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Hi all and Jamie(you gave me some suggestions on the boot camp thread),
I love hearing about everyone. I'll give you all a little bio. I'm 33. My husband and I have been into fitness for about 3 years now. After We had our baby we both had alot of baby weight to get rid of. And just one day we decided that was it we were going to take control of our lives. You don't have control of so many aspects. I wanted control of that one. So we started eating healtheir and exercising. We have a beautiful 9 year old(special needs) daughter. That we just adore! We have a cat( that could use some weight training) and a snake(I know it sounds yuck, but it's really sort of cool) I work at a home buying company! I love my job! But I love my Family and my life more! We moved from sunny california to Colorado 8 years ago, to raise our daughter. And we love it here. Everyone is very active and really really friendly. My hobbies are Rock crawlin'(4 wheeling), mountain biking, dirt bike riding, and weight training. The best part about weight training is that we can do it with our daughter. We have a gym in our basement. I'm hoping that we instill some good habits in her. My whole family is over weight and my parents never really tried to show is good eating habits, healthy work out habits, etc..... so anyways that in a nut shell is me..... Again everyone here seems so nice and helpful and thanks for making a newbie feel welcome!
If you follow me, it's not going to be pretty!
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S/C/G: 233.9/143/160

Height: 5'7"


My name is Amy, I am in my mid to late twenties, I am married with two young children-Jasmine is 4,and Raiden is 2.
I was a hairdresser until I had my children, and I now work for myself with my true passion-making costumes. I create movie replica costumes from fantasy/sci-fi types of movies, as well as recently taking up bellydance costuming. I have participated in many nationwide contests for this. I have been bellydancing for about a year as well.
My interests are being a sci-fi geek, costuming, bellydancing, art, studying other languages, and doing volunteer work for a few different websites. I don't usually drink, only on very special occasions will I drink-and it has to be a nice wine, rather than a beer or mixed drink-I have expensive taste in alcahol and chocolate.
I have always had to work out to control my weight, even through school-and I have always kept it under control through diet and exercise until my first pregnancy. Diabetes runs in my family, and with my first pregnancy, I was a gestational diabetic (diabetic while pregnant). Gestational diabetes causes heavier weight gain in the mother as well as risk of complications due to larger babies. I had a pretty bad hip injury my last trimester of pregnancy due to Jasmine's size, causing my to be unable to excercise for the last trimester, as well as a few months after her birth. That is when the weight really came on-I ended up at around 200+pounds. When my daughter was a tiny baby, I lost my aunt-who was my mother's YOUNGER sister, to diabetes complications. I was not going to let that happen to me.
I started back up with diet and exercise when my hip healed, and almost 2 years later, I was about 50 pounds lighter and had a much lower body fat-I was beginning to look really great. It was then that I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant again...
This time-my starting weight after Raiden was 211 pounds-and a size 18/20. It has been slower this time around, but I have lost 31 pounds and am now a size 16...but I have lost plenty of body fat and have gained noticable muscle, especially in my shoulders and biceps.
My exercise program consists of the following:
Mon.-full body strength training
Tue.-hour long bellydance class
Wed.-Pilates for stretching and core strength
Thur.-45min. to 1 hour of bellydancing at home
Fri.-Full body strength training
Sat.-stretching yoga for flexibility/rest day
Sun.-stretching yoga for flexibility/rest day
Due to my dance schedule, I have to weight train full body twice a week rather than splitting it up through the week into parts. The yoga I do is not strength oriented, but flexibility moves-which I do on my rest days.
My diet is a lower calorie plan where I eat as many lean protein foods and fresh fruits and vegetables as possible. Rather than have a "splurge day or meal" in my diet, I pretty much stay on track, but if I have a splurge, I limit treat foods to about 100 calories a day.
My stepfather and mother lift as well-so we try to help motivate each other.
Well, that pretty much sums up me...

Start weight after baby #3: 233.9
Current weight: 143
90 pounds lost!
Ambriehl Saroj
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You asked for "a little" history. Well, I'm afraid I've got a lot & couldn't decide what to leave out...

