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Greekgirl 05-09-2004 11:10 AM

LWL #153: Week of May 9-15
Hello LWL!

It seems like last week was especially hard on a lot of us, Tiki, Mrs. Jim, Silverbirch, lessismore, Airegrrl, JC to name but some. (where's Mel?)
It is really wonderful to get to read everyone's philosophies, they DO help me too, it's seeing in words what I feel a lot of times and it really helps me stay focussed on what want for myself too. Thank you all!
Meg's idea about the best of LWL sounds good!

I have had a very busy week too preparing for my final move from Greece to France, working, AND being busy all over the house preparing for the tons of crap that are going to come in (my stuff) from Greece at the end of the month.
The good part is that I have lost 5 pounds so far and have tried successfully to adhere to the Trinity.
What helped me a lot was:
1. always having cottage cheese in the house and egg whites, because every time I felt like snacking I had something quick and healthy I could not feel bad about at hand.
2. I started cooking dfferently for sweetheart and me: sweetheart gets the standard stuff, a little revved up as he needs to gain on 3500 cals a day, and me the healthy stuff I prepare at the same time ( do taste but only that).
Exercize: cardio/weights 5 times this week (am going walking 2 hrs today) but strict and good!This has made me feel a whole lot better...Mrs jim's quotes were also especially good, I glued them to the fridge, Thank you ( by the way, how's the subforum on recipes going? any news?)

I have a six month goal to lose the 20 pounds I need to, so am way on track!
Goal for the next 3 weeks (on the run through 3 countries):
1. Stay clean with food
2. get my exercize in (this should be easy, my gym membership in Athens is still valid and my best friends are all there).
3. lose another 4 "real" pounds at least
4. Minimize stress by organizing everything I do as best as possible
5. not giving in when taken to dinner
6. Stop drinking coffee as it gives me the shakes anyway like Tiki + my breath smells, bleeeeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a medical check-up the other dayfrom work: BP-perfect, eyesight(with glasses) perfect, lungs-great, heart-super, weight-mwah(but knew that anyway), on the whole pretty cool for an almost 34 yo overweight...

I will probably not be able to mail the coming few weeks although I will try, so i wish you three good weeks with kept goals and as little stress as possible....


Ilene 05-09-2004 11:51 AM

TTFN GG ... I will miss you!!

BfL_Cat 05-09-2004 06:28 PM

Silver - I so envy you your architecture project and being in the UK.... I too love architecture, and being in the US, you just don't get to see much - everything is so much newer, relatively. I'm particularly fond of Gothic architecture and love visiting old churches and cathedrals. I love going to Europe just to look at the buildings! My sister lives in Dublin currently, and I'm hoping to make a visit to see her there this fall in order to check out the buildings there.

Airegrrrl 05-10-2004 08:25 AM

G'morning everyone!

Well, let's see ... Silverbirch is off to Suffolk. GreekGirl is off to France. And I'm off to ... Kokomo. Hmmm. Such is my lot in life. :D Had an uneventful weekend; first three commencements went swimmingly.

One element of IU commencements that I'd forgotten about is the buffets that are provided for the travelling organizers. Generally, I'm OK with buffets -- I can usually pick and choose my way through the minefield. However, yesterday I found myself engaged in a longstanding internal dialogue that I've not paid much attention to before. It goes something like this:

"Gosh, big buffet. Surely there are clean foods there." But then, as I draw near, I remember that I am in the state of Indiana, and as usual, the buffet includes a salad (not dressed, if I'm lucky) some kind of pasta; some kind of chicken or fish/rice/rich sauce combo; some kind of potato casserole; veggie casserole; and if I'm very very lucky, some kind of relatively plain meat.

"OK, I can have meat and salad. I'd like a carb; maybe I'll have a spoon of potatos. No, too greasy; maybe some of the pasta." etc etc etc. I can work myself into a lather with these internal debates. Result: even with some good possibilities, I don't always choose wisely.

So, I'm going to try a new strategy this week. I'm going to take a good look at everything on the table. And then I'm going to step back and take not my first helping, but a deep breath. And then another. And then, once steadied, I will take plate in hand and wade in.

I will fill much of the plate with salad. If there is fresh fruit, I will have some of that, as well. I will have meat. If the only option is in a casserole, I will still have it because I want that protein, and I will eat some of the rice it's bound to be sitting in.

