
salad 1/14

heart shaped eclair 12/26

luna 4/30


exercise: yes, yes

water:yes, yes

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