Age: 48 years young
Height: 5'5"

I don't ever remember being happy with my body. EVER. I made the decision to "get healthy" more times than I can possibly remember. My solution was always a diet-never a change in my habits. I started Weight Watcher's more times than I can remember; the first time I think I was 17. I know I was in high school (that first try didn't last long). I don't remember how much I weighed, but it had to be under 130 lbs. I was miserable because I believed I was fat.

In the next few years I managed to eat my way to obesity. I was unhappy & felt unloved. I had no self-esteem. Food was my best friend. I tried WW many times, doing very well much of the time. I could lose 10 lbs. per month-until I got so hungry and felt so deprived I would run to the grocery store and buy every bit of junk food I could and binge on it. Each time this happened I would gain back all I had lost plus more. Weight Watchers helped me diet my way to 282.5 lbs. at the age of 45.

Then one hot July night I was flipping channels on the TV and happened upon an infomercial for a weight loss plan. I'd seen other infomercials about this plan before, but this one was different. It must have been fate because just when I got to this station the announcer said that you could get the plan for free. That kept me from moving on to the next channel. They were offering to send books & tapes about the low carb plan Protein Power free when you tried their new protein powder (I've been addicted to shakes ever since!). I knew I had a problem with carbs & had tried CAD & Somersizing. The order I placed that night was the first step of the amazing journey that I am on.

On July 15, 2000, I started Protein Power at 282.5 lbs. I had dieted most of my life and was convinced that if this didn't work I would be obese for the rest of my life and end up with weight-related physical problems. Perhaps fear of that is what made me such a good LCer. I never cheated. I was afraid it would end as all my other diets had.

One year and 83 lbs after starting PP, I began my first BFL Challenge. I actually began the BFL WOL a month earlier when I joined a gym & hired a BFL certified success coach (You may know Dianne from L&S) to show me the ropes. I followed PP nutrutrion, increasing my carbs to 60g. This was NOT a good thing.

On the advise of an online bodybuilding guru, I ended Challenge II early in December after burning out both physically & emotionally. He suggested I 1) take one week off from working out, 2) get more rest (bedtime was around 3:00 am), 3) eat 1g of protein per pound of current body weight. (PP nutrition is based on LBM.) and, hardest of all, 4) dump cardio for better results. I was completely freaked out when I saw my calories go so high. Anything over 1400 made me gain weight. I put my trust in my friend's 20 years of bodybuilding experience and saw immediate results! I felt better, my energy came back full force...and then some, and I started losing again, bringing my total lost up to 100 lbs just before Christmas. I rewarded myself with a pair of diamond earrings!

In January, 2002, I began Body Rx. Giving up cardio was very hard for me. I loved HIIT and running on the treadmill, especially. All the other advice my friend had given me worked, so I decided to trust this, too. Body Rx was the first program I'd heard of that did not include cardio. I figured it was exactly what I needed! ! I figured right! I lost over 31 inches-most of them lost during the 6-week fat-burning cycle. When I tried to continue with Cycle 3 nutrition, it led to a true stall. Eat the same way all the time and your body will adjust to it. I needed a change.

I decided to try an amitious round of calorie cycling & dropped weight like a hot potato, reaching a low of 155 lbs-a total loss of 127 lbs. My "goal weight was 140 and I realized I was not 15 lbs. away from my goal body. I dumped a "goal weight" am shooting instead for a low BF% (maybe 15%) and lots of muscle. At the end of several weeks of calorie cycling, during which I was hungry often & too tired to complete the sets & reps in my workouts-even at reduced weights, I lost control of my eating for the first time since starting this journey. I gained weight back that I still haven't lost. I put the blame for this on the combination of cycling extremely low calories & extreme stress. My life is very stressful due to things I have little control over but I usually handle stress well-not this time. I forced myself to admit what I knew-this was not a healthy way to lose.