Here's the key: I will have a meal. I will fill my plate once. I will eat it slowly. I will enjoy it. I won't sit there and stew over the 1/4 cup of rice and sauce I'm having or fret about the veggie/cheese casserole. I will simply enjoy it; I need that meal -- it will be several hours before I get anything else to eat. AND I WILL HAVE ONLY ONE PLATE. No seconds; not "just another little bite." No dessert.

I am not going to regain 50 pounds over such a meal, even if I have such a meal every day this week (and I probably will). I can eat clean at breakfast, and I can take along snacks. This is doable.

And it occurs to me that this might be a decent strategy for holidays/board meetings/celebrations/weddings/business lunches ... all those places where you wind up and there isn't much clean food in sight. We've got to eat. And too many times, if I don't eat, I wind up starving, and then I'm in big trouble. Or, I toe the line religiously for that one meal, and fall off the deep end later on. So, here's a vote for making the best choices possible, and sticking to one plateful. Enjoy it. Get full. And stop.

No seconds.

So, that's what I'm trying today.

I see there are awful storms up north, it looks like the east coast is going to get it, too. Stay well everyone.

tikanique 05-10-2004 09:37 AM

Hi all,

Safe travels to all the road warriors. Stay focused on your goals but ALSO have fun and enjoy. GG good luck on the move. I am sure you will wrap this up closer to your goals than you are today.

Good morning my queen

Cindy, so sorry about your sore arms. Yard work can definitely be a bear but the sense of accomplishment makes it worthwhile. I spent Saturday early afternoon cutting my yard. I have an old fashioned lawn mower with the spinning blade so it is a total upper body workout for me. I also cut down bushes and branches and grapevines. I was a complete washout by the time I was finished.

Sunday was cool. I hit the gym for bis tris and also legs. Then i took the crew bike riding, we skipped rope, cooked out, played football, went for ice cream and finished off the day with 30 minutes of Stop, Drop and Read. It was one of the nicest Mother's Days I have had in a long time. I ate some stuff that maybe i shouldn't have, but I also ate some stuff that was right on track. However, I avoided the stuff that starts me into full blown binges.

This AM, I had a eggwhite omelette with veggies, my healthy lunch, etc. is packed and it is business as usual.

Peace. Tiki.

BfL_Cat 05-10-2004 11:09 AM

Good morning LWL!

Geez - I feel like I should be headed somewhere myself!

Robin - great realization about buffets - it's just that kind of thinking that will make us all successful in the long run - "all or nothing" thinking is just going to sabatoge us in those situations. Just do the best you can, fuel your body, and move on.

Tiki - good for you on having much less to confess - you're absolutely right - nothing like the prior ones! Glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day.

Safe travels to everyone who is headed somewhere. And hello to all who are not - seems like we've been a bit quiet lately, but I think it's the warmer weather pulling us all outside to play or work.

I've been having some issues with my left shoulder - I've mentioned it before, but last Monday's workout really overworked it. I had that burning feeling down the middle of my upper arm. A couple EMTs here at work said it sounded like the ligament could maybe be partially torn. I don't have any issues with range of motion, but now it aches after I do anything with that arm. I did today's workout with lower weights than usual, but it's still achy. Guess I'd better go have it looked at. Big fun...


Meg 05-10-2004 01:55 PM

Cindy — please be VERY careful with your shoulder — and I’m saying this from sad experience. What you are describing sounds a lot like what happened to me. I partially tore a bicep tendon and it set me back for a long, long time. I ignored the warning signs — pain, like you have — because I wanted to keep lifting and be tough and push past the pain and all that. Finally, it ripped while I was doing close-grip bench press (which stresses that area — all benching with a bar does). I could actually hear it tear, as well as feel it — it was horrible. Thankfully, it didn't tear all the way through (or I would have needed surgery), but I couldn’t do any upper body at all for more than six weeks and had to go through weeks of physical therapy. Not to mention not being able to sleep at night for weeks due to the pain. Now, almost two years later, that side is still weaker than the other.

So PLEASE stop lifting and get it checked out now before you damage it any further. I know that Mel will agree with me that shoulders are very delicate and you have to be extremely careful not to injure them (I think she's the queen of shoulder injuries :) ).

tikanique 05-10-2004 03:03 PM

oh SNAP!! I almost forgot. Yesterday for the first time, I squatted 80 lbs. Yes y'all, 80 of them. Did one set at 60, went up to 70 then did two sets at 80. Also calf pressed 135 - yepper - 3 of those big old 45lb plates. My legs were smoking when I left the gym.


