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Default Can you relate to Madonna at 40 and now at 50...

Since I just turned the big 40, I'm starting to relate more to why Madonna starting REALLY weight training about this age.

Ok, I'll admit I'm having a little mini mid life crisis (so much for 40 being the new 30, or maybe it is if you workout and fell young, I don't know). I've always identified a bit with Madonna as I've done things purposefully the opposite of the standard - traveled the world, waited to marry, been strong at a young age on. But I don't want my youth to just end, so here I am again, on a mission not for eternal youth, but to just feel good about myself, my looks and NOT become some frumpy 40 something on.

Let's face it Madonna changed the way we think of women after 40, she lead the way - other women have been role models too, but she stands out. She's shown us that a gym body doesn't end at 30 or 35, that it's possible to achieve at 40 on. Her ARMS! They are everywhere, in all of the magazines. Sure I think they are a bit "much" for me, but it's the point. And I like her point. I read that it really steams her when someone calls her maam, it irks me too. At 40 and it will at 50 too.

So if one is going to be a *****, a strong independent woman going a bit against the norm in this flabby world, what is one to do? Sure it can be about business and expanding, which I've been doing. But there's more to it. One has to be physically fit - and that includes weight training and muscle to really "do it right" I'm thinking. Well I've thought this before and I've gone in spurts... but this time I MEAN IT. I really do. I'm on a mission to get fit, ultra fit.

Already in the Body for Life program I just starting I'm seeing some fat melt, I'm building some muscle quickly and I'm feeling GOOD. I'm a researcher, obsessive by nature, so I have the latest weight training books and read about nutrition/fitness. Now it's time to put what I've learned and "played" with to work here. Is it possible? Not with working out hours a day like I hear Madonna does, but by really PUSHING it during workouts, hard cardio with intervals and serious heavy weights... not the little 8 pounders either but barbells, and squat machines.

I realize the secret to happiness isn't in having the perfect figure BUT ok I used to have that skinny bikini figure without trying for many years and at the least I miss my figure. This hiding flab thing doesn't work for me, it's upsetting on a daily basis. I come from a family of serious athletes, top athletes and was one myself way back when. I don't know where this came from but we were somehow the best. Now I'm far from an athlete. I took pictures of myself in a bikini to start the Body for Life challenge and YIKES. IS this what former athletes at 40 look like without working out? It could be worse, much worse as I still have long legs and there's other body parts that can be fine tuned with a little work - but the belly flab, like a man's beer belly. So not good for vanity or health.

I read in a book about those who've lost weight and maintained for life that it took most of the winners and maintainers 4-6 times to gain and lose before they REALLY did it, for LIFE. Well I'm in the league of 3 times now, gaining and losing, hitting missions then quitting. So if this is my fourth, and I'm not counting really, the fourth ought to be a charm if their stats are right. It's when you lose perhaps that you gain the most, you learn through failure more then success don't you think? I mean you try hard, succeed just to fail and gain it back? Makes one feel pretty BAD.

I'm thinking this getting in shape thing needs to become a serious habit, second nature and already it's starting to become that way - I would in NO WAY eat what I used to before I began hanging out here or learning about dieting/nutrition. Sometimes I mess up but at least I KNOW IT (in my old skinny days I could eat anything without fat, girls on diets, well pass along your leftovers, I'll eat them!). So there's obvious progress, and if it starts in the HEAD and so much is mental, then I'm getting THERE. This Body For Life plan seems like a great way to jump start a program, I've lacked discipline in the past, dabbled with different fads, became a bit obsessed actually - so serious planning is something I need for now at least. To practice new recipes and ultra clean ways of eating. And hopefully see some serious results, my goals come true.

