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What are your "not worth the points" foods?

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Default What are your "not worth the points" foods?

I was thinking about this today when I cancelled my Graze subscription. It wasn't that I didn't like the service... I just decided that it wasn't worth the points. Nevermind the fact that I was paying $6 a week for 4 tiny single serving snacks. The thing I had a problem with is that the snacks are all in the 5-7 point range. They were reasonably tasty, and pretty healthy stuff... lots of nuts and seeds and fruit. If they were in the 2-4 point range I probably would have continued since I find that a reasonable range for a healthy snack, but for 6 points it has to be a real treat. I need a level of indulgence that simply was not present in those snacks.

Since one of the great perks of Weight Watchers is that nothing is expressly forbidden, I'm just curious what kinds of things have made the "not worth the points" list for everyone else. Things that you COULD eat, but choose not to because the point value is too high for the satisfaction you get from it.
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A lot of the junky WW bars that they sell at the meetings. 2 or 3 points for a couple of bites that aren't even that good.
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It's funny but just last night I had some pizza AND some chips too... Not sure what I was thinking... Lol... But I definitely dipped into my wp's to do it... And afterwards I was thinking it really wasn't worth it... especially, the chips...

Also recently I had some mac & cheese that was like 12 pts for a serving (And trust me I could have easily eaten way more...) and it just wasn't worth it... AND since one of my weaknesses is rich pasta dishes in general I think I'll wait until I walk the length of Italy AGAIN before I'll be having those...Lol...
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Anything, creamy, mayo based.

Macaroni, potato salad. Etc. Can be made at home, more friendly, still good.

I do understand, that some of the products that WW sells are not really healthy in and of themselves. On the other hand, the thing we don't always realize, is that is what a "portion" of that kind of food should be. A 2 point WW, chocolate, thing, is the portion we should eat, of that. It is actually equal to 2 Hershey Kisses. Thing is, the WW bar, gives us rules. Hershey Kisses, not so much! And the Kisses, do not come in one serving size. We get the whole DANG bag!

Since I am a WW. Most fast food, OFF my list, Most of the time. Not all.

However, no food is ever OFF my list, I have learned, first of all, through 8 years of WW, and tracking, how the food, I choose to eat, affects, my body, how I feel, and how it all works, so that I can have wedding cake or bbq, or whatever, now and then, as long as I keep in mind, portion control, and get right back on the "proverbial" horse, ASAP!

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