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Old 01-27-2004, 06:18 AM   #31
Crazy Candian in Aus
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Default Hello!!

Hey girls! What a great start to the week!!

Count me in on the challenge, I just put Day 3 to rest and am ready to sleep sleep sleep!! Leg days do this to me.... my cubicle neighbour asked me today why I was eating ALL day... told her I did a heavy legs workout. She gave me the bulk up = heavy weights, I just told her to get going to her wussy pump class and to be quiet!! (we get along really well and tease each other all day, we just have different views on exercise and eating - - which I can live with, at least I don't have a human vending machine beside me - - that is the guy 2 rows down!!)

Not much else to report... back to work after a long weekend and I struggled. I had a day where everyone who was on the phone was a stupid person and I had NO patience today. I don't have many days like this, but I left at 5pm sharp and had 4 more calls on my mobile (cell) phone before I turned it to voice mail for an hours peace and quiet. Came home and had a bath, wrote in my journal and feel a sense of peace. I think I am taking too many yoga classes!!

JC - I am sooooo tempted to buy that book online.... did you get yours from Amazon?

The EAS distributor claims to have stock in January... hello?? Feb in how many days??

Well... time to load up the MP3 player with some new tunes, been awhile and my Bony M phase was gone last week... need something new..... hhhmmm....

Have a great day everyone!

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Good morning, ladies! Iím chipping a layer of ice off of me as I write this ó well, not me exactly , but everything else is covered with ice and itís supposed to change over to snow this afternoon and tonight. I have gym plans for later, so hope I can get out. Did snow shovel cardio yesterday and legs with Ilene (I wish in person ). Are yours sore? Mine are! I miss doing lunges though, and see the doctor on Thursday about my toes. They hurt all the time when I walk now but I canít imagine what theyíre going to want me to do since they are just toes. Skipping the gym is not an option.

I missed a lot by not being around yesterday ó

Tiki: youíre beautiful! I love your picture. And the seven day challenge is the best idea ever! Thanks for posting the accountability thread, Ilene. Count me in.

Ilene: on the 2#! Hereís hoping it stays away, but with your seven clean days, it has to, right? Then your body will get used to the new lower weight and decide to drop some more ...

Cracking up over the pregnant lady stories ó boy, do they bring back memories. One of my best is getting stuck in my car because I couldnít get the car door open wide enough to get my very large belly out. I had to back my car out of my parking space and find a new, extra wide one before I could gracefully exit.

Yay Karen on the great doctor report! Iím right there with you on the ďno regretsĒ. Dr. Philís on at 10 AM here and I never seem to be home then. Rats! What did I miss?

Tidey ó it really does get easier, doesnít it? The longer I go without tasting the bad stuff or messing up, the easier it is. I need to cross-stitch this on a sampler and frame it in my kitchen: Donít Take The First Bite!

Hi to everyone else! And Dip, Iím watching those numbers change under your name .. Iím thinking that this is your last week of being in the 180sÖ ever. For the rest of your life. Hey, when you reach your goal weight, let me come to Indiana and be your personal shopper for your whole new wardrobe ó it would be so much fun! After a day at the spa, of course!

OK, here's to a clean day for all of us on the Great Tiki Clean Eats Challenge!

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Good Morning, LWL!

Wow, so much chatter since last night. Back in the old days when pregnancies weren't necessarily so precisely planned and just happened, seems like we just did a crash course on how to take care of baby. Pregnancy was my "license to eat," which I did for sextuplets, not just the little guy. I went from around 150# to 232# the day before delivery of a 6# baby boy. The pay-off for all that weight was sciatica in a bad way, as well as extremely high blood pressure, a self-induced obesity problem thereafter, and some really bad circulation that plagued me til a year ago. ~If I only knew then what I know now.~ JC, best wishes for your "endeavors." I admire your dedication to be informed on such an important subject!

We have snow on top of ice on top of snow, and I'm sure glad I don't have to go anywhere today. I'm hoping by tomorrow the roads will be clear so I won't hyperventilate when I go for groceries. I'm not afraid to drive in it; it's the other guy who is running late for lack of preplanning that I worry about. Also, what's with people who think they can see when they only run the defroster to clear their windshield?

Mrs. Jim - Happy to hear you say you have no regrets and that you have healed so well. When I read your posts, I think, "I want IT! I want IT!" but then I stop and think of the reasons I shouldn't and the chances I'd be taking. At my age, I have to leave room for really necessary surgeries that may have to be in the future, because I've had too many already. But it doesn't mean I *won't* do it when the time comes. If anything, I think I would have my arms done first.

