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Hi All.
I'm Jill, full time teacher and mother. I have two boys,8/4, a husband and now a puppy. My life is crazy good. Being on a weight loss program my entire life, I have never really learned how to maintain a weight loss.
This year will be my year. I've joined WW online and am dedicated to reaching and maintaining my goal. With the help of this forum I know I can do it!
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Hello all! I'm Angi. I just joined the forum today looking for a little extra support. Last January I weighed 272.8. I started to do the diet pill thing again but looking back at past attempts I knew as soon as I stopped taking them the weight was coming right back on. I wasn't changing my life really. I wasn't preparing myself for life after diet pills.

I realized one thing I'd done over the years was tell so many people how WW really worked - if you follow it. I knew because I'd tried it years ago and it had worked while I followed it. It hit me how stupid this made me look and sound to tell someone how great WW is but here I was at 272+ pounds. So I decided to finally put my money where my mouth was.

When I joined WW in May I was 267.2 (this is what I'm using as my official starting weight) and I'm now at 245.4

I had more downs in life than ups during 2011 and, being an emotional eater, it was a huge struggle for me. I've had so many "I give up!" days, but in the end, Saturday rolled around, I drug myself out of bed and attended my WW meeting. No matter what the scale had to say or how off plan I'd been that week I faced it. I'm proud of myself for that, for not giving up.

I'm ready to push myself harder - for it to not take me another 7 months to lose 20-ish pounds. I find myself struggling though. So, I'm hoping to find a little extra motivation and inspiration from you guys. :-)
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I am Amy, 35 and have about 100 lbs to lose, have lost 31. I am rejoining WW on Wed. I have done WW a number of times and reached my 10% goal before which is inspiring to me, knowing that I can do this again and succeed even further.

I live in Bucks County PA, am single, work in retail currently but have my Assc. Degree in medical assisting, found out after I graduated that it wasn't the field for me. I'm not sure what is but I hope to go back to school or get a different job after I move to a more metropolitan area this spring...

I have a lot of faith in WW and am really looking forward to getting this weight off!!

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Smile Hi

Hi everyone,
My name is Nicole and I am coming back to weight watchers. I did for a little while last year and only lost 15lbs. So I decided to take a break from dieting and to just maintain my weight loss and come back to it when things slowed down. Well things have slowed down but since starting weight watchers 2 weeks ago I have had no loss. I am hoping that this is just a fluke and that I will start losing again. I don't have much support from friends and would like to find a place to get as well give support and learn some new things that could help me get through this rough patch.
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Smile may have already introduced myself but....

Hello! I'm Christine, I'm 24, 5'6", work part-time (due to lack of full-time) as a fitness instructor, coach and coordinator. I am also completing a post-grad certificate in Publishing at a university in Toronto (Ryerson).

It's a lot of pressure working in fitness to look a certain way...but most of all, I truly need more energy and gaining weight over the past few months (due to stress) hasn't helped in that. I found I was more active during the summer when I was doing Weight Watchers on my own with my old books because I rarely used public transit and walked to work everyday (which were my fitness classes!). So I could essentially eat healthy most of the time and be okay. Now that winter's settled in and I'm located downtown (far from work but closer to other amenities), I do less walking and other outdoor sports. It was -25 C just the other day and so being outdoors is not on the top of my list of things to do.

Either way, I am super busy now (15 hour days; usually 3-4 hrs spent in travel!) and I need to get my energy back! I want to get down to my goal weight of 125-130lbs. So I've got just over 30lbs to go!

I'm giving PointsPlus a shot (on my own because I'm a poor student/part-timer in tons of debt supporting myself). Just here for support! <3
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Smile Just starting. . .

My name is Elley and I am 51. I just started weight watchers. It has been one week and I have my second weigh in tonight. Sooooo curious about any change. It's been a good week--lots of fruits and veggies, swimming and yoga--things I love.
I look forward to reading your posts and getting support and ideas about different recipes!
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I'm Debbie, 44 - just joined WW yesterday. Discovered that my home scale has been lying to me and I'm actually 3 lbs. heavier. I'm at an all time high.

I'm a little nervous about counting points. But know this is what i have to do and to be held accountable at the meetings.
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Smile New Member Here!

Hi Everyone I'm 53 yrs old and have two grown daughters who are teachers. Just started WW Jan. 29th and Lost 3 lbs so far. Gained 3 back but I am swelling due to Mother Nature. I am a type 2 diabetic and on medication (Lyrica) for nerve pain that makes you gain weight, but I'm trying as hard as I can. Lost my mojo the past couple days and sought out this site hoping to get it back here after reading everyone elses stories. That's all for now.
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Hi everyone! I'm Candice and am 28.
I joined WW in January and have lost 10kgs (22lbs) so far. I have a lot of weight to lose, over 60kgs (132lbs). I've started exercising too!
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Default Newbie...Again

Hey All..I'm a repeat WW member who's come back because I'm tired of the weight gain. Here's a brief post I made on my blog this morning:

Well, I signed up for Weight Watchers on Friday (March 16) to help me lose the 50-80 pounds that I need to in order to be happy with my body and improve my self image a little. I've got two daughters that I need to set a healthy example for and I want them to be proud to be seen with me. I want my future husband (James) to be proud to have me as his wife and be proud to be seen with me. I'm tired of being that typical overweight (or in my case, obese) mom who doesn't look like she cares about her weight or anything. I'd love to be skinny enough to wear some of the clothes that I've seen in the stores but that don't come in my size. I currently wear a size 16 in Old Navy Jeans (18s are a little more comfortable) and a size XL in their shirts. I want to be able to wear a size 8/10 in jeans and a size medium/large in shirts. I realize that because my hips are wider than the average female, this means that I may be a size up in jeans. But realistically, anything is better than what I'm currently wearing.
Goal: 50 pounds by 10.4.18 (35th birthday)

Goal for Spring: 26 Days of Workouts
Original Start Date: 01/13/2016 (29 lbs lost)
Restart Date: 03/03/2018
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Default I'm on my way to a better healthier me

I am currently doing WW at home. I am doing to old points program as that is the information that I have. I have done WW in the past but this time something is defferent. It just feels right and is going so good. I have been doing WW for 2 weeks and the first week I lost 10.6 lbs and I weighed this morning and have lost 2.4 lbs this week. I was hoping for a larger lose this week but I'm happy with the total lose of 13 lbs. I am on my way to a better healthier me!!!!!

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to chatting with you guys.

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Hi, Im Jennifer from Australia, have just started weight watchers for the 4th time, and the last. Hoping to get into all them clothes in my closet that have seemingly shrunk.
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Hey everyone, I am back on here again. Have been on WW for 2 years now and am feeling like I need a bit of extra help so have turned to here. I have lost 28.4kg (63lbs) so far with another 22kg to go.

I'm from New Zealand.

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Hi! My name is Abby and I joined weight watchers with a friend 2 weeks ago! I actually go weigh in today! My first week I lost 6.5 and am hoping to see at least 3.5 today.

I am 33 years old, a SAHM of 2 and live in MI!

On a side note...how to I get my ticker and signature stuff at the bottom of my posts?
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Hello! Doing WW .... again. It's worked before so I know it will work again! Lowest weight was 123, and it was actually way too thin. Looking back at photos, I looked very sickly thin. But now I'm up to 205, and I'd like to go back down to 130-140. I'm ready!!
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