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Hi. My name is Jean and I just turned 60 in April. I need to lose a bit of weight and hoping this will work. It is amazing when one day you look in the mirror and can't believe it is you. I never thought I would get this big. I don't feel bad, except going up steps makes me a little breathless but other than that I am okay. My first goal is to get below 200. Good luck to everyone on their journey.

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Hi everyone! I've been dealing with my weight issues for a number of years, and have tried pretty much every plan out there. I have done WW before, but not for a number of years. I decided to try it again and really focus and give it my all. I am doing WW from home, and I'm using the mobile app to track. I have a LOT of weight to lose, but I am determined I'm happy to be here and looking forward to sharing your stories, and using the forums to help me stay on track.

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Hi all
I just joined the forum yesterday and am still learning to find my way around; so bear with me. :-)
I never wanted to join WW, because I strongly disliked their commercials on TV. However... now I'm doing it anyways. So is life. What convinced me to try WW was that they don't forbid any foods but rather teach you moderation.
Here's an extract from my Introduction in the Introduction Thread, feel free to skip :
I have always struggled with my weight and I've been on an abundance of weird and not so weird diet programs. I come from a place where I was made to believe I was fat and ugly even if I was not. I was pushed to follow this and that diet program, lost and gained weight. However, I got wiser with age (37, LOL) and finally accepted that first and formost I have to love myself. Body Shaming of any kind is a huge no-no for me nowadays and I fight it fiercely, for me and others.

There are several reasons for me why I want to lose weight now. For one, I'm sick and tired of my doctor telling me to lose weight when I'm seeing him because I have the flu. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

Secondly, I'm not getting any younger and it's better for my health if I lose weight.

I'm also sick and tired of having to shop in the plus size section and thus having to pay an arm and a leg for a pair of jeans that actually fit.

And - last but not least - my partner and I plan to get married in 2016. I will never be skinny (that's just an illusion) and society will probably still call me overweight; but I can go down to a size where I feel comfortable and where I feel beautiful in a wedding dress.

I'm currently on my third week on Weight Watchers. I just did two weeks Easy Start and am now on my first week of ProPoints. I'm not going to meetings, as that's just not my thing. In my country, WW does not offer an online forum or any other form of online support, which sucks. Therefore, I was looking for a general weight loss community.

In order to succeed, I need to plan. And that's also my biggest challenge. I plan our menues on a weekly basis and write our shopping lists accordingly. I try to plan smart, but still I feel that after work I spend the majority of my time planning and cooking, which is time that goes away from partner and hobby. But we're working on improving our routines. :-)

And in case you're curious: I've started out at 128.7 kg at the beginning of October and am at 126.6 kg as of last Saturday. First goal is to come down to 120 kgs. I've learned the hard way that it's always better to start out with small goals.
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Hello everyone! I am so glad to be back on WW. I have struggled with my weight since I was in middle school and pretty much yo-yo dieted all the way through high school. In college I reached my highest weight from stress eating and lack of exercise, and I finally decided to stick to my guns and lose the weight, which I did. For the last few years I have been struggling with losing & regaining the same 15-20 lbs. Last year I finally got to my goal, and I was steady for several months. My husband and I decided to have a baby, and during my pregnancy I gained A LOT of weight. I'm 6 months post partum now and I still have about 20-25 lbs to go.

Happy to be back on WW! I started it before I got pregnant to lose the last few lbs and it really worked and I love it!
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Default New-ish

Haven't been here in a long time, not new to WW. I'm 30, and 29 weeks preggo with my 2nd. I am due in April and plan to rejoin WW then :-) as soon as I can exercise again I'm starting PiYo :-)
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Default Really new!

Hi everyone!

I'm new to WW. i just joined PointsPlus yesterday. I went to a meeting, but feel like I could benefit more from having online support as well, so I just joined here!

About 8 months ago, when I turned 30, I decided to get my life together. I quit smoking, then a few months after, I enrolled in college. Now that I'm in my second semester as a college student, I'm ready to tackle my weight.

I have to say, I lost about 50 lbs before on my own, and maintained for two years, but with quitting smoking and starting school, I've since regained 19.

I'm hopeful that this time I'll be successful for good.
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Default Hello! Former Flexer

And back with my old materials, including the ancient slide rule calculator.

I'm getting too old to carry around 40+ extra pounds. This is for my future.