BTW, I'm with you on Dr. Phil. Yesterday's show was another good one. I get him at 3PM as my day is winding down, a perfect time versus 2PM last year. (VCR challenged.) I bought the food guide, and just began to look at this morning, and read the first line - "Get excited." I get very excited because from personal experience through this journey, I know Dr. Phil has "nailed it" for the weight loss dept. I'm always asking myself if I didn't have the jump-start that I did, would I be just starting Dr. Phil's program? Even having the jump-start, he has been invaluable to me. Bob Greene was good, but Dr. Phil - wow! (Not to mention LWL!)

IN Robin - how's conditions down there? Did you make it to work, OK? Indianapolis schools are closed, something like the first time in 20 years. So judging by that, it must be pretty bad in the city.

Meg - You're on for that shopping trip! I'd be happy to meet you half way, maybe in Columbus. I'm not counting my chickens about making 179 this week. As ledom said, "Food good, exercise good, scale stuck." Again. Also, I'm doing some experimenting and changing around of the split, routine, and cardio. But I'm hopeful! and will work hard at it since it's so close.

Big hello to everyone and hope you have a safe and healthy day! Check back later!

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Default I'm in!!

7 days, no cheating, i'm in!
and thanks for the encouragement Ilene. i biffed it again yesterday, i ended up working over 12 hours and came home starving and my husband had ordered pizza and i was too tired to make something healthy for myself.
3 slices
well i'm turnin a new leaf: no junk for 7 days
i see you started a new thread for that so i'll visit there.
well i found out i got the promotion i wanted at work. by the way JC,
if you have any OB related questions, don't hesitate to ask me--i'm an OB nurse. i work at this natural birth center, i love it. well i usually am on call 2-3 days per week, and i get paid to be on call and if i get called in to help with a delivery, i get paid pretty well for that. Well another nurse covers the entire rest of the month of call time, and she gets paid SALARY, a pretty nice salary. Well, she just put in her 3 week notice a week ago and i'd been waiting to here from my boss and i just heard yesterday-- i got the job!
so now i'll be on call 24hrs a day, 22 days a month
but i really won't be actually at work a whole lot more than i am now, i'll probably get called in mabey 3 more times a month or something, we only do about 5 -10 births a month there. and i'll make double what i made this past year. so i'm excited but i worry how it will effect my exercise routine.
i have to be ready at a moments notice, and i already live 25 minutes away from the birhcenter. i think i may have to renew my gym membership after all, i can't count on going for runs, or bike rides, if i get beeped 3 miled from my home, i'm in trouble. but if i'm at the gym i could take a shower there and go, and i suppose i can afford it now
the gym's here are expensive! for one year it's $100 down and $49 per month!
how much do ya'll pay? don't mean to be nosey, just curious
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One day at a time
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hey all,

been lurking a little but wanted to join in on the clean eating challenge. i'll post more later and let you know how it's going.

btw, if officially laid off. I think i like sleeping past 4 a.m.
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Elasky - I was just about to sign off when I saw your post. Congrats! on your new position.

My friends are going to crack up at this one, regarding my gym. I joined in 1995, a chain that membership is good at any of their ladies only facilities. The initial sign on was so much down, and a contract for, I think 2 years. Although I went for the first few months, I didn't make it a habit. But after I paid off the contract, I kept my membership for a modest annual fee since. I started back In October, '02 with the intention of preparing for surgeries in December and then February '03. A week after the 2nd surgery, I went back to begin walking and light exercise, and have been faithful since, and have my own home gym area now. But I use the gym, have access to the classes, the pool, sauna and have my inches and body fat% done by them every 20#. Since I am a "life-time" member, I pay $12.00 a month, up from $10.00 last year. I talked my DIL2b into joining in '02, and she had a similar deal like yours, and is still paying off the contract. But if she doesn't keep her membership up, I will pay it for her, even though her life-time membership will cost more than mine, based on how long I've maintained my membership. Maybe I paid for nothing all those years, but as it turned out, it did pay off in the long run. The investment in yourself is more than worth it, I think.

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yeah your right. your gym has a lot more than mine too, all my gym has is cardio and weights, thats it! so for just that, i think it's very expensive. but it's one of only 2 gyms in my town. the other one is even more expensive and smaller with less weights and cardio machines but they do have a pool and hot tub, raquet ball courts and steam rooms and sauna. and then there is curves which is cheaper but they have no where to put my 20mo old and i found it dreadfully boring the year i did go there.
my mom goes to YMCA but thats about 25 minutes away and i know i won't drive that, my gym is like 7 minutes away. Oh and Baly's is like 15 minutes away but it's over crowded and, honestly, GROSS. they don't clean there or something.
So.....guess i'll have to keep paying top dollar.
but it is worth it. did my lower body workout Sunday, boy my a** hurts today!! and i got a message afterward little christmas present from my mom. hopefully back again today for upper body and cardio, if the weather holds out.
sw 213lb/ cw 183lb/ gw 155lb
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Hi everyone, nice to be back after the weekend.
Nice to hear everyone is doing a clean eating challange, it is just what I need to get through this last week until i measure and photo for the end of my first 4 weeks. So I guess I am in

