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Originally Posted by lostcause View Post
welcome Irishowl and sportschicke and good luck.
Thank you!
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Hi folks! My boyfriend and I started WW for the first time 4 weeks ago. We are each looking to lose a total of 60lbs. We both hit our first goal with yesterday's weigh-in. Woohoos! He's steadily lost weight each week. I lost the first week, maintained the following two weeks, and lost again last week. I'm going to assume this has to do with my cycles (sounds like a great excuse, right?)

So far I'm finding WW very easy to follow. The site has some delish recipes!! Boyfriend has TWICE as many points per day as I do, which makes me grumble at times, but we're both doing well at staying within our limits. He generally uses most of his weekly points, but I do not.

I find the WW community very disorganized and am glad to find 3FC! I'm looking forward to following not only the WW forums, but others too. You never know where great ideas can be found!
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I'm Whitney. I just joined Weight Watchers and I'm loving it! I've always tried to lose weight for all the wrong reasons but this time I'm doing it for myself. I tried visiting the WW forums but they're just not as friendly as these ones are. I work crazy hours as a substitute teacher and also retail after school. I'm hoping to find a steady teaching job so I can go back to having a normal life. I've got a great boyfriend who has been a wonderful support system.
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Hey all! I'm Maggie and I'm so excited I found this site! This is my second time loosing weight with WW and I haven't been doing so hot. The first time I did meetings for the first 3 months and it allowed me to really start a momentum that allowed me to keep loosing weight for a few months after all by myself. Now I'm trying it again alone and it's been really difficult. I've been loosing and gaining the same 15 pounds for a few months now and realize I just need a support system that allows me to feel like I'm not the only one trying to lose weight while keeping me accountable. So hopefully you'll be seeing me post at the weekly weigh in's and know I'll be cheering you all on! (I one Best Team Spirit from my swim team in high school, so I'm no stranger to it :-P)
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Hi everyone! My name is Crystal im 26 and have struggled with my weight all my life. When i think about it i never really struggled i just decided i was happy with myself...which was a bold faced lie. Ive seen WW results around me 3 people at my job are on it and to see them progress has given me hope. I ordered the at home kit monday and it is due to arrive tomorrow so im pretty stoked about it! Its time for me to face reality I need to lose the weight for my health, happiness, and hey since im getting married next year...for that wedding dress to look even more amazing then it would now!
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Talking Hi

Hello...my name is Samantha and I am 35 (might as well say 36) years old. I am new to 3fatchicks.com but not so new to WW. I am on WW points and really need to start using it again. I start out great by logging in all my food and beverages and then something happens and I stop. I am trying to get back in to working out and logging my points. I see that there is a lot to offer on the WW link...recipes, advice, etc...and I can't wait to get started!

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Hello there. I'm an old 3FC member and haven't been on in ages. But I recently started Weight Watchers through work and knew I could find good support here. I started last week and have my first weigh in tomorrow. Here's to hoping I lost something! I have been hovering around 175-185 for quite some time now and I want to break through this plateau!
Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but they can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake.

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*popping in to say hello*

I've had a 3FC membership for a while and I may or may not have posted (I can't remember LOL) but I've been steadily "on the wagon" for a few months and doing weight watchers for about a month now. (I've done it before but I really love the set up of the new program). Anyway I tend to obsess over the numbers and thought I could use a support group, someone who understands!

About me - I'm 32, I have two kids (10 and 6).... I go to school full time and run a book blog in my *cough* spare time *cough*. I'm thankful for summer break - at least for now, lol.
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I've always counted calories in the past, but have decided to give Weight Watchers a try. I've actually been paying on my WW membership for months but it's been sitting dormant. Last night I played with all the online tools and familiarized myself with the plan and downloaded the mobile app. Also went grocery shopping for some wholesome foods. Here's hoping I'll be able to stick with WW and lose some of this weight for good!
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Hi, guys. I guess I should have posted here first, I just kinda jumped into the mix.

I'm Alaina. I'm a full-time college student in Oregon. I'm 34 and have 6 kids in a his/ hers/ ours sort of arrangement.. they're 4, 8, 15, 15, 16, 17. I actually joined 3FC a couple of years ago- I think I was looking for low-carb info, but never actually posted. The hubz joined WW for free last summer due to working for the state (it's a perk), and so while I didn't get to go to meetings, I was able to use the booklets & slider to successfully lose 30 lbs. (from 222 lbs.) on my own between June and September. In that final month my hubz and I split up due to his infidelity.. it was a crazy, emotionally stressful time and counting points layed to the wayside. We ended up getting back together, but I just didn't have it in me to restart tracking. This past May I'd had enough of seeing the weight creep back (I'd regained 16 lbs) so I said "enough is enough!" and got back on the WW wagon. He got me a points calculator and that, along with yoga, and my favorite at-home workout program Bodyrock.tv I've managed to lose 20 lbs. in the last nearly 1.5 months. I'm currently 188, and my goal is to get to 145, or a size 10- whichever is first. I don't think I want to be much thinner than that, but I guess I'll reevaluate at that time. I'm hoping to get a full-time job this Fall (it's my last term of school and I've been unemployed for well over a year now), and my intention is to join WW meetings to get me through the last phase of my weight loss. I can't wait!

