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Hi everyone! I am new to WW but certainly not new to dieting. I am done dieting and am ready to do something that I can maintain over the long haul. My husband and I would like to start trying to conceive next month, but I've decided i would prefer to lose about 30 pds before we start trying. Hopefully I can do that before the year ends :-) I just weighed in for the first time on WW online and was done 6 pounds...24 more to go before baby making time :-)

So great meeting you all!
"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible." - Arthur C. Clarke

JUST DO IT! - Nike
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Hey ladies! I'm new around here, just signed up for the long haul tonight! I'm Emily, 28 years old, engaged to the love of my life, and the best friend in the world, Ronny; I have three beautiful children from my first marriage and a little 2 year old princess with him! We will be getting married November 3rd of next year...wedding dress shopping kind of gave me a wake up call and I realized how much I really don't like the current state I'm in as far as my weight and health are concerned. I would like to lose and become more healthy and active not only for my wedding day, but for life, for my children!

I love cooking...baking...food in general, but I'm hoping to make some changes and set a good example by choosing better things for myself and my family!

Can't wait to get started and get to know you all better!
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Default Newbie!

Hello all! I'm new to 3FC, not new to WW, but joined 3FC for some support (away from the WW forums ). I'm 28 years old and hail from the great state of Washington (not D.C.).

I joined WW a year and two months ago to lose some weight before my wedding. I was fairly successful, losing about 10 pounds and kind of gave up for awhile after my wedding in October due to some outside stresses in my life (moving twice, losing my mom, etc.).

Well I've gotten back on the wagon and lost all of the weight that I had gained back, so I'm down the same 10 pounds. My problem is consistency and I work better under some structure. I am trying to pick things up again, but I feel like I'm losing and gaining the same 10 pounds (my 5% goal). I know some of it is laziness (failure to calculate points when meal planning, failure to log my points, failure to get my veggies in, failure to drink water), but beyond those things, I just think I've lost the motivation. I think I'm bored with the program and could not find what I was looking for on the official WW board, so here I am.

I'd like to find some people to chat with and hold me accountable between my weekly meetings. I am still not giving up on the program because I really do think it is a fantastic program--it just (like everything) requires you to DO IT for it to work!
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mamaemj: It's cool that we're the same age and actually joined WW for similar reasons (I joined a few months before my wedding too--that wedding dress try on thing can be brutal! ).

Deana: My husband and I too see babies in the future, but was told to lose 20 pounds before we start trying. I'm not sure if we're quite ready for the conceiving thing yet, but I would like the option so when the time is right, my weight is not holding me back.
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Hi! I am a 35 year old single mother of three teen girls, I joined WW online version a week ago, and have 20 pounds to lose.
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New to WW. Started through work and so far love it! I am only on day 3, but so far seems pretty good to me! I am 27 no children (yet) and married almost a year. I have about 100 lbs for my goal weight, but we are taking it in baby steps!
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Default New Here, but not to WW. :o)

I'm new on here for support. I want to lose 100 lbs. I've been off and on WW before the whole point thing even started. LOL First time in '95 and lost all the weight I needed and actually weighed 110! LOL Loved my early 20s! LMAO
So I'm back now at 39 w/2 kids. (Teenager and toddler) and I'm ready to take care of me. My goal is to weigh much less by my 40th Bday next year. I don't have to lose 100 by then, but I'd like a pretty big dent so I can feel good about myself. So if I can stay away from the emotional snacking when I'm stressed out, I'll be fine. LOL
I had started WW last year and had a family issue and gained it back. Then I joined it this year and had lost 12, then gained 17. Went back, lost 13, then gained back 12. So right now this is my 2nd week back on the program and I'm down 4.8 and tomorrow will be my next WI and I hope it's down.
So if anyone would like to chat and give each other support I'd love that!
Sending (((skinny vibes))) to all of us!
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I'm the opposite of some of you, in that I'm very, very new to WW, but not at all new to these forums, although I haven't been around much the past couple of years.

I'm a 23 year old medical student in Texas and I have a wonderful boyfriend that I've been with for the past 3 years, mostly in a long distance type situation, except for the first 7 months of this year when I was living back at home, waiting for school to start back up. I lost all the way down to 178 lbs (which didn't last long), but maintained at around 185-195 for about a year. I never reached my goal weight, largely because I felt like I was developing some disordered thinking when it came to keeping track of my calories and it was hurting my relationship with my boyfriend. I'd freak out about messing up (I'm a perfectionist), cry, refuse to eat out at places that didn't have nutritional info posted, etc. It wasn't healthy for me or for him, so I decided to just stay put and refocus on why I was trying to lose weight in the first place. I was pretty happy. Juniors size 13, could shop most stores, etc. Looking back on it, I was way cuter and smaller than I saw myself in the mirror. Funny how that goes, eh?

Last summer, I did some traveling in Central America for study abroad and some humanitarian work, which left me little control over my food choices, which bumped me up to about 205. I did Wonderslim for about a month and a half after I got back (lost down to 191 on the program), since I was so freaked out about gaining 15-20 lbs in two months, but I ended up developing some stomach problems (gastritis, we're pretty sure) and ended up eating for comfort (counterintuitive, I know!). After that, I really fell off the wagon and ended up at about 217 at Christmas. I was really stressed/anxious about medical school admissions, since competition is stiff, and just generally about big life changes like graduating from college and moving back home.