I decided to go back to BRx, the healthiest program I knew, a week before Christmas. I had planned to have a free week over the holidays, but figured I didn't need one as much as I needed to be back on track. It was tough to stick to the nutrition because I knew I wasn't likely to lose the weight I'd gained back for 3 months, but I did it. Hopefully I'll lose it now that I'm in Cycle 3 again.

Along the way, I've changed who I am where it really counts-on the inside. I've changed so much that I have gotten comments when speaking to friends who haven't seen me in a long time (even without them seeing me). Thank goodness everyone prefers the new me to the old one! I've gone from having no self-esteem to having lots. It makes a huge difference in the way I present myself to others. I plan to have a career educating women on the importance of self-esteem, nutrition & exercise.

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Talking Hello all

My name is Jacque (pronounced Jacky) and I am 27 and living in Sydney, Australia. I have been married for 5 years to my darling husband and have no children (yet) but 2 gorgeous Beagles (both male) Bas & Ben. My husband is an engineer in the Navy (ex-Navy myself) and I am currently an Office Manager for a software company and am attending grad school completing my Masters in Accounting. My true passion in life is real estate and investing. I am in the process of setting myself up financially so that I do not have to work and then can concentrate on acquiring more real estate. By the way Jaylizbet is my best friend. (Hi Jayne!!)

My journey began in October 2001, when to my surprise I weighed 217 lbs (or 98 kgs) It was a surprise because at the age of 26 I hadn’t stepped on a scale since I was 19 and 142lbs (65kgs). I was ravishing at 65kgs because I tend to keep a lot of muscle on my 5’4” frame and I estimate that I was about 16-18% BF. At 217lbs I was around 47% BF. So what went wrong? Well you tell me and we will both know!

Anyway, I hit the lowest point in my life at the stage and decided to do something about it. I had known and tried BFL several times since 1999 but couldn’t keep it up. On the first day of my first challenge – which was my 26th birthday I had had enough and decided to get of my butt and do it. I got up at 6am to go for a run and my DH asked me why I was bothering since it was my birthday and said ‘I don’t know I just have to – I can’t live like this anymore.’ Yes it was as simple as that.

Since then I have lost around 20kgs (45lbs) and lost a few and put a few on here and there but never more than about 5lbs. I stopped weighing myself a while ago because I am only one size off my ideal now so the scale is useless too me. I started at a size 20 and am currently a size 12-14. My goal is a 10 (which is Australian and I think about a 6 over there?) and a BF of 15%. My stats are as follows;

Oct 2001
Weight: 217lbs
Size: 20 Aust
Hips: 48”
Waist: 38.5”
Chest: 44”
Thighs: 30”
Arms: 15.5”
Bodyfat: 47% Lean weight: 115 lbs BF: 102lbs

March 2003
Weight: ??lbs somewhere between 165-175
Size: 12-14 Aust
Hips: 39.5”
Waist: 29”
Chest: 38” (I am still a DD cup!)
Thighs: 24”
Arms: 12”
Bodyfat: 24% (based on 170 approx) Lean weight: 129 lbs BF: 41 lbs

Currently I am at that last 10-15 lbs stage that are very hard to lose and if you can’t see from my measurements – I am a classic hourglass shape. I have completed a number of programs including BFL, Camp Pam Brown, NHE and other cycling diets and ways of eating (I can’t remember them all). At this stage I am back on NHE and check my journal if you want info on that. It’s basically Atkins meets BFL, Low carb most of the time with period carb loads for feeding workouts. I wouldn’t suggest the book because it is NOT light reading. You have to be very serious to try NHE and want to learn it’s technicalities. Thank goodness I am an mildly academic….

Hobbies: real estate, movies, soccer, weight lifting, soccer, running, soccer, reading, soccer, the science of nutrition, soccer, Beagles, finance, economics and finally SOCCER! Did I mention that I play soccer???? and for anyone who understands I play right wing mid-field. I didn’t start playing until I was 22 though.

My life is basically: work, school, husband, soccer, training, cooking and not much else.

Short term sacrifice for a long term gain in my book. Take care….


