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Building a program

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Default Building a program

Hi everyone

I'm looking at making up my own program. Anyone care to critique this?

Squats (smith machine)

Lunges (walking or static with weights)


Bench Press

Bent over row

Lat pulldown


Thinking of doing this 2 x weekly. Maybe one day focussing on low reps/high weights and one day focussing on higher reps/lower weights.

Any feedback would be great
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Designing a workout routine is a hassle, but if you know where to look, there are some very good trainers and teachers out there who are more than happy to share their wisdom, like this site, here: http://www.stumptuous.com/category/t.../workout_ideas

Considering you're leaning toward a two day split, check out the Workout 2 Beginner, Upper/Lower
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Ooooh I'd forgotten about Stumptuous! Thanks for that
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I found "The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding" by Arnold Schwartenegger extremely helpful when I developed my program.
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Hi as above the EOB by arnie is great, bit of a workout picking it up actually, it weights the same as a dumbell.

I've notice 2 things actually on your program. 1. drop the smith machine. do proper squats, smith machine takes the load off the supporting muscles. if you feel you need the smith for stability and safety the weight your using is too heavy. if you want to go heavy use a leg press.
start squatting with no weight if needed then progress to DB then BB.

Squats legs
Lunges (walking or static with weights) legs
Deadlifts legs/back
Bench Press chest
Bent over row back
Lat pulldown back
Plank core.

the program is out of balance, you have 2 exercises for upper back and only 1 for chest, also nothing for shoulders. Either add a chest set or drop a back set. personally as your starting out I'd drop a back set and after 3 months change the program. add a shoulder set. seated DB press is probably a good start. there are some big bodybuilding sites around with videos on how to do the exercises with good form.

Form is everything. no form no point. it doesn't matter if your lifting 1kg or 100kg.
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I suggest you find some workouts that have already been created online. This seems to be a bit scattered. I like to focus on different body parts when I workout so 1. I maximize my time with each body part 2. I am not sore all over! haha However, in between sets I also do something rather than just stand there. This would be good for you too.
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