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Hello! I'm Mandy and I'm 29 years old from Southwestern Illinois. This is my 4th attempt at Weight Watchers in the last year and I am absolutely determined to make it stick! I started back up on March 2, 2015 and I'm currently down 6.6 pounds and already feeling better because I'm eating better and exercising. I've always been heavy, thanks to genetics, but the last 4 years I've been working an EXTREMELY sedentary job, so mindless eating has made my weight absolutely balloon. My mom died at age 55 (when I was 25) due to complications from a myriad of illnesses, and I don't want my weight to be the reason why I can't live past my mid-50's.
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Hi all, this is my first attempt with WW. I know so many people who have had lasting success on this plan, I figured I'd try it. I've done everything from South Beach to Zone Diet, low-carb diets, plant-based eating, juicing, CrossFit, heavy weightlifting w/ huge amts of protein intake, etc. and nothing has afforded me anything but short-term results. This seems like a nice, middle of the road, not-so-extreme plan. I don't have a ton of weight to lose, but I'm up almost 30 lbs since my wedding 5 years ago (I dieted and exercised myself down to 130 lbs for the wedding). That weight isn't really something I view as maintain-able, so I'll try for 140 lbs and see how I feel. I've been doing WW for almost a week now and I've been exercising about an hour almost every day. It feels good to get moving again.

I am pretty good about staying on track when I'm at home, but I travel for work and that's where I get into trouble. I have a very busy summer coming up with multiple family vacations and several weeks out of town for business, so I am definitely worried about that! I've been good so far about drinking my water which, in the past, has been a real challenge for me (I generally detest the "plainness" of water) and I've managed to keep my alcohol intake to a bare minimum... my vice is a couple of glasses of red wine at the end of the day... this is where business trips kill me.

All that said, it's nice to be here and see all of the ladies who are on the same journey, sharing ideas for meals and points, snacks, and just the general support! Best wishes and I hope to see y'all around!
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Hi all,

I ran across this forum when googling a question regarding WW, and thought I could benefit from joining this forum. I am 32 years old and ready to lose some weight, so I joined WW a little over a month ago.

In 2009 I had my first baby, followed by my second in 2010 and my third in 2012. I have either always been pregnant or breastfeeding, so I never did anything to actively lose weight.

About a month ago I reached my highest weight at 193 LBS and decided I needed to do something. No more saying tomorrow I will start, which is something I seemed to be saying ever since I had my daughter in 2012.

My best friend and a co-worker both were saying wonderful things about WW so I decided to join to see how it would work for me. That and some excersizing helped me to lose 9.6 LBS so far. It could have been more if it wasn't for me having gained back some of the weight I lost during the week of my birthday . However, so far I think I have done pretty good, I almost lost 10 LBS in a little over a month and I am starting to even see it a little. Even people that do not know I am on WW are asking if I have been losing weight, which is a great feeling!

For starters I would like to get down to at least 150 LBS and maybe even 10 or 20 more LBS after that, but I did not want to set such a big goal for myself just yet. Let's just see where this journey takes me. I am excited to join this forum and hope to learn some from you all!
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I'm Kate. I am married to a soldier, we have two daughters, 3 cats, and 3 spoiled rotten chihuahuas. We just moved to Alaska (2 months ago) and last week we learned that the unit my husband is in will dissolve next year so we are already planning a move back to the lower 48.
I am a writer and I spend all of my time at this computer; either writing or doing research. I have spent the last six months cutting stuff out of my diet in monthly increments and now I'm ready to kick it up a notch so I joined weight watchers. I have lost 3 pounds in the last 4 days-heh. I spent the day yesterday making a bunch of portioned healthy 'tv' dinners for the freezer to eat while I work (I write at night and sleep in the mornings) so I won't grab junk food.
I have been training for my first 5K (this Saturday!) and while I don't run, I have gotten faster at walking in the last month and now hit my 3.1 miles in less than an hour!
I have a goal of 100 miles in June, and want to add miles each month to keep it challenging.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum but not to weight watchers. I have done ww in the past and have had great success. I'm a divorced mother of one son. I lost my dog last September and was really depressed about it. I gained about 15 since then. I've been slowly cutting out junk and fried foods. Over the weekend, I decided to dust off my weight watchers materials. I don't know the Points Plus method and will be following the Flex. I'm here for support. I need all the help I can get
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Hello all!

I'm SlimgirlWW & I'm only on my second week of WW. I did it when I was 18 but it didn't seem to work but this time around I'm doing Filling & Healthy & loving it! I have a lot to lose (around 7st) so I'll need all the help I can get. Looking forward to getting to know you all x
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Come join us over on WW May chat... Soon to be June Chat... Look forward to seeing you there...
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Hey everyone! I am new to 3FC; but this isn't my first rodeo with Weight Watchers. I have lost over 50 pounds twice, but haven't been able to keep it off. Which means I have to figure out how to make the program work once I reach goal. The first two times, I think my goal was too low. Also, I expected my life to turn magically better. This time around, I'm setting a more realistic goal. And the fact that I will be a lot healthier is enough magic for me.

i'm a little perturbed, though, about the new "points plus" program. I get it, Weight Watchers is about losing weight, but it's also a business. So there's planned obsolescence to the products and tools -- the program keeps changing so you have to buy new stuff. I would prefer to go with the old points program and my sliding cardboard calculator, rather than a digital calculator. Is anyone else doing this?

Thanks for reading!
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