PS Sometimes I can be a bit of a [email protected]#% but it's just my no-nonsense military background. Always come to me though if you want the truth and not someone the kiss you @#%. I will apologise in advance!
Abs are made in the kitchen....
217 - 46.5%BF/180 size 8-10/150 - 13%
Heavy girls aren't always fat....
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I just noticed this thread!

My name is Shelly and live in San Antonio (Go Spurs!). I'm 37, married and have two boys 10 and 7. I've lived here for almost 6 years and love it except for the summers (too humid).

I do bookkeeping for my dad's business from my house. I've been telecommuting for the past 10 years. His business is in So. Cal. In the past 10 years, I have lived in San Francisco, Tucson and now here and I'm not even military! My husband is a Podiatrist, so ask away on any foot related questions.

I was always a chubby kid. When I was 21, I did WW and lost about 35 pounds (and this was before counting points!) Soon after, I discovered the gym and lost about 7 more pounds, but went down two sizes. I worked out religiously and at 5'-3" and weighing anywhere between 125-130, I could easily fit into a size 3. Proof that the scale number doesn't matter!

I gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy and was able to lose it all within a year. When I turned 31, my metabolism decided to go on a permanent vacation. Either that or it was moving to Texas. I always blame Texas! . Anyway, I've managed to gain a good 40-45 pounds over the years and even though I've been working out for the past 2 years, the weight didn't budge. However, my eating habits sucked since I was a carbo and sugarholic.

I started BFL in the beginning of March, but my vacation last week set me back and this week workout wise is sucking because I'm really tired. But next week I will be back in form.

I like to garden and write a garden journal (link in my profile) for another site. Mainly it's about how much I suck at gardening.

Phew! Didn't mean to write a book!
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This is such a cool thread!

I'm 31, and reside in Upstate NY. I've been married since December(<---that's us over there ) to a wonderful, loving , supportive man.

I quit my job over a year ago and hauled my butt back into school to take my med school pre-requisites. It had long since been a dream of mine, and I'm not getting any younger! My husband is an anesthesiologist, so he knows how hard & long a path this is. Kinda hard to not let this consume my life.

We have no kids of the human variety yet, though we are currently trying. We do have 2 dogs, a dalmation and black lab, and 4 cats. They keep us busy!

My interests are reading(mostly non-fiction), running, my kids(of the furry variety), and medicine. I also love to make decadent desserts and homemade ice cream. And I love nothing better than to snuggle with my husband on a Saturday morning. (That will end when a kid arrives, I'm sure.)

Highest weight ever: 179.0 in May 2000

Currently: 153.5 BF%~22

I'm too lazy to post my measurements. Let's just say they are more than they should be. I'm currently in a size 8/10, depending on the manufacturer. Would like to get back into 2s and 4s. I think I am now ready to do the work to get there. I was at 137.0 when I got married, but that darn ice cream....

Started BFL on 4/20/03
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S/C/G: 202/144/Lean/Fit

Height: 5'2


now how did i miss this?

i am from tennessee, but have been in the motorcity for about 5.5 years. i have two kids, referred to as my monsters or my crew. i have lost weight by tv aerobics in high school, a rowing machine in college, treadmill and the 7gram of fat a day diet after 2nd baby , tae bo after first major marital crisis and am now tired of all my ups and downs. i want to not just lose weight but gain muscle. from all my ups and downs i have noticed that i have less and less muscle and more and more squishy stuff on my arms, thighs and tummy.

i am 35, 5'2 and i started watching my intake, journaling and exercising on february 15, 2003. i was 175. this time, i added two days of weight training, which is something i have NEVER done before. i went down to 151 but am back up 154 and although my scale hasn't budged in two weeks, my pants are looser and i can see muscles coming up in my legs and arms.

i don't have any pets - had a dog, but my schedule is too hectic for me to properly care for a puppy so we gave her away (we still have visitation rights though).

i like reading - fiction mostly - i love historical romances set in ireland, scotland and england. i also like whodunits and espionage books.

i am proud that i can still outjumprope every kid on my block and have the best arm/aim in our dodgeball games. i am good at mancala and sorry. i also still have the set of jacks my parents gave me when i was eight years old. I just flat out refuse to grow up, i guess.

my goal is to get to 130, size 6-8 clothes i guess and have killer arms. i also have recently learned that i have to "unlearn" what i have heard over the years about fat. that will be interesting indeed.