Next week I was thinking of upping my cardio to 5- 6 days per week instead of just 3 but continue on with my three days of weight training. Anyone else do cardio every day, and if so how do you find it? I was thinking it may make me too tired for my lower body days but wanted to ask how anyone else found it. It is just that I need something new to change up the old routine, maybe if i do that it will get me through the next 4 weeks and then I can change something in the last 4 weeks so it will keep my body guessing. I get bored easy too and need to change it for my own motivation as well. Any comments on this are really appreciated.

Nice to hear all of you are having a good week......

JEC- folic acid is a wonderful thing, it is what saved my daughter from having a number of illnesses during pregnancy. I had a high risk pregnancy and I am sure it is what prevented many bad things from occuring, giving her a healthy and normal life that she has today......I also read every article, book and asked many questions to the doctor as well as attending prenatal classes to ensure I was getting the required things I needed to have a healthy baby as well as be mentally prepared for the huge responsibility that is was for me. I also did a lot of swimming during that summer since it was hot and it kept me in great shape , i only gained 32 lbs and had a 8 lb 11 ounce baby. I had to laugh at the hole in the sand, i actually used to lay on a air matress on my belly in the water because it would bend with me....LOL!
you should have seen the looks on some of the faces when i would stand up.....

Nice to hear everyone is all doing well and feeling better these days; hope that snow is not getting you down, it is planning to come here this weekend

Well have a good day, see you on the other thread or tomorrow here..
TaTA for now!
"Ultimately there is nothing to prove to anyone but yourself" ~ Oprah


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Good morning all:

Thanks for the many compliments on my pic. I finally figured out how to change avatars on my IM so I thought I'd try it here too and it WORKED!

JC: It is very wise to get informed BEFORE the pregnancy. It makes the chances of a healthy pregnancy and healthy birth much much higher. As for exercise and pregnancy there was this woman in my high impact aerobic class who had to be about 8 months along. She was in better shape than the rest of the class and she hung right in there. The only thing she did differently was she wouldn't do jumping jacks.

Elasky: Congrats on the promotion. When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my city (Knoxville) had just opened a new birthing center. I went there and on my first visit, the two nurses drew blood and then couldn't figure out what to do with the different vials. They got out a manual, thumbed through that, made some calls, debated right in front of me about what to do with it. I was TOTALLY freaked. Turns out, I was the 2nd patient to grace the door. Since then, the birthing center is operating wonderfully.

I introduced my son to lunges last night. Once he gets his form together, I will have him hold weights while he does them. He is so NOT graceful right now. I didn't get any cardio in last night, but was up at 5:45 this AM on my bike. My cardio tonight will be snow shoveling which I actually enjoy. I do my house and the old lady next door.

My eats were clean yesterday. I came home starving and made Tidey's banana smoothie - EXCELLENT - I was licking the spoon and scraping the blender. I almost licked the mostacioli (sp?) spoon but then i remembered - NO CHEATING!

Today I have UBWO. I can't seem to get my biceps strong enough to lift more than 15 pound weights. That's were I stopped last year. It's nerve wracking, much like a stuck scale.

I am glad to see so many in on the challenge. Keep up the good work. Your bodies will LOVE you for it.

Peace. Tiki
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Jen asked, "Anyone else do cardio every day, and if so how do you find it? I was thinking it may make me too tired for my lower body days but wanted to ask how anyone else found it."

Jen, I have been doing cardio (treadmill 500-600 calories/1 hour) 6 days for awhile now. I do it first thing in the AM. And have found it does not interfere with my lifting work-outs, later on in the day. If I schedule cardio in the PM, especially a few hours after lifting, I can't give the cardio my all like I do in the AM. I also do a tri-cardio 2-3 X each week, which is bike or stepper to rowing to treadmill. Again, even that much has no effect on my lifting. I think it's a matter of working your way up. This week, I am cutting back a little on the cardio because I think my body has adjusted to it. And then I will work my way back up again. Without the calorie deficit being created from the cardio, I wouldn't have lost the fat/weight, and the lifting has decreased the inches and made me smaller.

Elasky - if you are going to put out the $ and not be 100% satisfied with what you're getting for it at a gym, why not consider building your own home gym, little by little. Where there's a will, there's a way. Good luck! It's a big decision on which route to go.