MrsJim 05-10-2004 04:45 PM

Well, it's afternoon here in Cali, but good morning anyway!
Meg - thanx for the reminder about the tender shoulder area. I had a wake-up call on Thursday night when I started feeling a twinge right between my shoulder blade and spine upon moving my arm a certain way. Turned out it wasn't from lifting (since I took last week off and just did cardio) but from "mousing". Ergonomics came by and I'm feeling better already :) But still, it was definitely a bit of a warning for me!

So did all you Moms have a great day yesterday or what? This weekend was lovely around here - of course I spent a lot of time at the stables. ;) However...starting late in the afternoon yesterday, we had a GIANT windstorm that lasted all night! We might have been blown into Oz, if we didn't have a good solid foundation on our place! :lol: Unfortunately...our next-door neighbors had a loose gate that kept bang-bang-banging and waking us up :( I even got up, got dressed and went out at 1:30 am to try and secure it but no dice - Jim's going to go check it out today after work. Bleaggh.

Both of our moms are some distance away, so we sent them flowers which were much appreciated by both parties. I NEVER send chocolates!

Greekgirl - on the recipes subforum - I'll ask Suzanne if she can implement that - my weekend was a lot busier than I thought it would be - we were supposed to get rain this weekend, but nary a drop our way...I would've been hard pressed to get Jim (Mr. Craigslist Junkie) off the computer at any rate!

We'll try and get it up-n-running by this week, then we can get all those recipes in there...

Robin - I have no travel plans for a looong time. I'd love to go to Yosemite for a weekend though...

POOKIE88 05-11-2004 01:31 AM

Is it Meg-Mel or Mel-Meg? We need you over at WLS!
Meg/Mel: I have been hearing rumors that Meg & Mel are actually the same person. Has anyone ever seen them together at one time? :chin:

We do have an exercise question for Meg-Mel or Mel-Meg over on the weekly exercise thread on WLS. When you get a chance please come over for a visit.

It has to do with a book called --The Spark: The Revolutionary New Plan to Get Fit and Lose Weight-10 Minutes at a Time. Glenn A. Gaesser MD ,Karla Dougherty.

P.S. I went to the Barnes and Noble website and ordered Body For Life and Eating for Life. I love all the tips I get on this forum. They have helped me so much so I decided to read those books because I heard so much about them on this forum.

Pookie going back home.......... :kickcan:

Meg 05-11-2004 07:15 AM

Why, good morning to you too, Jack! And what time are you going to be at the gym today? :devil: :devil: :devil:

Pookie -- here's how you tell Meg and Mel apart: she's about a month older, half inch shorter, and twice as strong. And she's a certified personal trainer, so she knows what she's talking about. Unlike me, who will :blah: :blah: endlessly about things I know nothing about! :lol:

I've also read that the idea in your book is true -- that little bits of exercise will add up in a day to be equivalent to one big workout. Perhaps the real Mel will have a comment! :D Good to see you around, my hamster buddy!

I did legs yesterday for the first time since April 1 -- got right back to track lunges and squats -- and oh my! Let's just say I'm :love:ing the feeling! Legs today, Ilene?

Ilene 05-11-2004 08:05 AM

The village:doh: :joker:has arrived!!
MeG --- YES!!!YES!!!YES!!! (don't I sound like the Herbal Essence commercial!) I will do LEGS :strong:today.... And I can't wait!... It's a beautiful sunny day :flow2: out and it has given me renewed energy!!!!
So on this short note I'm off before anything happens to slow me down!
Later... and :wave: to the rest of the LGWL!

Mel 05-11-2004 08:44 AM

Hey! I want to be the evil twin :devil: Doesn't the evil one get to have more fun? :lol:

Pookie- I'll try and take a look at your post about the book- contrary to Meg's description, I also can blather on and make noises that sound like I know what I'm talking about. Sometimes they even make sense.

Cindy- Please listen to the other shoulder victims here. I've been lifting for years with a partially torn rotator cuff and chronic inflammation of the interior and anterior cuff area and bicep tendon. Somedays it hurts to pull up my jeans. I'm out of the gym for a bit now, and hoping it will recover. If I were smart, I would have rested it 4 months ago. Please make sure you done't have any strucutral damage- tears, bone spurs, etc., before you decide to just work through the pain. BTW, bench presses with a bar are the worst possible exercise for anyone with present or past shoulder/bicep injuries. Using dumbells instead allows you to vary the angle at which you hold the weight just enought to take the stress off your shoulder. The other trick, if you're a bench press fanatic, is loosen your grip. That bar really only needs to rest on your hands. The white knuckle, hang on as tight as you can grip just leads to more shoulder problems.

Hi everyone! Sorry this is so brief :^:


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