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Default Points vs Points Plus

Hey everyone, I'm new to the weight watcher side of this website (I tried jenny craig with great success, but I went away to college and I'm on a huge budget! I thought this might be better for me this time around.) I'm just getting used to all of this stuff. I was wondering what the difference between the points and points plus versions were? Anyone have preferences?

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New goals:
1) Lose the 20 pounds I have gained back

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There are a lot of differences. Cruise around the WW thread and read up!

I like the points plus much better!

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I like PointsPlus much better - it's easier to say all fruits and non starchy veg are free, and the points on processed foods are higher, which will steer me toward the right eating habits. Processed carbs are really not the best thing for me because I'm insulin resistant.

Ithink the new one promotes a much healthier plan, and also all new literature, the WW website, books, frozen dinners, etc will only start carrying the PPValue and not the points. The new plan will be much more convenient for me to follow.
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I am new to WW as well and I am loving it. The Points Plus is a great system. And seems to be working well for me. =)

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I liked them both. I am now doing Points Plus and think it is a pretty good program. I like that I don't have to count the fruit and most veggies as points. Helps you keep full and not feel deprived. Good luck!

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I wasn't too happy with Points Plus because I kept gaining and losing the same 3lbs for 2 months. I made the decision to switch back to Momentum because I feel more in control when I have to count my fruit. I also lost 80lbs in 10 months and am almost at my goal of losing 100lbs!

Both plans are great but you have to find what works best for you =D
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I like Points Plus a lot. I was kind of stuck, but I've managed to lose 8 lbs. on Points Plus in the last month. The fact that I'm losing with not much weight to lose feels pretty good.

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For me I am doing much better on Points Plus. On Points I was losing, but much more slowly. I am less hungry (actually have to work to eat my daily 29 points) now and I think it is because it promotes healthier eating that is more satisfying.
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I lost on Momentum (most of what I've lost so far). After a long plateau, I started Points-plus and love it so far. I am losing again! It wasn't Momentum that was the cause of my plateau though, It was mostly me. Good luck!!
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I tried Momentum many times and I just never stuck with it. I like points plus a lot better because I really feel like it's something I can stick with for the long term. Granted, I try not to go hog wild on the fruit, but it's always nice to have that option if you're hungry, and I never feel deprived.

That said, I do think momentum provided me with faster losses. But I think pointsplus also has me in a different mindset. If I want to treat myself, I can do it without getting too crazy with it. Momentum was a lot more like calorie counting for me for some reason.
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Default Hi everyone just a quick question

Hi everyone I have a quick question that I can't seem to answer myself lol or find anywhere ... Jolly time healthy pop kettle corn 94% fat free (a full bag) says 3 points plus points... Im doing the old points system. Can someone tell me what the points value would be on the old points system. It's hard to figure out from the nutritional value chart (at least for me today)
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