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Good morning everyone! I'm in on the 7 day challenge...and no fingers crossed for me! I will do it! Not just try.
Congrats on the promotion Elasky!
Well not much to report from here...just another day at work. Though tonight we are supposed to get dumped on and then have it turn to freezing rain in the morning...no work??? We shall have to see....
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Yep, I made it in just fine. Thanks for asking Dip. Actually, it's not too bad here today. We got an inch or two last night, and it's snowing now, but radio says it's supposed to stop by mid-day. I just want the sidewalks cleared by the time I go to my Pilates class. The driving has been easy; it's the walking that's hard, because it's so slippery.

Ilene, I trust you were up with me at 5 this morning ... I put in 45 minutes girlfriend, and feel sensational. I'm tucking into my nice, clean lunch as I type, and getting ready to barrel through the afternoon.

Gotta fly.
Airegrrrl (aka Indiana Robin)

~ The Buddha said, "As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life." ~
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Ilene the Bean
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Indi Robin -- I am sooooo disappointed in myself... I was all worked up to go to the gym this morning... Had the worse sleep,tossed and turned all night... I did get up every hour throughout the night... and last time at 4:30 to get ready... We are just starting with the snow... but that early in the morning it was -22C that's -8F, not counting the windchill factor yet...I was just too tired and when I'm tired I'm not worth .02 cents at the gym... To top my day off I have had THE worse eating day since 1975... I was working at a school near my parents place and Mom was expecting me and she's usually pretty good in the food dept... Today unfortunately, she had just come back from hospital visiting her 88yr sister who passed away at 11AM... So needless to say she had nothing ready... and had only baloney .... ewwwww .... How can anyone eat that stuff on a regular basis, I shudder... So I ate that for lunch!! With coffee and cookies... good god you'd never suspect that both my parents are diabetic with the sweets you see in their house... Anywhoooooo tonite I had a chicken and vegetable stir fry, it feels good to have real food in my body... But the refined carbs from lunch have dragged me down along with the lack of sleep....BUT tomorrow I am at the gym in the afternoon for 2 hours girlfriend!! NOTHING will stop MOI!!
I l e n e
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Hey y'all!

I've been posting elsewhere so dropping in the Weekly Thread for a bit...

Just had my lunch a little while ago - some of that Dad's Green Chili (or whatever it's called!) from the EFL book which I made on Sunday. So far we're three for three on the recipes as far as yumminess - last night I made the Baked Chicken Parmesan and Jim LOVED IT LOVED IT LOOOOOOOVED it! Wanted to know if there were leftovers. Nope, sorry, the recipe only makes two servings. I can't WAIT to try more of the recipes in there. The Shrimp Scampi one looks awfully good. No cooking for me tonight, though - got a riding lesson right after work today! (yay!)

Weather Dept: It's cold here too, but nowhere near as freezing as I've seen on TV and where y'all are. Actually it's drizzling out as I type - that generally means the temps went up a degree or two (when it's freezing cold, we just have fog and frost). Needless to say, our two spoilt kitties are doubtlessly snuggled underneath either our down throw or (more likely) the basket full of warm laundry I folded this morning...

Elasky - I gotta agree with Dip here. If you don't enjoy the atmosphere in your local gym, then you're less likely to go, right? I bought Jim a curling bar and about 100 pounds worth of plates for $20 off a local classifieds board we have here called www.craigslist.org (they're Bay Area centered but opening up in different regions now). Check your local Penny Saver and classifieds - generally you'll find folks selling weights and cardio equipment for cheap cheap cheap - just to get it out of the house.

Jen - I do cardio every day except on Leg Day (Wednesdays). Sunday is my 'optional' day - if I feel like it, I'll go to the gym and kick out a bit of cardio. Most days I do 25-30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical (intervals) except on Thursday when I don't lift - then I do 45 minutes of cardio and some abs (which I just added back to my routine this week, BTW). I'm like Dip - I gotta do my workouts in the AM (early AM - usually at the gym before 5 am). After work, in the evenings, if I'm not riding I would just rather 'kick it' with hubby and kitties, or go visit my sister and her family down the street! Besides, the gym is WAY crowded after work. Bleagh. (incidentally, I don't remember how much I paid as a down payment 10 years ago to 24 Hour Fitness - I think it was $69 or something like that - but I've always paid $24 a month for 24/7 access which works great for me )
Mrs. Jim
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Nola:they fed me that line as well and when I rang last week - it was about 6-8 weeks away apparantly. I bought a cppy of Amazon and got it delivered to an address in the States and they are forwarding it on to me from there.

Elasky - thanks for the offer - I do have one question - what are the pros and cons of a water birth?

Thanks for all of the comments to everyone else.

Karen: I have made the chicken parmesan and it is divine.

I envy all of you ladies who can get up at 4am to exercise. I can't get up before 7am if I tried and sometimes can't do that even. Actually, I think that I may have some type of health problem because I seem too sleep alot. Any ideas?

Abs are made in the kitchen....
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