As far as this year goes, being around my family posed a challenge, since they love to eat out. I was also living full time in the same town as my boyfriend for the first time since we had been together, so we went out on the weekends, etc. By the time I actually started medical school at the beginning of July, I was up to about 240. Now I'm at 250, mostly because I was previously eating way too much due to being tired and anxious about doing well. Snacking is my worst enemy! I'll go into the kitchen, grab a few pretzels, read for 30 mins, lather, rinse, repeat.

I'm optimistic about WW, since it doesn't involve counting calories, which doesn't allow me to obsess as much over every little thing. I used to do things like weigh the amount of cucumber that was going into my salad. Madness, I say! I'm going to try to not overdo it on the 0 points things, especially fruits, for snacking just out of boredom, but at the very least, it's still a better choice than I was making before.

Sorry for such a long post! I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you! I will note, however, that I'm a pretty busy person and might be lurking rather than posting, as much as I wish that wasn't the case.

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Hi Everyone. My name is Laurie and this is NOT my first time on WW. The difference is that this time I am not focusing on the number that I lose every week. It is OK if I stay the same or if I don't lose a couple pounds a week. It will take time and I am willing to invest that time in myself.

I am 55 yo, married, have 5 kids and 12 grandkids. I like to cook, read, be outside and be active.

I look forward to getting to know you all and support each other on our journey to a healthier us.

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. ~Frank Outlaw
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Hello, my name is Angel Anderson, I am 29 years old. Since I had my daughter back in 2009 I have struggled to lose "the baby fat." I've tried all sorts of diet plans, and nothing has worked. Recently I subscribed to Weight Watchers and I am very impressed on how organized the website is and the accuracy of the points. I hope to lose around 40 lbs by this time next year
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Hi my name is Ronnie and I am a repeat offender in the weight loss arena.. I have done MRC, Weight Loss Clinic and Medifast and now I am giving WW a try. I hear too many great things about it so hopefully this is the last place I will need to go to lose weight.. Looking forward to chatting with folks on these boards..

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Hi I started WW for the first time in March of this year. Lost about 15lbs and just fell off. Now I'm back and ready to kick some fat! LOL!I would like to lose about 75lbs. I have only really tried the Fat Smash before and didn't stick to it either. I know I can lose with WW's because I did before. I love 3 Fat Chicks because there are many different people who share their stories with us here. I look forward to posting more as I continue my journey!
"Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4

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WW Online (and Off!)
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Hello everyone! I've been on and off 3FC for years, but just started Weight Watchers at Work this past January. In spite of suffering a torn meniscus in February, I lost the 30# I regained since my last serious attempt to lose weight, and I am hopping on here because I can't afford the meetings right now but I know this plan really works for me. I think I need a place to post weekly weigh-ins, though, to help keep myself accountable. Otherwise I'm on a never-ending string of promises to re-commit tomorrow, and the next day, and the next....

What seemed to really work for me was sticking to daily points and saving my weeklies for after Friday weigh-ins. Summer got me completely off track and off schedule, but I'm happy that I haven't re-gained too much. I seem to be in a pattern now of gaining and losing the same 5#, but I know that is because I'm not faithfully sticking with the program.

So -- no excuses here. I just need to do what I need to do!

~>New Year's Day Challenge: 220 on 1/1/2012<~
*** Goal #1 - Healthy BMI***
I want to stop finding the weight I've already lost
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Happy Tuesday! My name is Stephanie. I am 34 , married to the love of my life, and the mom of two furbabies (two english bulldogs). I was a police officer for 9 years until a back injury forced me to retire. Which then made me have a pity party and eat...and eat....and eat. I am now a 911 dispatcher and ready to zip off this fat suit I put on! I look forward to chatting with everyone!
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Default New here....Hello :)


I'm new here, and fairly new back to WW, after a LONG break. I'm not, however, new to my own personal weight loss roller coaster. After having my kids, my weight went up ridiculously....probably more than 100 lbs in 4 years. Add stressful job, stressful family life, and moving WAY faster than anyone needed to, and I was pretty solidly obese for far too long. I lost a LOT of weight (about 70lbs) about 12 years ago and kept it off until about 3 years ago....a gig on a really NASTY drug (prescription, not the other sort!!) messed with virtually every system of my body. I gained about 50 lbs, and am now, on the road back. I recently hooked up with Weight Watchers at Work....which I love! It's been 3 weeks, and I'm down about 10 lbs since joining----but I'd started working on weight loss about 2 weeks before joining, so since I started this trek, I'm down about 15 lbs. In addition to WW @Work, I attend an additional WW meeting with my son at a center. The extra support during the week is really nice, and my son and I are really necessary cheering sections for each other. So far it's working for me...but I AM struggling with a couple of things. First, I live in Wisconsin, and winter is coming. Apart from all of our food centered local traditions, I really, REALLY miss all the baking/eating I've traditionally done this time of year. And second, no matter how much/many fruits and veggies I eat in a day, I am ALWAYS hungry....ICK!

BUT...I can do this, right
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