I've gotten to talk with a few of you, and I just want to say y'all are a great bunch of people. It's nice being around peeps in a weight-loss oriented environment who aren't all judgmental-ly. It's hard talking to my RL friends/family because they don't understand WW, they don't understand that I can have ice cream and pizza if I want to because I responsibly budget for it. They don't get it now, but I hope to be a good influence regarding weight loss when they see it falling off and sticking off me.. and then I can be a resource for them if they choose to follow in my footsteps. The best part? My kids seeing me take control of my life. I've been overweight for just over a decade, and I can't wait for them to see me happy, and healthy, and able to play around with them.

Hope you all have a lovely week.
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I'm a "lifer" who has decided to give WW another go after gaining most of my weight back.

My husband passed away about 6 months ago, and of the 3 boys, only one is living at home. He is trying WW with me...which makes it easier.

First goal: 211.5 ~10% acheived 8/4/11
Second goal: 199 ONEderland acheived 9/14/11
Third goal: 185 ~ 50 lbs acheived 11/2/11
Fourth goal: 155!!
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Talking New to the forum

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but am really excited about this journey i am starting and am excited about meeting new people that I can relate to. I am 28 years old and have 2 children at the age of 4 1/2 and 2. I work full time and am trying my darnedest for this to be the last time that I join weight watchers. This is my 4th time coming back, and this time everything feels different. I have never worked so hard and felt so great! I have always been overweight but in April when I went in for a physical, i broke in tears as soon as the Dr. walked in. I was at my heaviest ever and I was on the verge of a breakdown. My Dr. said something that had never struck me as clear as it did that day... "Grace, you are not living... this is no way to live"... my emotions were out of control, my marriage was rocky and my weight was out of control as well. The very next morning, I attended a 7am weight watcher meeting. It was time for me to gain control of my life again! I am closing my 3rd month with weight watchers and I am -28.4 lbs!!!! This is the most I have ever lost!!! I am excited to keep going and have the same drive that I did that first week of tracking and counting points!! This forum seems like it will be such a blessing to me and I hope that I can give you all some good advice as well. Nice to meet everyone and here's to a great week!!!
You'll never have a shot at yesterday, but you'll always have a shot at tomorrow

1 for every 5 lbs lost!
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Hi all! I've been on this board for awhile, but joined Weight Watchers at the end of June, so figured I should introduce myself. My name is Erika and I live in beautiful Northern Ontario Canada. I am a professional career woman with an eight year old autistic son and juggling work and a child with special needs has led me to use food as comfort in times of stress. But I came to the realization that if I don't tame my ways, that I will be no good for anyone, so I made myself accountable to myself by joining Weight Watchers at Work and so far down 3 lbs. Tomorrow is my next weigh in, and although I feel bloated, hoping the weight loss has continued. Looking forward to contributing to the board!
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Hi everyone I am Jenn 36 yrs old originally from southern CA, but now in HOT Mesa AZ
I am wife to my buddy Andy for 14 years and Mommy to 3 Girls 12,9,7
I lost 130# over a 3 year period back in 2005ish and have gained back 60 since 2008. I followed the WW points program, though I didn't ever join or go to meetings.
I am trying to re-lose it and then maybe some more as well. Working the same program since it worked before, and didn't want to have to try to learn the new system
My hobbies are reading, and dumb reality tv shows
My family foster's dogs for a lab and giant breed rescue group and we have helped to re-home over 90 dogs in the last three years We also have a "forever" kitty who we rescued 3 years ago.
That's me in a nutshell

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Hi everyone my name is Davida and I joined WW about 3 1/2 weeks ago and so far Im loving it and Im staying encouraged and motivated...I've lost on average 5lbs a week so I lost a little over 15lbs all together. Im really afraid of the dreaded plateau. Hopefully I can make it through. Im 24 and I really haven't yo-yo dieted I just kept eating and eating because it "taste" so good. WW is helping me be more conscious of my eating habits and I am grateful!! Looks as if I could write a book so Im going to quit while Im ahead!!! Good luck everyone!!!

Make love NOT mashed potatoes!
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