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Weight and Resistance Training Boost weight loss, and look great!

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Default beginner help!

Hello everybody,
I have lost 14 kgs of my weight but i feel myself very old(lol) and tired. And i feel like i will never have a toned body which i want (thanks to the flabby skin)
I want to start resistance training as i read some articles about it and im interested in it if it will do some favour to my body. I have flabby skin in arms and thighs. My basic questions are:
1. What type of excercise should i start?
2. Do i start resistance training too?
3. How many time during a week i need to excercise?
4. Do i need to take protein shakes before excercise?
5.What protien shake is best (which does not hinder weightloss for me too)?
Thats all in my mind right now. Ooops sorry but maybe i will come up with other questions too.
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1. I think you should choose a weight lifting program. Lifting heavy weights will help build muscle (and lose fat at the same time in some cases) and make your body composition more appealing. There are some good beginner's programs out there, like the New Rules of Lifting for Women.
2. Weight lifting is resistance training, and I think it would be the best thing for your situation. I've lost a fair amount of weight as well and it's the weight training that has given me a nicer body composition at my lower weight.
3. Usually 3 times a week is fine It depends on the program. New Rules of Lifting for Women is 3 days a week.
4. Only if you aren't getting in enough protein from other foods. It is debated a bit how important it is to have that protein right after working out, but I like to do it myself. I do drink the shakes because I can't always get my protein from food and it's easier.
5. Whatever protein shake that fits into your calories and macros! I use a few different kinds, one that is 20 g of protein and 85 calories and another that is 30 g for 130 calories. I mix them in unsweetened almond milk because I like the taste.

Lost weight in 2010, had a baby and lost it again, had another baby and now I'm back! My mini goal photos from when I first lost weight here:
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Okay thanks alot for your response.
I have downloaded the book(the new rules of weight lifting for women) and im reading some articles about it. Though i will not be going to gym because there is no gym available nearby my university, i will be doing all this by myself. So all i need now is equipment and then i will give it a start.
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If you're just starting lifting you should spend a few weeks to a month developing you're stabilizer muscles and your neuromuscular ability, you're bodies ability to talk to itself. It's one of the best ways to burn calories and you'll love the progress. It also reduces you're chance of injury and allows to lift later the full amount you're body can handle.
I mean 1-3 sets of 15 reps covering the whole body in 5-6 different exercises or body parts. Alternate the top of your body with the lower part of your body to keep the blood pumping hard for a stronger heart also. Chest legs shoulder legs back and then biceps and triceps optional.
Do slow reps. 4-2-1 tempo. One second to raise the weight, 2 seconds to hold it there, then 4 seconds to lower it.
I'd say shoot for 3 days a week.
After each resistance session it's best to do 20-60 minutes cardio. As in walk an hour, jog a half hour, or do 20 minutes of interval sprints. All depends on your level, circuit training in the place of cardio is awesome fun too. My gym has a circuit room and that's great to keep it fun.
As far as protein. According to the latest journals and research more is better and it should be from whey. Myopro protein is my favorite. Fast acting and full of vitamins. Also adding protein before and after your workout as in two 20 gram drinks is good. Adding bcaa to the before is great for growth and less soreness too. I aim for one gram of protein per pound or 2 grams per kg. im only happy and healthy if I stick to that. If you workout over an hour add some gummy bears or a Gatorade to replenish glycogen.
Protein is the only supplement you need but I swear by no xplode. Oh my god it's great. I'm eating the raw powder right now. Lol.
Best thing is to get a good trainer.

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