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Default What is my problem? Advice needed!

I have lost 105 pounds in the past 7 months. I have 27 more to go to goal. Within the past three months I have started lifting weights and doing more cardio. I have not been getting enough protein and calories so I have added eating some fat free cottage cheese with Natural peanut butter a few times a day.

All of the sudden I am in the stall of death. No forward movement at all, not one pound! At first when I added the additional protein I lost 4 pounds that week, now, nothing.

Would FF Cottage cheese and peanut butter be the cause of my stall? I was only getting like 700-800 calories a day before adding this to my plan, so one would think it would help with my metabolism. I'd hate to cut it out because I really look forward to my "treats" during the day. It makes me feel like I am cheating when I have my little 1/2 cups of cottage and PB, which helps me resist all the other bad stuff.

Also, could it be the weight training adding muscle that is slowing down the numbers on the scale?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You sure were'nt eating very much before!
OK, here are the facts:
  • 1/2 of low fat cottage cheese has 90 calories
  • 1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter has 95 calories

How many times a day are you eating this? If a "few" means 3, you've added about 600 calories to your daily intake. 1400 calories total isn't a lot, but you've gotten your body used to 800. I think you need to back off a little of the extra calories and introduce them more gradually.

Explanation #2: Are you using any non-scale measures of your progress? You may not be in a stall at all! You may be building muscle and dropping body fat at an equivalent rate. Quite possible for the first few months of a weight training program. When I first started lifting heavy, I weighed 135 pounds with a body fat reading of 27%. After three months (and I was eating more), I still weighed 135, but my body fat % was 21, and my pants size had gone down by two sizes. Definite progress, but the scale said I was in a stall. I'll take that kind of stall any day

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I think the problem is I have been kind of picking at it. When I feel a bit peckish I will go to the fridge, pull out the CC and PB and dip in a little. So I am not keeping an accurate measure of how much I am eating of it. A few times could be two, maybe three tops. But still...I need to stop I think. As much as I love it.

I have a scale that measures body fat but I don't entirely trust it. I have been asking the trainers at the gym to test my body fat for a month now (it's supposed to be a free service they offer..yeah right!). Finally one of them agreed to do it the other day. I asked for the calipers but they said it was better to use the hand held thing (which I think meant they were just to lazy to do the calipers). It said I had 32.6% body fat, which didn't freak me to bad considering I started at 312 pounds and 58% body fat. I am on my way to buffdom, just gonna take a bit.

I am a vegetarian so protein is an issue. I use some of the meat alternatives at dinner to get protein but otherwise I have been relying on cottage cheese and PB.

I think you are right though, I went a bit overboard after 7 months of starving myself I should have eased in instead of diving face first into the Smuckers jar.


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Have you tried a whey protein powder supplement instead of peanut butter and cottage cheese. I get GNC vanilla flavoured whey powder, add water and some frozen strawberries and I have 20g of protein and it's quite yummy.

If you are using Smucker's peanut butter is it the natural kind with no sugar added. I also find that some cottage cheese have a high sodium content so check your label...

You may just be at a plateau but you can't go down in calories IMHO because 800 is already very little. Like Mel said look at your NSV (non scale victories)...

Congrats on your weight loss too
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