Anyone else relate to Madonna even on a small scale? Maybe more of us will become fit in our 40s and 50s so that it becomes more the norm then just a small percentage. Maybe one day 50 will be the new 30! Let's go girls, we are now weight training, running companies, marrying later... things have changed for us. We have all the opportunities in the world. Let's get fit physically and apply those skills to other parts of our lives!
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Oh boy, do i LOVE Madonna. I admire her for everything she has accomplished in her life- hers is a true rags-to-riches story. Everything she has, she has fought for. I can't understand why girls today worship Paris Hilton etc who did nothing for their names. I think Madonna should be a role model for every woman out there because she is strong and isn't afraid to say and do what's on her mind- she sticks up for what she believes in. Good luck to you, though with inspiration like Madonna I'm sure you'll be fine
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Your post reminds me of what I've been saying in my introductions - I was always thin, never thought much about it (although I was regularly active - 5 days/week walking to school in my 20s, gym classes in my late 20s/early 30s, walking to work in my late 30s), never had to worry about dressing a certain way to distract/conceal fat, etc. Then, when I hit 40, my metabolism ground to a halt and I started gaining weight, despite my activity level. I stepped it up and ran regularly for over a year and the fat just melted away, but then got a string of injuries requiring intensive PT and am now find myself into plus size range of size 14. All I want to do is be able to hang out in a bikini without having flab hang out too. When I was running, this was possible; but I think my running days are over. I'm turning 50 next week and am now hoping that calorie counting (which I've never done) and brisk, regular walking will drop some pounds to the point where I see some reason to sculpt/tone.
I was thinking of Jane Fonda and what she looked like at age 40 and it's the same with Madonna - although if you have endless time to work out and money for personal trainers, it's probably a lot easier to look like they look. For those of us who work 8-10 hours/day and then work hard at home, it's a lot harder to make working out the priority it needs to be. I'd frankly rather be putting my feet up and drinking a cosmopolitan.
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I am thinking that I could try one of those morning crack-of-dawn boot camps during the summer, when I don't have to be around getting my son off to school...has anyone tried these?
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Want to try Stripaerobics
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Honestly? She freaks me out. My MIL & Madonna share the same DOB, I am waiting for the call that I'm to come bury my MIL & then there is Madonna's latest video w/ Justin Timberlake... I'm considered to be in great shape & I can't move anywhere near the way she does & I'm only 27!
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Hmm, Madonna, eh. Just take a look at Mel and Lydia on the weekly thread a few weeks back if you want to see some serious arms!

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin to Pooh
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No, I can't really relate to her anymore. I think I related back to her in the very early days when I had all her cd's. She lost me when I got married and she started doing coffee table books on sex and kind of went weird with her videos. And now - I find her face/hair very scary. Plastic-y. I would take someone like Geena Davis probably first. More real, less contrived?
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Hi Horsey. I turned forty earlier this month. I've been dreading this age for the past four years. Seriously. Entering my age on the cardio equipment each day always made me say well, at least I'm not 40. Funny thing is that this month I enter my age with smug pride. I'm 40 and in the best shape of my life. Not that I'm runway model perfect but I'm proud of what I've accomplished in the last three years.

Is 40 the new 30? I don't think so and quite frankly I don't want to spend my fourth decade in the same way I spent the third. I see each decade as a gift waiting to be revealed and experienced.

In the past two years I have learned a great deal about myself. I do see myself as a woman who will maintain physical strength, balance, agility, and gracefulness well into my fifties, sixties, and seventies. When I'm in my eighties I'm going to move to Europe, eat lots of chocolate and write novels.

Do I identify with Madonna? In the sense that I am living my life as I need to live it.

There is such an energy and vitality that goes with being physically fit and lean. Most people lose this type of body composition long before they are 40 and accept it as "normal." It is not. It is just what happens when life gets in the way and prevents us from taking time to care for ourselves. This energy and vitality requires hard physical work and some selfishness at times but we get so much back in return.

I do not believe that this level of physical and emotional fitness should only be enjoyed by those under 40. In order to truly live our lives as they were meant to be lived we must be as healthy as we can possibly be.

Horsey you also refer to your prior attempts with the BFL program. I've attempted to lose weight and become fitter several times in my thirties as well. I think you are correct that each time we move two steps forward we may take a step back. It's not a bad thing. Each time we are learning something and making that new habit that much more ingrained in our psyche. Learning new habits is difficult but eventually they do become second nature. Once they do then it's on to the next lesson that will lead you toward your goal of fitness. It all works together, it just takes time and I don't believe anyone ever gets it all right the very first time.

Good luck with your most recent challenge and just know that we all are in this doing it and learning right along with you. Now go work on those Madonna like arms.
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I am fascinated with the concept of strength for women. I think that most women sell themselves short as far as building power. I am 35 and I know that when I hit 40 I will be in better shape than I am now. I still believe that I can do anything I put my mind to, and I believe it for other people too.

How do I know this is possible?

I know this is possible because of the role models on this board: Meg, Mel, Lydia. True trail-blazers for my life, showing that power and strength can be had by women our age.

Own your strength, horsey. I know you can do what you dream about.
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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