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Default Most Weight Lost in a Week

What is the most weight you have lost in one week? I lost 3.5 this week and that is the most ever for me!

Mini Goals (starting small!):
1. 5 pounds -
2. 10 pounds -
3. 15 pounds -
4. 20 pounds -
5. 25 pounds -
for every 5 pounds down!!!
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I lost 4 lbs my very first week...but I know it was mostly water weight.
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I don't know about one week and honestly I don't even know if this two week figure is accurate. Let me 'splain. When I started WW, I did so abruptly. I saw 302 pounds on a scale in a doctor's office and I snapped. I started WW that very night. I didn't even own a scale. I ordered a digital scale online and it took over a week to arrive. Since I do online only, I missed my first weigh in. I didn't actually weigh until my second week. I immediately subtracted 4 pounds from my weight of 302 at the doctor's office since I was fully clothed when I weighed. So, given that new starting weight of 298 I stepped on my new scale and HOLY MOLY AND NINE KINDS OF HAPPY DANCE!!! I'd lost 12 pounds.

Obviously, that was a major water weight loss but I was still happy about it. After that initial weigh in, my loss slowed down to anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds a week in that first 6 months. The highest loss I had after that initial one was 3.5 pounds one week when I was sick and running a fever. I think I had another week where I lost 3 pounds without doing anything special; it just happened.

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I got this
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I think it was either 5 or 6 lbs at 226. That's the most I remember ever losing at one time.
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I lose 2 pounds a week, and have been for the past 4 months, except this week I only lost 1 pound. The most I lost was 3 pounds a week The first month I lost a lot!!! But thats because I changed the way I ate completely, instead of incorporating starches, I substituted them with other things.
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My first 3 weeks I lost between 4-5 lbs. Every week since then has been mostly between 1-2 lbs.

Last week out of no where I hit 3.8 which was super exciting. Though this week, I'm not expecting much because of that really big number for me.
Live every week like it's shark week.
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Back in my glory days I'd drop like 8-10 lbs week one (mostly water weight, I'm sure). But since hitting my mid-20s I don't have those kinds of results anymore. I can still occasionally get around 4 in a week, especially early on.
Mini Goal 1- 5%

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My first week of WW I lost 3 lbs. Back in the day though, when I lost weight the FIRST time (on my own), I think I lost 7lb in the first week! Mostly water weight I'm sure. I was also eating too little back then, and not losing healthily This time I'm doing it properly, I guess. 3 lbs is still a lot though.
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I believe my highest was 6.7 in my second week, likely still water. I've lost ~5 a couple times after salty/bloaty weeks as well but my overall average is 2.2. Nowadays when I loose 2-3 I feel on top of the world.

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The first time I did weight watchers, and my very first weigh in (after the enrolling weigh in) I had lost 10.5! It was incredible lol. And after starting weight watchers again recently, I lost 8.0 the first week. Seems like the first week is always the biggest. Now I've been maintaining about 3 or so a week.
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