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compound weight training

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Default compound weight training

i want to tone up my body, and considering the current weather here in OH, now would be a good time to work on that.

in the past, i always did machine in the gym at my job, mainly cuz they were easy and self explainatory.
i'd like to do something that is more functional though. I belong to another gym where i can get a personal trainer and was wondering what i should be looking for in terms of the exercises i would like to learn.
What should i ask them about?
I want something that's going to be balanced, get my body to perform better in other activities, add a little definition and over all toning.

I just don't know much about weigh lifting, it seems like something for football players to me, so i feel a bit out of my league.


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One of the most important things you can get from a personal trainer is a plan. They can show you the exercises and you should be able to do the exercises when they aren't around. A personal trainer should be able to make up a couple routines for you on which you can alternate. They should also be able to show you a variety of exercises and variations.

Also I'd recommend looking at a book that covers weight lifting, The New Rules of Weight Lifting is a favorite around here. I think it'd help you a lot with functional fitness.
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simple toning exercises. are squats lunges dips and pushups. all can be done at home. dips you can do on the couch. squats, lunges can be done in front of the tv. and push ups the same. start on your knees then work to being on your knees but keeping your arse down then to full push ups.

swimming is fantastic toning excerise if you can get to a decent sized pool.

you can start to work on pull ups using a modified position. if you can get hold of one try a removable bar that goes in the door frame. they are removable and can be found in most fitness goods stores.

to set up the bar lay flat on the floor on you back your neck is the middle of the door frame.

then get the bar (one end usually screws in and out to adjust length. then set the bar in the door so that if you really really stretch without your back leaving the floor your finger tips just touch the bar. then fix it to the door as per instructions.

to exercise lay you your back sit up to hold the bar. then lay back holding the bar and using your back muscles (pull your shoulder blades together) pull yourself up if you can do 20 of these easily push your feet out so that your backside doesn't touch the floor.

if on the other hand you can't pull yourself up at all. sit up and hold the bar then let your self down as slowly as possible this will increase the resistance on the muscle and eventually allow you to pull yourself up.

yoga is always a great one. depending on the size of your room especially the floor to ceiling distance you could try skipping (jump rope)

hope some of these ideas have helped or even sparked your interest in looking deeper into them.
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Hi Kaebea,

Enjoying the snow today? I had to drive around in this stuff all morning when it was at it's worst. At least it looks pretty.

I just joined a gym a couple of days ago that focuses upon Functional Training. My membership will not begin until February so I won't be able to tell you my own experience with this just yet. But I have great expectations.

You are doing the right thing to step away from the machines. Functional Training is a method of training that improves our abilities to do everyday activities. Does this mean that it is easier than machines or strength training that isolates muscle groups? No way. In fact, when using this method of training you are using compound exercises that usually rely upon the coordination of the upper and lower body together at the same time. The benefit is better "communication" among the muscle groups. You also tend to work harder in a less amount of time. There is also a "sticky" at the top of the forum that further discusses the benefits of functional training vs machines.

The following is a link from a site that demonstrates this type of training.


Now, since it's really inconvenient to lug in a tractor tire into the gym with you every other day you may wish to consider looking into compound exercises that can be done with free weights or body weight exercises. As previously mentioned squats, and lunges are great. You may also wish to look into Olympic style lifts when meeting with your trainer. When performed correctly these lifts can strengthen upper, lower and core muscles. Ask the trainer for assistance with learning how to do a front squat push press.


Oh, and I don't think this woman would have any trouble telling a football player that her place is in the weight room either. Neither should you. We all have bodies that deserve to be strengthened and maintained regardless of our occupations, sport or gender. It also helps make it easier when we have to shovel all that snow out of our driveways on days like today. (I still haven't done mine and I noticed that my neighbor from six doors down did the sidewalks on our entire side of the street. Oh the guilt. )
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Originally Posted by Lydia227 View Post
Oh, and I don't think this woman would have any trouble telling a football player that her place is in the weight room either. Neither should you.
anyone who trains with weights and understands the principals for doing show wont question what you are doing in the weight room. if anything they will welcome you and often offer to help you out with either moving weights left on racks or for spotting you.

anyone who says anything about being in the weight room isn't worth listening too and anyone stupid enough to say it out loud where they might be heard by others will more than likely be taken to one side and given attitude adjustment.

my old gym was full of huge blokes and i mean huge. there was a sign on the wall saying its not what you lift that matters its the fact your lifting.

effort equals respect, wether your curling a 50kg dumbell or a 0.5kg dumbell your still curling
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