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Thinking about returning to WW

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Default Thinking about returning to WW

Hey... I am obviously here, like everyone else, because I am on the fluffy side. I am considering returning to a former WW wt loss program. I have the "stuffs".... just have to get started.
I don't personally buy into the fact that the latest program is "the best and based on current research"... bottom line, programs are changed up as a marketing scheme... no different from McDonalds changing their menu. It is a marketing ploy to keep people utilizing their plan vs other wt loss plans.
I have used WW in the past and know it does work if the program, whatever version, is followed. It comes down to the discipline of using it and sticking with it, even when it is hard, boring, tired of counting points, craving every non healthy thing around and old.

Current stats: 212.8... initial goal: 205.... long term goal 150

I hope everyone is having a great week...

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Hi Gem;

I personally agree with you re the latest WW Plan. That is why I use the old one from about 2006. It worked for me in the past before I got sidetracked and ate the world and it has worked for me this time to help me shed 24.3kg (54lbs). I still have about the same to go again, but it is working. It is just a simpler way of tracking calories, of course, so it doesn't matter which one you choose (counting points or calories).

I wish you all the best!
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will it ever stick??? lol
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Just letting you guys know that the new plan adds in carbs unlike the old plan. so it is actually different and i would say is better since carbs are a big deal especially when eating healthier

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I am rejoining WW tomorrow. I have tried a few WW plans. Simply filling is great but I tend to binge so I am going to retry points plus and diligently focus on tracking.
I had great success on atkins but as soon as I had a grilled cheese one day I fell off the plan and gained 40 pds back in a matter of 4 months. my highest was 246, which at my height was a real wake up call. I first joined WW and lost 46 pds with relative ease. I think the plan then was momentum, but I cant remember now. I wish I had stronger discipline...guess I will need to work on that.
I need a lot of support so the meetings will help. Anyone looking for a weight loss friend feel free to add me.
wishing everyone a wonderful day.
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I do think the current plan is better than old (pre-December 2010 plan). The plan before that was very focused on being low fat. So the only thing considered in calculating points was fat and fiber. In reality, other things matter. The plan for the last almost 5 years has taken into account carbs and protein. Imagine 2 foods of equal calories but one is 100% carbs and the other is 100% protein. The one that is all carbs will generally be a little more points than the one that is all protein. This does reflect the science better than the old protein that was fixated more on demonizing fat.

In fact, I think the current program is still too fat phobic although much better than it was over 5 years ago.

That said, in about 3 months the new program for 2015 will come out. WW has not made a major change to its program since late 2010. They have said that they are making some real changes. I suspect they will continue to use Points Plus but may allow you to customize the program more.
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I know this is an older thread but I am new to this site . I just started WW today using the points plus. I have tried to do it in the past but really didnt take it seriously. Now I HAVE to lose this weight because if anyone so much as takes a picture of me. I freak out.. not good mentally to be there. I love that PP lets you eat fruit and veggies free. My hardest thing to accept in diets is limiting healthy nutrient dense foods, and I love that they caught up with that.
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