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Default which celeb inspires u to lift weights?


Which celeb inspires you to keep lifting weights? For me, it's Jackie Warner, Jillian Michaels, Linda Hamilton (Terminator 2 film role), and Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby film role).

~ tea
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No joke - Michelle Obama's arms Damn, she looks good!
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exercising with twins
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I'd say Hilary Swank was the first to come to mind. Cuz I know I can't get a back like hers without putting some weights in my workout... but I'm also totally with you on Michelle Obama.
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Aneta Florczyk is my current favorite.


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The way I feel inspires me to lift. Celebs don't do much for me. Just me, I guess.

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I love the way I feel when I lift weights . . . but the vision of Jillian Michaels' arms makes me see what is possible
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I would have to say Jillian. I also like M Obama's arms.

Yes, also love the way resistance exercise makes me feel. This morning I did "dips" off the park bench and I do about 50 pushups everyday. I guess it isn't exactly the same as weight training but for me, it works.

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I love Kelly Ripa's arms!!!
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Let's salsa!
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I am TOTALLY inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow and her workouts with 3 lb DBs.
And her trainer Tracy Anderson. That's the way to train. (NOT)
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i dont know specifically about arms.. but i just went to the beyonce concert last week.. and the way she was moving all over.. i did not see much jiggling and i made her picture my desktop background as a motivation!!
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lovedc Im with you on beyonce,

But for me and this is going way back when Demi Moore was in the movie G.I. Jane when she was going through seal school.

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Oh yessssssssss I loved Demi in that! Seriously, strong women rock!

And I love the way Beyonce only jiggles in the right places!!!!
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Linda Hamilton here too. I used to have definition like that when I was a dancer 15 years ago, I doubt I'll be able to get it back but I can aspire to it.

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Have ALWAYS loved Angela Bassett's arms. Biceps are my weakest area so look NOTHING like ANYTHING i'd like them to look like but hey I can dream can't I?
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No longer super size!!!
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Jillian Michaels, Michelle Obama, and Serena Williams. If I could only get a booty like hers...

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