1/2012 - 202 lbs. 6/2012 - 155 lbs. 12/2012 - 140 lbs. Current weight 144. Goal - LEAN MACHINE!

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Talking Hellooooo!!

Well…. Here is a short/long version of me.

I live in Melbourne Australia, I work in commercial real estate, and I married my soul mate that I met skiing in Whistler British Columbia. We had a long distance relationship for 3 years, which meant we saw each other 3 times a year. Talk about difficult. Hubby worked in the US occasionally so we were able to adjust his flights so that we could see each other when he was going home to Aus.

I got my motorcycle license a year ago, love getting out on the sportsbike and my goal is a custom fit set of racing leathers! (explains my avatar)

I was the skinny/popular girl until I went to University. Then the weight started to sneak up on me. When I started working full time, I was the chubby/popular girl! I began to take part time courses, worked full time, and it seemed that exercise always took second place. There were a couple of years where I was a cardio queen and dominated the treadmill/bike for up to an hour a day at the gym. Never giving weights a second glance. I started lifting weights when I bought a condominium that had a weight/cardio room and a swimming pool. I read about form, reps, and enlisted help from the guys that worked out there. Shortly after this brief moment of motivation, I met my hubby and the workouts were exchanged for lengthy emails, online chats and the occasional overseas phone call. By the time I moved to Australia I was 35 lbs overweight, and I hated myself. Not good for starting a new life in a new country! My wedding photos are horrid, and I remember shopping for a ‘suit’ and having a ‘friend’ tell me what looked good or actually what looked ok, as my ‘body shape did not suit most outfits.’ This came from someone who was only one size smaller than me. It took me a year to join WW and lost 22 lbs over 6 months. I dropped 3 dress sizes and gained heaps of confidence.

I started my first Body for Life challenge on April 27. I am giving it my 200% and I am going to lose the last 8 kilos (18 lbs) and gain the lean, sexy look I want!! My husband loves to go to the gym and has been a great motivation to start this journey. We have 2 friends who have done several BFL challenges who have lent me the Body of Work video and the second one of success stories. I bought the BFL book over a year ago, started a challenge, quit after 4 weeks…. The usual story of my life. I have read the book 5 times last week to get ready for this, that is 4 times more than I did last year.

WW has taught me portion control, accountability and shown me that I can lose weight if I apply myself. BFL is just another step in my journey. I am a weight recorder for meetings on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings, so avoiding the scale is not a reality for me. I will keep going to the meetings because I love the motivation (and they are free for me!) but I am going to keep working out, eating BFL style and on ‘Free Day’ I will use the WW points system to keep myself in check!!

I have set my goals like Bill tells you too in his book, planned my meals for the week, photocopied the workout/eating sheets from bfl.com (and made a great binder too!) told hubby that under no circumstance will he hear a single excuse as to why I can’t go to the gym with him in the morning…. And honour all these promises I have made to myself for the next 12 weeks.

Whew…. This has turned into a bloody novel!!!

I look forward to posting on the LWL board, I know I will have heaps of questions along the way and after lurking for a year…. Here I am!!!


Determined to reach Goal by March 1, 2006
Visit my online journal: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kanola/
Measurement devices:
Daily - Use the Mirror
Weekly- Use the Scales
Monthly - Use the Camera
Annually - Use the Relatives
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Hi all.

I'm Michelle...I live in Plains, GA...tiny town and if you blink, you'll miss it.

I am married with 2 sons (Jordan-8 and Nicholas-3). I am an LPN (hoping to soon be an RN) and I work with the elderly (whom I adore).

I have been overweight most of my life except for when I was 18 and discovered clubs and beer. I gained most of my weight with my pregnacies and never lost it...so, technically, is it still baby fat?

