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Default Am I lifting properly...will you look at my plan?

Can you brilliant lifting chicks look at my plan and see if this is good? This was my first week on this plan. It didn't seem like I was pushing the muscles to failure, but maybe I just need to add more weight. I am attempting to build the bigger "fat furnace" muscles mostly, but as I am losing weight , I'm getting "jiggly" (and I want to be hard...not jiggly) so I'm trying to kick it up a notch. Also, as you can see there is also a focus on smaller muscles that everyone wants to see in a bathing suit. This is my current workout schedule, with the lifting. Am I doing enough lifting?

Day 1: Arms and Cardio
Bicep curl, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
Hammer curl, dumbell 2x10, 1x8
Preacher curl, barbell 2x10, 1x8
Headbangers/Skullcrushers, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
Tricep Kick back, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
2.5-3 miles treadmill 5.5mph

Day 2: Body conditioning class, basically 50 minutes of cardio-sculpting (box step ups, extensions, and endurance reps with 5-10 lbs weights.) Also includes about 10 minutes of "butts and guts," core works on the stability ball, planks, that kind of stuff depending on how sadist the instructor is feeling that day.

Day 3: Chest/shoulders and cardio
Incline presses, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
Incline chest flys, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
Flat bench press, dumbell 2x10, 1x8
Side raises, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
Front raises, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8
40 minutes, arc trainer (about 3.5 miles)

Day 4: Legs, abs and cardio
Squat bar, 3x10
Leg curl machine, 3x10
Leg press machine 3x10
Lying leg curl machine 3x10
Leg extension machine 3x10
Weighted sit-ups 2x10
Weighted leg lifts 2x10 (I'm thinking about cutting these. They are hard and I'm uncoordinated and I think I'm going to whack someone with a dumbbell if the gym is busy!)
Weighted oblique twists 2x20
Triple contraction crunches 2x10
Bicycle crunches 2x20
40 minutes on the elliptical machine (3-3.5 miles)

Day 5: Back and cardio
Lat pulldown machine wide grip 2x10, 1x8
Lat pulldown machine narrow grip 2x10 1x8
Bent over rows, dumbbell 2x10, 1x8 (each side)
Seated row on cable machine 2x10, 1x8 (each side)
Back extension machine 2x10, 1x8 (is there anything else good for the lower back?)
2.5-3 miles on treadmill at 5.5 mph

Day 6: Kickboxing! 65 minutes of cardio punching and kicking goodness. 5 minutes of stretching before water break. 5 minute ab training at the end. Usually involves clam crunches. Lots of them. Ugh. I do this for balance and coordination, but mostly I look like an idiot.

Day 7: rest (usually, although sometimes I go for a fun run on the treadmill if I'm bored.)

So like I said, I didn't feel real muscle fatigue but I need to just kick up the weight a bit. Since this was my first week of adding real weight training to my workout schedule, which was all cardio before that, I wanted to make sure I knew all the forms and stuff. I try to do my last short set with heavier weights. But should I do it the other way, start with short sets and go to drop sets?

Input? Look good? Would you add something?
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It looks good- I'd do less machine leg exercises and more exercises like step ups and lunges, but if you are just starting out and don't feel comfortable with those, what you are doing looks good. If you aren't feeling it, up the weight.

I'd try this program for 3-4 weeks before moving on if you are just starting weight training. Your tendons and ligaments take longer to strengthen than muscles, so you need to "grow into it".

Congratulations on picking up the iron!

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