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New on-plan... I feel like i'm eating too much?

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Default New on-plan... I feel like i'm eating too much?

Hi everyone!

I've just started WW online today. Its been a long time since I was last on WW properly (last time was about 10 years ago and it was still the original points). In the interim I have done other plans, and since October on-and-off i have been just calorie counting on myfitnesspal, often going for a week or two at a time eating only 1200 calories. I managed to lose 22lbs since october and 7 of those were this past week.

I have been given 44 propoints and it seems like a lot! I decided, just out of interest, to track the calories of what I ate today as well as the propoints, and I have eaten 39/44 propoints and 1,492 calories. I know they don't totally correlate and propoints aren't based on calories but I am really paranoid about eating too much (although i'm pretty sure anything will seem like a lot when you've eaten 1200 calories for 10 days ) I'm aware that they say you should eat all of your points or as close-to as possible. Has anyone else had this worry? I'm kind of worried that eating more than the 1200 i have been will cause me to gain, or something. I'm reluctant to eat those last 5 points.

Also... bananas are 0 propoints! This flummoxed me! does that just count for one banana, does anyone know, or for as many as?

Thanks so much in advance! And I look forward to learning with you guys
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Weight Watchers knows what they are doing. It works. You paid them money. Why are you questioning the plan? 1200 calories is the least amount you can have for adequate nutrition. 1500 is not a lot of calories. Enjoy them while you can because they decrease as you lose. Fruit has no points and you can have as much as you like. However that is with a caveat - if you are eating so much fruit and vegetables you can't get all you Good Health Guidelines and points in and/or if your weight loss slows, back off the fruit. Personally, I would never eat more than 1 banana a day. I limit my fruit to 3 servings per day.

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Thanks Quilter, I know you're right, i'm just an anxious person and have been a calorie counter for far too long ate all 44 points yesterday and had 42 today. Thanks for your help
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It could be problematic to try to compare the old plan you're used to to the new one. I think the minimum amount of Points before was 18, and now it's 26 PPs. So yeah, it seems like you have a lot more but the "cost" of most foods went up as well with the change.

My leader says that really, if you feel satisfied with what you're eating, you don't need to eat the full amount of daily points you're assigned every day. That would just be teaching those bad habits we're trying to get rid of!

But I also agree that a banana is a good snack, and that's why it's 0 points. That's to encourage you to eat a filling, healthy food rather than a 100 calorie pack of something that won't stay with you at all. But that's ONE banana. You CAN have as many as you want, but then you'll probably see your progress stop. They always add in "reasonable" when discussing the free fruit idea.

Sounds like it's working for you! Keep it up!

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The difference between 1200 and 1500 calories is so small that, at absolute worst, it would take about 12 weeks to see even one pound difference in weight loss.

Over a week, those 300 "extra" calories translate into less than an ounce and a half difference in weight loss.

It takes 500 calories per day, to "make" a pound, which means if you lost 7 lbs on 1200 calories in a week, you would have lost 5 lbs if you had eaten 2200 calories.

And on 1500 calories, you would have lost 6.9 lbs.

Would have been unhappy with a 6.85 lb loss instead of the 7 lbs?

And that's only worst case scenario. If those "extra" calories give you more energy for exercise, or even a better night's sleep, you might lose as much or even more on 1500 calories than on 1200.
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