I started weight training at Cory's last year but stopped dieting/exercising/weight training until last month. I found out about a high school reunion and decided if I'm gonna go, I need to shed a few more pounds. Actually, I am now smaller than I was in school.

Being tall does have an advantage, I don't look as big as I weigh...and, I swear I have already seen (at one time, I stopped weight training over a week ago due to a back injury--not with lifting weights, though) the top part of a six pack....at least I think that's what that is. I don't know if the bottom of my stomach will ever look like that, but, it sure is neat. I've never seen something like that on myself.

I just like the way a toned body looks and I thought if I am going to lose weight, I want to look like that.

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot from you all and get to my goals with your support.
SW 225/CW 153/GW 145-150 (We'll see)
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Hi, I am Suzanne aka Hotty.
I am a big time lurker. I read this thread about once a week and I have gotten so many helpful tips on eating.

Hotty stands for Hot Point Fitness. It is a book that I have been following since November 2002. I like the book because it gives me the workouts for each day. So when I go to the gym all I need is the book. I don't have to think about what I am doing that day.
I usually change the reps and sets about every 6 weeks.

My diet/fitness history is I have been on every diet. WW, Nutrisystem, Atkins, Protein Power, Diet Center, Jenny Craig, and several of my own varieties.
In 1996, I lost 40 pounds with Phen-Fen and liposuction. I kept the weight off for a year and then slowly the 40 pounds came back. But not from lack of diet and exercise. I have done more exercise and dieting in the last 5 years than ever in my whole life.
I think it is mostly hormonal. But with HotPoint Fitness, I began losing inches. In one year, I lost about 10 pounds. The weight loss is very slow. I don't weigh EVER. But I do get weighed once a year at my annual check up and the nurse is not allowed to tell me the numbers, only what the weight loss is.
I do measure and have lost inches everywhere.
Also I am not on a diet. I am eating how I plan to eat the rest of my life. One day a week is free day, like BFL. The rest of the week is low carb, low glycemic, not high protein, but enough protein.

Lately my eating has not been as good as I would like it. So I am looking forward to summer and the abundance of fresh fruit and veggies.
I haven't done photos but wish I had. Measurements help a lot.

Look forward to reading more posts and learning more information.

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Hi Chicks who Lift,

I guess I can decloak and introduce myself too. My name is Jenny, I live in a small farm town in northern Illinois. I am mom to 2 dog children and live with the same great guy for 8 years now. I am a purchasing agent and have been going to college as well for the last 2 years, chasing my nursing dream.

I have been a classic lifetime yo-yo dieter, starting at age 9 and have spent most of my adult life around 300 lbs except for the respites when I would lose weight, usually through WW. I lost weight the last time 4 years ago, all the way to size 12, 185 lbs. I have never made WW max weight for my 5'7" frame of 152 lbs. which I now view as unrealistic. In fact I look and feel great in those size 12'2.

My crammed work, school, study schedule caused me to slack on my intense freak like exercise routine and within the last 2 years I crept back up to size 16/18, 230 lbs even though I continued to lift weights (albeit half a$$ed). I let the aerobics slide down to strolling instead of jogging, not long enough or far enough and I really fell into a food rut, too much fruit, too many boca burgers on toast, too much cheating on the weekend, etc.

I have made all the classic mistakes nutritionally speaking, too many simple carbs, too much fruit, not enough protein. This lead me to hypothyroidism and it is very difficult for me to lose weight now at all, but not hopeless. I am sentenced to a life on Synthroid. I currently weigh 215 and wear size 14/16, which I am very proud of.

I love lifting weights. I have a large musculature and I've finally started to accept my body and go with it instead of trying to fight my way into a willowy body I'll never attain. I subscribe to the no drugs, no supplements, real whole foods as close to the way nature made them ,school of thought.

