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Weight and Resistance Training Boost weight loss, and look great!

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Default I need Advice Please!!

Hello Everyone! Well, I made a big step and joined a lovely ladies only Goodlife. They have beautiful machines/ very easy to adjust to my size. They also have a Fit X lifecycle circuit, free weights and ample cardio machines... airconditioned (so no excuse for hot days!) NOW some of you may remember that I am training for the military (Canadian) next year. Overall goal... lose 50 lbs by Jan29/2005 my 36 b-day. Be able to perform 7-10 FULL Off the toe MALE style pushups, Run 2.4 km in under 15 min and 12 or more situps in a minute. These are my pre-enrollment fitness requirements. My Dilema......
I went to visit a Personal Trainer at my gym. They make you feel like you will get 3x's the results 3x's faster than working on your own. I would love to have someone help me, but here is the kicker... they cost ALOT of money.... $52.00/ hr or $35.00 for 1/2 hr. To be effective, I'd think I'd at least need to book an hour (as I don't think much can be accomplished in 1/2hr!!) once or twice a week. That equals $1,200.00 once tax is added on for 20 sessions. I was planning on following BFL by myself fo awhile, but since talking to the trainer I am doubting I can meet my goals by myself. I want to meet my goals in as fast time as possible, and I am wondering if I will make greater strides with a PT. I could maybe squeeze together the $1000.00 but it would be hard. I am wondering if BFL will give me the strength needed to meet my goals, or if I should suck it up and hire a trainer for 20 sessions... That would have to be a one time investment because I could not afford to hire a trainer all the time!! I am feeling scared that maybe I won't be able to do this alone. Please tell me what you think I should do!!! Do I "INVEST" in a PT...or do you think I can do this on my own? Thanks for your help....
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Do you have any experience with weightlifting?
I think you can achieve your goals with BFL if 1) you are highly self-motivated and 2) STICK to the nutrition, cardio and truly challenge yourself with the weights.

If you don't have much experience but know that you can stick with it, purchase a few sessions and use them up front to learn exercise form. Do your workouts for a few weeks, then purchase a few more sessions to learn new exercises.

Best wishes

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