Because I am currently trying to burn fat, I am following a 40% carb/40% protein/20% fat ratio. I have my own calipers and test my body fat each week along with weighing myself to make sure I am losing fat not muscle. I currently have 30% body fat. My goal is 18%. I lift free weights 4x per week at home. I am also trying to intensify my caloric deficit by really pouring my heart into aerobics instead of slunking around. I eat calories reduced 20% from my maintanance level (minus an extra 200 for slow thyroid) for 3 days and then go back to my maintenance level for one day to keep the metabolism guessing. I take my nutritional totals and divvy them into 5 meals. I find I only have time for 5 and it works well for me. I got turned on to this whole way of eating from happening onto a womans physique training site and linking to Tom Venuto's newsletter. He has a notebook he sells on the web, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and it is the best, no nonsense fat loss logic I have encountered and believe me I have encountered em all!! Who has the lowest body fat content? Competetive weight lifters and Phyique models, so it only stood to reason that as long as I considered it nutritionally sound, I could try and lower my body fat to the 18% goal. Hang the scale! I think BFL closely resembles my plan, except I stay away from supplements and powders and use real food instead. Have tuna will travel is my new motto.

I love to rubber stamp and alter books, camp out, fish, run with my dogs by the river, listen to chick music, jazz, country, rock. I shoot a mean game of pool. I believe in the power of herbs and hope to travel the integrated medicine road after nursing school. I have a Dr Andy Weil fantasy and would love to bury my hands in his big ole beard and kiss him. I haunt as many auctions and barn sales as I can and love to "vintage" up my old house. I just gone done painting my house green. Oh yeah, I try to live as green as I can too. Gotta respect ole Mother Earth.

My biggest food challenges are the weekends and wanting to drink and eat with my friends. I keep reminding myself that champion body builders don't stand around till 2:00 AM drinking and snarfling nachos. All you girls on here seem to ditto many of my thoughts and I enjoy reading the Ladies who Lift thread.

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Default Intro from new member

Hello there - I am brand new to the 3FC site, but not new to BFL. I am on week 9 of my second BFL Challenge. I've lost approximately 25# of fat thus far, and am wearing Misses size 16 clothing again for the first time in over 10 years!

I am 40, live in upstate NY, single, no kids (just 3 feline babies), 5'4" and 200#. My lean body mass is 140#, so my current long-term goal is 18% body fat at 170#.

I seem to be in a bit of a plateau right now, so any suggestions you could send my way would be appreciated!
Incorporating WW, BFL and Zumba to take control of my fitness destiny!
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Hi Cindy! Welcome to LWL! If you like weights and cats, you're in the right place! I'm going to copy your post over to our weekly thread because I think it might get overlooked otherwise. We have quite a group of BFL alumni who should be able to help you with your plateau question.

Feel free to post some more on the weekly thread -- that's where all the action is!

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I guess I'll be one of the few guys who introduces himself.

My name is Alex, I've been reading this thread for about a week I guess. Found the site by accident one day and found out that problems I have aren't unique or special or even that bad. So I thought it was real nice to be able to read about people in different stages of weightloss. Inspirational for me really.

I've been lifting for about 2 months. Maybe 2.5, I haven't been tracking time much. Just starting to be able to bump up the weights for the first time(yay). Learning from a guy who learned from a guy who was a competitor or gym owner or something snazzy. So I'm being taught ways to be more effective by using good form.

I lucked out at work, the company owners are fitness freaks and have donated their spare stuff to the company so we've got a small gym that I can get into every morning. Run 3x a week for 25mins and by run, I mean a walk/run/walk/run thing. Lift 5x a week. I love to talk about it, and my friends have started rolling their eyes as soon as I mention weights or gym, hehehe.

I don't have a scale (yet) it is on the way though. I haven't changed my diet yet. I've got big problems with fish&veggies(IE I HATE green stuff and scaley stuff) and calorie counting hasn't found a spot in my life yet. Sometime soon I hope to start really keeping an eye on it, keeping track and such.

I'll probably jump in on the threads some. I get chatty when I'm excited. And I'm very excited that I've stuck to lifting for so long and I even look forward to it. Like right now...10 more hours and I get to go play

Heh. Told you I could get chatty.
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Alex, come join us on the weekly thread (I'm not sure that people check this one much). And welcome to LWL!
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